Dealing with Self doubt as an entrepreneur

Dealing with Self doubt as an entrepreneur

– What is going on, guys? JR here back at you
again with another video and today I’m gonna talk
about a serious topic actually which is dealing with
self-doubt as an entrepreneur. So where do I, where do
I begin with this one? So if you’ve become an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve dealt with self-doubt because it’s a natural human tendency. So when you think about
doing something new, your psyche automatically rejects it because you’re doing something new, you’re putting yourself out there, you’re putting yourself in danger per se in if you’re thinking back to
the ancestral caveman days, going to unexplored lands
potentially presented danger. So how do you get over that? How do you get over that feeling of every time you get a new idea or you think you’re gonna do something or you say you’re gonna do something in the entrepreneurial space that little voice in the back of your mind that’s like you’re not gonna do anything, who are you kidding, why
are you gonna do that, why don’t you just go get a job? So the biggest thing to realize is that you’re gonna
die one day potentially or I mean, not potentially,
you’re gonna die. Potentially, it could be in five years, it could be 10 years,
it could be in 40 years but realizing that you’re
gonna die and knowing that, so let’s say you have two options. Option A, you could play
it safe and go get a job. Play it safe, go to college,
go get a job or go get a job. Option B, you could start a business. So you’re like I wanna start
a business but that’s risky. I could just go get a job but if you know in the back of your mind and I mean in the forefront of your mind, if you know that getting a
job isn’t gonna make you happy and you know with 100% certainty that you would not be happy at a job then the biggest risk of
all is going to get that job because you’re basically
saying to yourself, I know that this isn’t gonna make me happy but let me take a risk and hope
and pray that maybe it does make me happy, maybe it does work out whereas in entrepreneurship, you could fail, you
could go out of business, you could do all these things but potentially you could
be successful as well. So there’s the risk of
failure and losing everything which, whatever that means. Who cares if you do lose everything? There’s the risk of failing but there’s a chance
of succeeding as well. So to me, if you think about
it from a logical standpoint, it’s much to be an entrepreneur
than it is to get a job in the sense of if you’re
banking on happiness which people who go out and get jobs, usually that’s not the forefront
of the things on their mind but it’s actually statistic that most people leave their
jobs not because of pay but because they were unhappy
or they didn’t like their boss so what does that tell you? So aside from starting a business or, aside from all that stuff,
aside from starting a business, just self-doubt and
when it creeps up on you in the business world, so let’s say you’re like,
okay, I do Facebook ads now and I wanna make a course on Facebook ads and sell a course on it as well. So I do Facebook ads for clients. I feel like I know a lot about this or maybe you don’t know a lot about it and you wanna make a product on it but that self-doubt creeps up. How are you gonna build a following? How are you gonna build an email list? I bet that’s gonna be expensive. You don’t know how to run a webinar. What are you gonna put in your product? All these different
things start to creep up in the back of your mind. The easiest way to
overcome that self-doubt and the I cannot voice
in the back of your mind is simply, this is gonna sound funny and this is different than what I’ve seen a lot of people say but you literally have to hype
yourself up every single day. You literally have to tell
yourself that you’re a savage, that you’re awesome, that you’re amazing, that you can do anything. You just have to hype
yourself up and any time, you guys should see me after I, after I do a webinar and
there’s sales running in, I’m literally on top of the world, I’m yelling, I’m screaming, I’m dancing, I’m kicking stuff over. I’m just self-hyping myself up
because it’s all physiology. What is your body like when you’re thinking negative thoughts? You’re hunched over, you’re
sad, you’re looking down and as soon as you get up and you start screaming like I’m a beast, I’m an animal, I’m a savage,
I get whatever I want, you have no choice but to be positive, but to be in a good mood,
but to believe in yourself because your posture, your physiology is matching up with what, your psychology is matching
up with what you’re doing, with your actions, with
your physical actions. So whenever self-doubt creeps up, it’s impossible when
you’re telling yourself that you’re a beast and you’re a savage and you get whatever you want
and everything comes to you, it’s impossible to have
self-doubt in that moment. So most people are gonna say oh, believe in yourself,
believe in yourself but you can’t just pull your hat out, reach into it, pull out some self-belief and just put it into your mind. It doesn’t work that way. So you have to do these things
to change your psychology. You have to have a lot of self-talk. Another thing that I do personally is I have and I just started
doing this in my new office is I just have pictures of great people around me all the time so I have Gandhi, I have the Dalai Lama, I
have Martin Luther King, I have Elon Musk, I have. A walkthrough of my office here soon but I have all these
great people around me. So whenever I need a
boost or a mental boost and I’m in the hustle and I’m like, man, this really sucks right now or I’m doing something that
I’d rather not be doing, all I have to do is look up and boom, there’s tons
of inspiration around me. I spent a lot of money on things that seemingly are for decoration but they’re for inspiration. So you have to control your environment. You have to, so why do people go to
events to get motivated and inspired and all that stuff? Because they get motivated and inspired but if you can create that
environment in your house, in your office, in your own space, you’ll motivate and inspire yourself. People say, JR, how are
you so self-motivated? It’s not that I’m self-motivated. It’s that I created an
environment to motivate myself. So I have The Avengers, it’s
like a big watercolor painting. I have a picture of the world as a constant reminder
to change the world. I have a picture of Elon Musk. I have the Dalai Lama, Gandhi. I have Martin Luther King. I have a few other people. I have Michael Jordan. I have a big canvas of Michael Jordan and when I look at those things, I’m like, Michael Jordan
had a gambling problem, Elon Musk had a nervous breakdown. All these great people, all of The Avengers, they
have their kryptonite which is a terribly analogy but they have things that were wrong but they’re still considered great people. So when I look at that, I’m
like, okay, I have flaws but I’m not an alcoholic or
a gambleholic or whatever but I have flaws and I know
that if I have my flaws, I could still be great
through my own flaws and then I look at all
these people on my walls and in my office and I’m like, I know that they dealt with
what I’m dealing with right now, I know that they dealt, at some point they were in my position, they had self-doubt, they were tired, they were, something didn’t go right like last night, guys, I had a webinar and I started using Chatbox and I emailed my own list
and I was like, alright, I’m gonna blow it out
of the water tonight. New webinar platform,
I started using Demio and it was working, it was working great. I heard great things about it. 20 minutes before the
webinar, I couldn’t get on. So I look around and I’m like, I was this close, honestly, to be, I was this close, I was
just gonna throw my hands up and be like, screw it,
I’ll try again next week but then I was like, JR, what would, what do the great entrepreneurs do? These people on your wall right now, what would they do in this situation and I’m like, it’s obvious,
they’d pivot, they’d pivot. So I pivoted, I had my
webinar on YouTube Live. I broadcasted the new link and we had 40 people
on the webinar on live. Granted, I would have had a lot more if my webinar software would have worked but I pivoted and I
wouldn’t have been able to, crap hit the fan last night. I wouldn’t have been able
to be inspired enough if I didn’t have that.

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