Dealing With Pollution | Delhi NCR | Harry Says Bak Bak Bakchodi | Ep 5

Dealing With Pollution | Delhi NCR | Harry Says Bak Bak Bakchodi | Ep 5

For more entertainment, subscribe to Magicy Bunny and press the bell to know about our new videos. **Coughs** **Coughs** Hello everyone and welcome to this new and fresh episode of Harry Says Bak Bak Bakchodi **Coughs** As you all know Delhi and it’s neighbouring states’ polution has reached hazardous level now. So much that Delhi had to call a health emergency. And we are living in a toxic gas chamber. According to the news, Delhi’s pollution level was so high that it was equal to smoking more than 30 cigarettes a day. Imagine every person outside, or every kid in fact, every animal is smoking a pack of cigarette at least. Smoke is our life. People had just started to speak about issues of global warming and use of plastics, but the health emergency happened in our city itself. Almost half of this pollution was due to the stubble burning by the farmers of Punjab, Haryana and UP. And other half… was because of the fools who burnt crackers this Diwali. I know, I know. There weren’t many crackers that were burst in Delhi this time. But the sale of crackers was anyway banned in Delhi. While they were not on sale, we are still living in gas chamber, if they were actually allowed to be sold… then what would have happened. Full on smog around. Everywhere. There’s only smog around me. Ooh. Aah. Ah. No! God please, no! A normal person is finding a lot of problems to live in such an environment. Let’s watch some ways which can help us fight this unhealthy environment. Let’s start Uncle Ji… Are you ready to learn the right ways to fight the pollution? Yes Uncle, this is the right time to go for a trip outside Delhi. A pollution free trip to your favourite destination. Li.. Listen. Punjab also have a similar pollution level. Think about something else. Now is the right time to buy a good air purifier. Hey… hey, you are going too cheap. Stop. Do you want to breath or not uncle? Now switch on your new air purifier. And feel trapped in your small room now. It won’t start working so soon. It takes a lot of hours to clean the air for even one room. But if you have to breath, you have to stay. While going outside due to an emergency, don’t forget to wear the mask. Whatever work you do outside, make sure you have put on your mask. Always. And to keep your body pollution free, drink lots of water… You should remove the mask while doing that. I am sure these are not easy, but what else can we do. Try to stay safe and survive these few days without getting ill. The government has declare holidays for school kids… but no one cares about college students. Don’t we suffer from pollution… But the good news is pollution level has already started declining. We can now see the sun outside as well. Thanks to the media and to the public, the Supreme Court has also asked the Government bodies to act on the matter so that the situation never repeats again. Why do these farmers burn their stubble at the first place? Before I was riding the bike with a mask… now I have to wear it while driving as well. The situation indeed is really bad. If you liked this video, then share it with people who are really in the need of fresh air and fresh content. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to our channel, Magicy Bunny. We will soon come up with new funny videos. Until next time… CUT

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