Dealing With Trolls

Dealing With Trolls

Trolling has become something that we’re sadly
all used to seeing online, but what drives someone to berate a stranger on social media?
Imagine spending precious minutes of your life leaving hateful comments on someone’s social media posts. It seems like such a waste of time and energy doesn’t it? Trolls seem to feel safe and protected from behind a screen but last year five trolls a day were convicted in the UK alone. Do they think that people don’t read their comments and do they think that people aren’t affected by their comments? Because I can assure you that some are. During my time as a blogger I’ve been subject to a lot of trolling on my social media channels and I still really cannot fathom why these people are spending their time on my social media when they don’t actually want to be there. Women seem to take the brunt of online abuse and I myself find that 99% of the negative comments that I receive are from men. I truly believe that trolls don’t appreciate the impact that their words can have People have taken their own lives due to
trolling and been seriously affected by conditions such as anxiety and depression due to online abuse. Why would you want to be the reason why someone’s had to sacrifice
their mental health and at times their life? If someone sends you online abuse, please protect yourself and your mental health. Block them,and if you’re concerned about the comment
itself, report it. Trolls thrive off of your response so starve them of that. If you’re the kind of person that trolls online PLEASE reconsider. Imagine the comments that you leave being said to your children, your mother, your brothers or sisters. You’re probably able to close your computer or turn off your phone and remove yourself from the situation but please think about the person on the other side You don’t realise the impact that your words can have.

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  1. Should have started the video with "Imagine spending precious minutes of your life exercising instead of making useless videos on youtube" instead.

  2. There's a block button for a reason sweat heart ,learn to use it.

  3. cant handle the heat get out of the kitchen

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