Dealing With Pakistan – #TheMossadWay | Ep.68 #TheDeshBhakt | Akash Banerjee

Dealing With Pakistan – #TheMossadWay | Ep.68 #TheDeshBhakt | Akash Banerjee

Bomb is not the biggest weapon for a terrorist His main job is to spread terror Fear is an excellent weapon for them On 14th February, our CRPF soldiers attained martyrdom but the intentions behind the attack seems to be successfully working since
last two days. Anchors are creating an atmosphere of fear and war. Trolls are spreading fake news on the internet Outraged citizens are demanding immediate action over this Even after all this, our leaders and politicians have not forgotten their priorities. The anger is legitimate but who can we hold accountable for this? If we let it off on Kashmiri shops and Kashmiri vehicles, the ruse of Pakistan will get 100% successful because dividing our nation is Pakistan’s numero uno objective. Doesn’t matter if the divide happens through bullets, bombs , TV debates or public outrage, Pakistan hardly cares. No doubt Pakistan has to be given a befitting reply But the reply has to come through Uri-2 or something which can kill them without letting them know? As a result of which terrorists live the rest of their lives with fear. What am I talking about? Nuclear bomb, All out war, Banning Pakistani actors, beating up Kashmiris is not the solution to terrorism. Although difficult, there is one way. The Mossad way! It’s difficult, costly and non-populist. It won’t serve as a subject for a movie at least for the next twenty-five years. Anyone who messes with Israel, messes with Mossad as well. Israel’s highly secretive security agency. Mossad’s revenge is not immediate but is not forgotten by the next seven generations when taken Munich, 1972. Summer Olympics Palestinian terrorist group Black September held 11 Israeli athelets as hostages and killed them mercilessly. After which Israel launched Operation ‘Wrath of God’ every single person involved in planning and financing of the Munich massacre was identified. They were tracked down after investigating for several years. Following which, each one of them was killed in the particular country they were hiding in Those who vouch for immediate revenge should see the movie ‘Operation Finale’ Israel never forgot the atrocities of the second world war The Nazi officers who managed to escape from Germany at the end of the second world war were traced down and brought to justice. But one man managed to escape His name was Adolf Eichmann He was the one responsible for bringing Jews into the concentration camps and killing them. This guy was alive. It took 15 long years but Mossad did not give up. Their agents used their network and traced him down in Argentina. They didn’t kill him but tracked his movements He was abducted and extradited to Israel where he faced a trial and then given a death sentence Mossad released the details to this operation after 50 years. So a movie was eventually made but after a very long time. Israeli politicians could have used this incident for political benefits. However, they did not. Because this was about the nation, not votes. War with Pakistan will mean facing a nuclear threat So can we do anything about this nuclear threat? Like Israel did. In 1981, Israel was facing a big danger With the help of France, Iraq was couple of years away from possessing a nuclear weapon Everybody knew where the weapons would ultimately be used. When Israel failed in persuading France they used their F-16 fighters coupled with Mossad’s intelligence and while maintaining radio silence, stormed into Baghdad and destroyed the nuclear reactor. Is India capable to do something like this ? Can we control the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan? Or can we deal with the future attacks and hostage situations? Like Israel did When Popular Front of Liberation of Palestine External Operation hijacked an Air France Aeroplane and landed it at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport They released 150 non-Israeli hostages. Terrorists demanded to free 40 of their peers from Israeli prisons or they will kill about 100 Israeli passengers. Israeli Defence Force (IDF), with the help of Mossad planned a mission After one week of planning, 100 commandos traveled 4000 Km distance for a 90-minute operation and almost all the hostages were safely transported back to Israel Only if we had intelligence of this level we wouldn’t have handed over Maulana Masood Azhar in Kandahar but brought our citizens back to India from Kandahar Today because of him more than 40 of our commandos had to attain martyrdom Is a Mossad style operation possible in India? You must be thinking it is not. It is possible. Our commandos are best in the world We need political will and security agency leadership These operations cannot be used as a tool for garnering votes in the elections. We need to find a NSA who eyes the enemies and not the opposition parties. This formula requires patience I don’t know if the people are willing to be patient. And if you are restless, then demand for a nuclear war. Terrorists and Pakistani army wants the same thing. They know nothing except war. Even if we press the nuclear button or not, their hands are always itching for it. Already their country is in turmoil, a few more explosions won’t bother them much. We will get affected The T’shirt i’m wearing today is black. to pay homage to the martyrs The slogan is to instigate you to think what are the possible ways to teach them a lesson A lesson so that they don’t ever do this again. Pakistan has not learnt the lesson after Surgical Strike Before this, we made one more video. 10 things you shouldn’t do after the attack Internal fueds, War cry Many people liked the video You showed a lot of love for that video and I thank you for that A big thankyou to our Patreons because of whom we can discuss topics like these because it is not ‘cool’ to discuss topics like these At this point, we need only war and blood We will get our revenge but the method is something we have to think about.

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  1. Itne sare terrorist attacks hote hai kis kis ka picha karenge! And what about border ceasefire violation uska kya ? Or 26/11 attack me kuch logon ne jane kitne logo ko mara to kya itne begunah kr badle 1 ko maar kar khush hojayen?

  2. Pakistan ka pass isi ha

  3. kabhi koch khud se bhi kr liya kro hamesha praye lund py hi nachte rho gy kya🤣🤣🤣

  4. Kashmiri bhaiyo ko lucknow me kisne peeta schchai k jad pr jaao akash banerjee vo sapa ka neta tha….

  5. Kese yoganda se vapas aaye ye bhi jaano, usme bhi 4-5 logo ki jaan gyi thi

  6. Bohot kuch sikhaya tumne bhaai mjhe..

  7. Attack k 1 minute k baad hi faisla kr liya k yeh Pakistan ny kiyaa hy koi investigation nai or phir pakistan ko jawab deny k chakar apna hi muh toorr bethy pilot arrest karwaya or apna hi helicopter urraa diya jisky baary koi baat nahi hoo rahi 😃😃😃😃

  8. Ek manmohan singh tha jo kuch kiya nahi aur ek modi h jo kiya . Lekin vote ke liye . Lekin kam se kam kiya to

  9. Do you know how many childrens and womens are killed by idf and mossad. There are so many examples exist in the world to make this video. why mossad???

  10. Israel also does lots of surgical strikes like India did. Few things need instant reply and need publicity as well. It's part of the mind games played with enemy.

  11. What proofs you have that pulwama Attack is plan of Pakistan? You and Dhruv like pathetic people are touts of Indian establishment who are also the part of the campaign of Indian media against Pakistan. You guys are also prevailing war hysteria. Pakistan cannot afford these types of incidents. We are facing terrorism inside our country and we are dealing with it and we are nothing to do with India and fighting with India. We are facing economic crisis and we cannot afford this type of war hysteria which u r spreading. shame on you

  12. Super Intelligent thought yaar

  13. you have not described the issue properly. Israel is using SAAM DAAN DAND BHED tactic to tackle terrorism. You think i must be funny. but I dont know Israelis ever heard about geeta or mahabharat but they are using this tactics to come over atankvaad! HOW? I can explain in details and with proof!! Israeli army is the world's most moral army and i believe it.

  14. aj kia sochte ho sir g 24/4/19 jab k pakistan ne bhi zahir kardia woh kia karsakta
    sushma g b boli k unhon ne koi strike nahi ki aur yah bhi sabit hua k palwama modi ne karwaya ………..
    ap log buhat jald hi faisla karlete hen ……
    sab ilzam se pakistan to bahir hogya kia ap ki janta phir aise jhoot ki tehqeeq karegi…
    pakistan kabhi bhart k tukre nahi krega
    bhart khud hi tukkrey karega yah eik fact he jab log zida hojain aur mazahib bhi to waha koi ek qanoon nahi chalta …
    140 crore log koi 100+ religion
    religion bhi ek doje k mukhalif
    kese mulk chalega jab army crupt neta crupt 80% log ghareeb
    jitna time aur pesa indian pakistan ko Dstablize karne main lagate hen agar itni energy apne country k log per lagain to shayad bhart min log chohe na khain .

  15. Bhai mossad did these operations in middle east country..
    And let me tell you pakistan is not middle east. 😂😂😂
    They will bang the asses of both RAW AND MOSSAD

  16. Hum log karsakte hai lekhi ehisab karenge to hindu muslim kab khelenge

  17. Fantastic explanation…

  18. MashaAllah gret theory hai bhai
    Really Bharat ne iss jaisi planning karna chahiye aur aisa hona chahiye
    I support this suggestion

  19. 7 generation nahi bhoolti ..? wtf…they keep attacking massad ..idiot enhance yr information

  20. Israel has to go one day dear… Muslim around the world doesn't recognise Israel.. Israel occupied land with the help of American and also due to difference in arab world such as Sunni and Shia Muslims.. when country like Iran and Saudi gets its nuclear weapons then nuclear threshold is prevailed in the region and may be in 100years or 200 or 300 years later when America no longer remains super power. then Israel will be wipe out from the earth map.. Iran is brutal country in arab world. Iran kills more jews and mossad operative than any Muslim country in the world. Israel future is very bleak and very fragile in that harsh land.. when Israel time comes trust me wipe out will be so brutal and butchered insanely that not just jews even Christian living in arab world will move out. As Muslim and all the Muslim around the world will not accept Israel existence.. it has no right to occupy Palestine and creat Jewish state just because of holocaust in europe.. Israel has to go one day mr.deshbakt.. the one day will come may be in 25 or 40 or 70 or 100 or 200 or 400 years but it will come soon InshaaAllah. Israel will be destroyed and wiped out cleanly from the earth map and peace will prevail in arab world InshaaAllah.

  21. U r doing a good work sir .

  22. Log hi chutiye hai,Kya kar sakte hai

  23. Lol, it sounds funny, when a country with billion people don't have balls to mess with Pakistan.
    Let me tell you one thing, Pakistan's nuclear are the finest, army is the best & Airforce you can ask Abhinandhan about them.
    I know you guys can't sleep at 🌃 because of Pakistan but that is my promise to you that you guys can't do anything to Pakistan. But it's not bad to dream.
    PM who is saying that he sent his planes because the weather was cloudy that was Dumbest thing I have ever heard & I like it that billion people voted for him again.
    Shows us how dumbfucks are our neighbors.

  24. Guy seems to be v much inspired by Mossad…yea they are good…
    But niether you guys are mossad nor we are Palestinians or iraqis…
    Have a nice day….

  25. Isi world no1 agense in the world

  26. I've read about the hijacked story of Israel also Ichemen's story. That was amazing, yes they are different to our politician's. Our politicians needs votes, and they (Israely politicians) need fame to their country!

  27. Hm
    Soch me pe majbur Kar Diya Apne…

    I didn't know about these things before this video… Thanks .

  28. 101% right Akhash ji

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  30. Dhruv rathee brought me here

  31. 😩There is a difference between operation by ARMY ….& operation of SECRET AGENCY like RAW & MOSSAD……when Osama was killed by American army they didn't kept it as a secret for years coz it was not CIA operation it was there army operation taken against 9/11 attack & it was told to the whole world instantly coz at that instant American was looking for revenge ……..the same position we r in ….stupid ….know the difference than bark!!!😏👾

  32. Indian army Indian government fighting only Indian Muslim Indian intelligence RAW only arrest poor Muslim ko India me really terrorist group rss ae

  33. app educated lag Tay mujhe lekin app nay bhi wohi baath kerdi Palestine ko terrorist keh diya. app zara dekho na army kaise Mar rahi hai aurtoh aur bacho ko.

  34. best ho bhai yar best ho

  35. 4.00 which movie

  36. Khahaha chal joota Isreal say poochu k mossad ka ISI nay kiya hal kiya tha 1998 may jab tak ISI hy pori dunya k agencies bhi Pakistan ka kuch nahi bighar sakti Pakistan zindabad

  37. If you wanna know more about the munich incident of 11 olympic athletes of israel, you should watch "Munich" , it's the movie based on that incident

  38. Those who dislikes this video that it will be bjp chamcha only .

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  40. First stop drinking pee

  41. Father of isreal hizbullah

  42. Sir…You are perfectly said. I think these videos should be seen by government and politicians.

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  46. sir me aapki bahot izzat karta hu , par aap jab israel ka example dete ho to aap us zulm ka zikr kyu nahi karte jo israeli karte hai palestanians par ,aur mere khayal se aapko israel ka alawa kisi aur mulk ka zikr karna chahiye tha

  47. Jahil log PM ban jate hai desh ka bigada kar dete h

  48. Pakistani artist bann kardiye… atif aslam n rahat fateh ali khan.,….. 🙁 gayab hogaye

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    israel hmara sb sy brra dushman hai wo hmara kch nh bigaaarrr ska… 1967 ko israel aa rha tha india k sth mil k pakistan atmy tanseebaaat pr hmla krny.. hm counter attack k liye ready thy to CIA ko pta chal gya phr israeli peechy hatt gy..
    wsy b israel ny 1948 mn india ko kaha tha k pakistan ko mt chorrna ye hmary liye bht dangerous hain…

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  51. the most sensible talk. Ak Zindabad !!

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  55. Modi: my phirst time voter se poochtha hoon…..kya pulwama ke naam pe mujhe aap ka vote milega kya……hadh Paar kardi

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  57. Pakistan ko jawab dain gay 😂😂😂😂
    ISI chod kay rakh day gi Dunya ki no.1 agency h
    Tumhari maa kalboshan ko chod diya na

  58. Pakistan airforce is the only airforce which shot down isralian pilots

  59. Bohot achha video sir
    Fan ban gaya aapka ❤️

  60. Tum hara jawab serf tum hari fack movies me hy Pakistan ko milta hy bake real me Pakistan ne jesy 27 February ko yaad karo abhhi nandan ka jahaz geraya Pakistan ne 1 nhe 2 jahaz geray Pakistan ne

  61. Jes Israel ke tumGulam ho WO Israel bharat ke bera garaq kary bharat ke tukry tukry ho jaingy Israel or modi ke waja se yaad rakh na ham Pakistani hy Barma ja bhagladesh nhe hy ham Pakistani hy sher hy

  62. O acha Yr ma apko ak acha or neutral or har side par nazar rkhnay wala insaan samjhta tha lakin ya video sa mari ideology change ho gae . Muja ak bat btaoo aj tal tumna koi Kulbhusan Yadav par koi video bnae tumko pak sa terrorism hota nazar ata ha kbhi apnay baray ma soucha Bangladesh Ka sath kia kya Balouchistan Karachi ma Kis ka hath ha kabhi ya souch

    Ma manta ha Pak sa india ma terrorism krwai jati lakin tum agr Indian ka toor par ya na dakho or ak Insaan honay ka natay dakho ga tu ma yakeen sa khta hn pak sa india ma terrorism krwanay la pechay koi waja ho gi

    Hamay dosroun ka bara ma souchnay ki bejay apnay apko ko phlay dakhnay ki zarorat ha

    Agr ho sakhay tu reply zaror dana

  63. akash Bhai DeshBhakti is the other thing do you really think that pulwama was Pak Plan?

  64. 🇵🇰 ISI India par operations na kar lee

  65. Akash bhai na aj Bhakhat banarjee wali bat krdi
    (1) Iraq koi nuclear weapons nai bnara tha ya sb confirm jhoot ha
    (2) ISI cia ka cantrol ma nai asi to mossad kia cheez ha kunka ISI no 1 agency ha

  66. Akash Bhai aap genuinely logonki soch baddal rahe ho…
    .keep it up bhau…

  67. Seen this video after a lot of time but I must say akash bhai ap bhi Bollywood dhaikny lagay hai thora us trauma se bahir niklay to aik bar ISI k baray me dunya se phuch laina k best kon hai or rest Kon hai Bollywood inspired commandos jnug nhi lar saktay it's a real life not reel life pls grow up I respect you as a best person and as a best Reacher but your research I think failed in the situation best of luck

  68. Agar tume mossad par utna bharosa hai wo suwarr aur bandaro ki aulad Pe utna bharosa is mosaad ke hijdou ko afgan taliban ka naam bolna gand pat jayegi

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  70. Bhai dekho..aap jo keh rahe ho ke political will ki baat hai….and election me vote ko dhyan me rakh kar rahe the….dekho….mere ye kehna hai ki…agar bhul kar bhi congress party future me aa gai ( vese to mumkin nai hai.) Jo jeetna development ho raha hai na….vo to bhul jao…isliye…koi bhi fesla sarkar legi to vo vote ko dhyan me lekar hi legi….

  71. Haha.. sir you people can also destroy Pakistan's nuclear weapons but but you need to cast Viky Kaushal in a Bollywood movie. I salute you for your thoughts. 😂
    Don't forget Pakistan has best intelligent agency in the world called ISI, and let me tell you that Pulwama incident was done Modi to seek public sympathy for the election. Why would Pakistan attack? That too inside the country? Where were agencies? Sleeping? You are intellectual person, must think on it.

  72. تم ہندؤوں اور یہودیوں کی ماں کی چوت
    گائے کا موتر پینے والے گندے لوگ
    دنیا میں صرف دو ہی بڑی قومیں ہیں جن کے درمیان بڑی اور آخری جنگ ہو گی وہ ہیں مسلم اور عیسائی
    گانڈو سالے سوشل میڈیا پہ بیٹھ کے خیالی پلاؤ بناتے رہتے ہو بہن چودو گھروں میں باتھ روم ہی بنا لو

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  74. Hahaha asa impossible hai q k Pakistan k pas ISI hai jo MOSSAD aur CIA ka bhai ha….

  75. Let me tell you the truth… You are not Israel 🇮🇱… And Pakistan 🇵🇰 is not Iraq 🇮🇶 you are Endia 🇮🇳 🖐️ 🤤😂😂😂best in the world BC…

  76. Dhruv ratie ki waja se yeh video dekhi I thought app bhi intellectual Indian hogey per mazrat k sath I don't like it

    1: masood azhar kyu terriost Bana or India se he kyu problems hy?

    2: Pakistan k nuclear weapons ko agar India destroy keryga tu apko idea Hai ossay India ko kya loss hoga?

    App ney jo kuch Bola woh 1 side news ki waja se Bola
    Ab mere side news check Karien

    1: raw k agent ney accept Kya k woh Pakistan main bomb blast kerwata hy or ek pakara geya aisay hazroo agent hy Pakistan main raw k

    2: indian army kashmirou pey 72 saal se zulm ker rahi hy jis ki waja se masood azhar jeaay log paida hotay hai

    Boss agar app kisi ko terriost boltay rahogey
    Degrade kertay rahogey tu woh nahi bhi hoga tu ban jaiga as Mr dhurv said

    So checkout your political leaders
    428 channel 24/7 1.5 Arab ki Jannta ko bolengey Pakistan territories Muslims terrorists so yehi hoga

    To be honest Pakistan was not involved in phulwama
    Itni high security area main itna ziyada dhamakay wala mawaad Lana impossible hy Pakistan k liye
    It was inside job for articles 370 background making

    Please don't mind
    It's my mind though came from my media

  77. Whats the name of the movie?whose clips were being shown?

  78. Indian Government want only vote

  79. Aur palestine pe Mossad aur Israel pe bhi discuss kariye….

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  81. I was thinking the same thing, why doesn't RAW do similar operations like Mossad.

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  83. Jab benerjee tu itna janta hai to tujhe ye pata hona chahiye ki dunia me koi kisi see ladna nhi chahta….mossad thik hai team par israil ko koi right nhi hai ki wo kisi k desh me ghus k kisi ki army weapon or project ko nuksaan pohochae… America k pass wo takat hai Jo kabhi samne nhi aai lekin uske area 51 me wo hathiyar hai jiska tujhe andaza bhi nhi hai…… planning or attack ki or badle na bhulne ki tarif hai israil ki but israil Kam gunegar nhi hai …..israil ne sirf atankiyo ko nhi balki aam civilians ko bhi nhi chora usne philitian ko lagbhag lagbhag khatam kr Diya hai kya ye atankwadi nhi hai……Masood Azar ne ye Kiya ya nhi ye nhi pata mujhe….par tune te Socha kashmeer jese state me itna rtx aaya kaha see or in jhute logo ne kisi ko mara bhi ha ya nhi …..Pakistan me ja k iska koi thos sabut hai Kya….har baat ka andaza chal raha hai bas kuch fact naam ki chij bhi hoti hai……ye bhi to socho un jawano me musalmann bhi tha use kese bhul jate ho….ye attak hi modi ka karwaya hua hai….sidhi bat hai sab samajdaro ko samaj aati hai ye bat or isme imran Khan or modi ki mili bhagat hai ….isliye nhi hua kuch….illection me Jeet gaya modi ab nhi hoga esa humla…raajneeti bohot badiya chij hai Bhai…itni badiya chij hai ki insan apne bhaiyo ko bhi marwa deta hai zarurat padne par…..par bole Kon Jo bole wo anti national……sachai sabko pata hai koi andha nhi hai….nhi pata to Salman Khan ki film Jai ho ka wo seen dekh Lena jab Salman deny se mafi mangne jata hai usse dekho Saab samaj a jaega….karne ko Marne ko indea ki army bohot kuch KR sakti hai par jab jaan bujh k marwae hai jawan raajneeti k liye to kha ma kha kyu ladenge dusre see bat yaha hai…

  84. Who is here after The Spy (Web Series)

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