Dealing With Snipers – Richard Gere’s Bottom And The Alleged Gerbil Incident

Dealing With Snipers – Richard Gere’s Bottom And The Alleged Gerbil Incident

Do you think that Richard Gere really did get a gerbil and cut its little claws off, and then insert it into his bottom for his pleasure? I don’t think he did. I think that’s known as an urban myth. And the evidence that I have to support that is- go to Google, do a search and you’ll find that the same accusation has been made of other people, most notably, a newsreader and a football player. I don’t remember the newsreader or the footballers name, because they’re not as famous as Richard Gere. But with Richard Gere, that urban myth has really stuck. So what’s the point of the video? The point of the video is once you start to become famous within your niche, or well known or successful, people will have snipes at you. People will be jealous of your success and they will say the most hurtful things, if you let them hurt you. And this is the point really, don’t worry about people taking potshots. See it as a good thing. Even the negative ones, because if you weren’t becoming influential and successful people would ignore you- they wouldn’t know your name. You would be the newsreader or the football player not Richard Gere. So embrace your detractors. If you’re not getting people sniping at you, you’re not trying hard enough. You’re not being a big enough person with big enough opinions for people to either love you or hate you. So what they’ll do instead is they’ll ignore you. And that ain’t good. That’s not what you want. Anyway, just a thought on this very rainy day. Captions by

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  1. The reason why that rumor has enjoyed so much currency is because Mr. Gere has about him the aura of a typical Hollywood celebrity who assumes a great sense of entitlement and projects classic sanctimonious and hypocritical attitudes. A total absence of any humility and other characteristics emblematic of movie stars which, when sum value is calculated, makes him a creep.  

  2. i'm gonna give richard the benefit of the doubt on this one

  3. no think he took a HAMSTER and shoved it up his butt

  4. Wow, Richard here has got a 45 year old fan boy? This is proof that the gerbil butt playing community sticks together!

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