Dealing With Ostomy Pouch Odor: Stoma Care tips

Dealing With Ostomy Pouch Odor: Stoma Care tips

Hey guys, it’s Eric. Today I want to talk
to you about something that’s been on the mind of a lot of ostomates – and that is:
pouch odor. Now before I start giving some information on how
to control odor, I just want to make it clear that pouch odor should only be noticed when
you’re emptying your pouch or when you’re changing your appliance. If you notice it
when you aren’t doing any of those things, chances are have a leak, or there’s something
else going on with your appliance. Now, one of the easiest things that you can
do to control pouch odor, and in my opinion is one of the best things, is to use a pouch
deodorant. Now, these products are generally in liquid form and you just basically squirt
a bit of it inside your pouch every time you go to empty it. Now, some of them do kill odor-causing bacteria,
and others mask odors; they’ll have scents to them, and they’ll have a fregrance that
should technically mask the odor. I would suggest you try a bunch of different
samples, and see which one works best for you. I’ve noticed that a lot of them work
pretty well, and they’ll pretty much cover any of the odors that I’d normally find coming
out of my ostomy pouch, but with some of them, you actually have to use quite a bit of product
in there, and it’s not really desirable or cost-effective to do that. There is another option if you don’t want
to be putting anything inside of your pouch, and that is to use either a room deodorizer
or one that goes into your toilet. I actually don’t like the room deodorizors
for a couple of different reasons. First of all, they irritate me; they get all up in
my nose, they make my eyes watery and itchy, and I don’t think that the smell of poop and
floral fragrance is a very desireable thing. So, Iike to tackle that problem in a different
way. Now I know that some people like to use in-toilet
deodorants, and how they basically work is that you squirt a bit inside your toilet water,
and they create a bit of a film that’s usually oily, and that film helps to trap the odor
inside the toilet. It also gives off a little bit of a fregrance. Now, a couple of these products are something
called Poopourri, which you’re probably familiar with their commercials. Another is Just-A-Drop,
and I’m sure there are a couple of different other ones depending on where you live, but
those are generally pretty easy to dispense. Now, keep in mind that they won’t tackle problems
with the actual odor coming out of your pouch, so they’re not going to be as effective as
a pouch deodorant that you’d put inside your pouch. Another really common way to tackle odor,
is to keep an eye of the foods that you’re eating. I tend to hear about different foods
causing different odors for certain people, but it’s really best that you keep a food
diary and see what’s triggering odor for you specifically. I find that some of the foods that are on
these lists are pretty healthy for you. For example, beans and onions.
Those are foods that I try to include in my diet because they are pretty good for you,
and you wouldn’t want to go around eliminating healthy foods from your diet. Another thing that I do want to point out
is the fact that I do eat an entirely plant-based (vegan) diet, and that gives me a bit of an
edge. I know that a lot of the sulfer-producing compounds that are found in animal products,
primarily meat and eggs, tend to create quite a bit more odor inside of your pouch and in
your stool, and if that’s something that you can avoid (and I do recommend that you do!),
you’ll probably be doing yourself a huge favor in eliminating most of that odor from even
starting. So I hope those tips help. I know that there
are a couple of more that people use, but these are the ones that I think are most important. If you’ve got any tips that you’d like to
share on how you control your pouch odor, please let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to like this video, subscribe
if you haven’t, and share this if you think that somoeone else might be able to benfit
from it. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you again in
the next video! Bye bye!

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  1. Floral and poop odor! Lmao that's what my husband says! Those sprays just make another smell on top of the nasty smell 😂 my bag always stinks cuz the stinky foods are my favorite! I use deodorizer and it does well for me, and on my stinky days, I use a toilet deodorizer! I also found that some of the toilet bowl cleaners help with the odor as well! The strong ones of course! 👍

  2. yeah my family moan about smells and air fresheners get on our chests so I try not to use to much .

  3. The Just-A-Drop Ostomy Drops work super well! I usually put about 10 drops in my toilet and it usually completely masks the smell. It does have a pretty strong eucalyptus scent to it but it's not horrible and it smells fresh.

  4. OK, "…or there's something else going on with your appliance"…well, WHAT.??h

  5. I have started using Na 'Scent and found that it really works well for me , I know that you did not find it effective but for me it had made a huge difference , , I can even burp my bag without clearing my family from the room , love all your videos , I am nearly 8 weeks post op and have found them all really helpful ,

  6. Would the new product VIP poop work ? Comes in several scents. Maybe ???

  7. I like the deodorisers that “Neutralise” the smell from effluent (Brava Lubricating Deodorant and Salts NO ROMA). I don’t like the ones that “mask” the smell. Who wants to leave a toilet and leave it smelling of minty toothpaste? Better than the alternative, I guess. Spray air freshener only leaves a smell of air freshener AND poo….Take care not to let any of the in-the-bag deodorants seep under your seal or flange…. ‘cos they STING the skin like mad!!

  8. I HATE odors! They bother my stomach, nose, eyes and sometimes I swear I can taste them. Even perfumes/colognes, under arm deodorant and my bag. I can deal with natural odors a lot better. Luckily I live alone and have pretty good ventilation in my apartment.I have only used Adapt so far and it seems pretty good. I was surprised the difference the lubrication when emptying the bag.

  9. Tough to do on a carnivore diet!

  10. I put a large mint (Trebor) in the bag each time I empty the bag. No smell for me! Great.
    I’ve tried some of the oils etc but the oil seems to effect the sticky on the bag and I had leaks.

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