Dealing With Rejection

Dealing With Rejection

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  2. A

  3. 4th comment, 8th like and 26th View 👌💙 no lies

  4. reminds me of Gravity falls

  5. Nice video, Very helpful ☺️👌

  6. I love your channel😊 It's so educational

    THANK YOU!!!

  8. I wish this had come sooner. I ruined an important friendship a few years back because I couldn't accept a girl's decision. Then again, it was based around how she couldn't see me as a man, and said some very hurtful things that were quite unnecessary.

  9. Hagan vídeos en español

  10. Gravity Falls style rules!

  11. The ironic thing is, a channel that talks about health has a lot of empty subscribers

  12. I'm gonna show this to my friends a week before valentine's day so that they're prepared for it

  13. Thanks this helped a lot

  14. My crush rejected me and he likes someone else.😭

  15. I got rejected by my crush in 2nd grade and that was two school years ago…also we are in the same class in the same school and we never talk(unless the teacher tells us) and I will never forget it but I have a new crush I need to stop

  16. Is Jane getting paler over time
    like Nicki Minaj

  17. That girl attacked her face with a soccer ball at the end

  18. Lol a day after a guy rejected me

  19. Wait, did Jane’s fish die?

  20. Can you do a video on anxiety disorders. I feel so much stress I start getting panic attacks. Please help

  21. Beautiful and amusing animation as usual. I wouldn't expect anything less from this channel. Very important topic, thanks for posting this!

  22. I have got regection loads of times :/

  23. I am scared as hell. Tomorrow I'm going to a arcade w/ my friends, their crushes and mine. My crush knows I like him, I am just scared of him rejecting me right infront of everybody. (Also for anybody going to say crushes don't last forever, I know you are right, but I've liked the same guy for 5 YEARS)

  24. I’m so happy this came out right after my ex rejected me again :c

  25. My worst friggin nightmare

  26. Jane looks different

  27. 1:49 my girl got popped in a face🤣😂😂😂🤣

  28. 1:48 the rip off of gravity falls

  29. Advice to people who were friendzoned:

    Most likely, they'd still want to be friends with you but if you keep leaving yourself to them, they'll get annoyed and cut of the friendship.

    If you keep clinging yourself to them, they'll try to avoid you as much as possible. You are affecting their lives the way they don't want to.
    Just keep it casual. If they told you that's not how they feel, accept it.

    You might as well be friends than nothing, right?

  30. I feel u a little 😐

  31. this person that I know got rejected and he got super salty and now he says he’s dating the person that he asked out

  32. Quit talking about my social life

  33. Every boy I’ve like rejected me mabey I’m really ugly

  34. Freind zoned again.

  35. 1:46 Why does he look like a teen version of Dipper?

  36. 0:17 he looks like someone from gravity falls, like if you agree.

  37. I’ve dated 8 people that I didn’t actually love and promised myself that I’d only date again when I actually love the person. It’s way harder that way, I’ve been rejected 3 times already.
    Man life’s sad :,(

  38. Your videos should be obligatory to watch them in all schools

  39. why does she have a STUFFED DOLL of her CRUSH?! 1:30

  40. 1:48 is it just me or does that boy look a little like dipper pines?

  41. I asked my crush out and i got friendzoned, thank you for making this :3

  42. I cried during this 😢


  44. If i get rejected at all i i want to do what i am supossed to do ?


  46. Y'all: keep trying
    Me: Alright!! ask out many folk

  47. ive been rejected many times bbuut i kee on trying and tryin till yeey

  48. Why does she have a doll of her crash that rejected her?..

  49. I got rejected…

    By my pet ant.

  50. 1:36 😂😂😂😂

  51. Tell Elliot Rodger that

  52. I get rejected a lot.

  53. I had a crush on a girl and she didn't like me but she told me she was bi too. Still sad but a little over it

  54. This hit way too close to home

    I got rejected twice

  55. I have no one to talk to about rejection! My family would just say suck it up and if it's about love they'll say I'm too young to talk about that kind of stuff

  56. That dude that said "hey" looked like dipper from gravity falls

  57. 1:46 why dose that look like diper pines

  58. I uhh…sent a secret admirer note to my crush and i tHinK hE kNowS iTs me. help??

  59. Get a victory royale at school😩

  60. I told my crush that I liked him and he likes my bff he said he didn’t want to hurt my feelings but I said congrats your my first rejection

  61. that awkward moment when even your dog rejects you.

  62. Man those fries make me feel hungry

  63. 1:50 got a wonderful human being to sign for Leicester

  64. 1:47
    That dude TOTALLY looks like Dipper from Gravity Falls. Just me?

  65. Up next

    I was rejected in front of everyone

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