Dealing with Objections

Dealing with Objections

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  1. Excellent video Conor! I like the tactic of "I understand…"

  2. Thanks Darragh. How's things with you?

  3. Thanks Dane. I still need to keep practicing this! I mess up about 60% of the time 😉 …or more

  4. It is very interesting, but I don't see a clearly laid out criteria for the question that comes after the "I understand….". It needs to be open, right. but what's the goal of the question? Is it a proposition? Or only to understand the real feelings behind the other person's question? I believe the last question can use some more scripting.

  5. True, I don't address what the question should achieve. There are 3 levels of question:
    1) continues this line of discussion
    2) opens out to new areas of discussion
    3) gets at the underlying beliefs, values, decision criteria of the other person.

    The real change in this Aikido Conversation is not reacting automatically to the question, objection… but giving yourself a moment to get emotional control and then seek to understand more of where the other person is coming from.

  6. Conor, thanks for the clarification. I think it's a very valuable interpersonal communication tip. We need lots of those 🙂

  7. Dude you are amazing and I like the way you speak in a genuine way !

  8. Enjoyed! I am going to have to practice this (and I have many opportunities daily …). It truly does sound like an art to master. I disconnected a little with the Aikido reference, but I know where you are coming from. Maybe it's a woman thing. I like the "seeing the world from their perspective" aspect, but not the "attack" and "use their force against them". Maybe "What feels like an attack is only a fear based reaction. Be curious; seek to understand the world through their eyes …" ?

  9. I have a question. ..what if that person just throw it straight back at u.. what do you understand? You understand nothing. …how should we respond to that please. ..thankyou

  10. Excellent concept. We should rethink about the paradigm of always giving answers to questions.

  11. Thank you Conor for the idea of "I understand…"

  12. Tem sido muito importante para mim assistir a seus vídeos. Eles realmente têm me ajudado muito a compreender as questões abordadas e isso me torna mais seguro quando tenho que desempenhar meu trabalho.

    Sou-lhe eternamente grato.

    Continue assim, pois você tem ajudado muitas pessoas.

  13. Wow!  This is amazing.  I can see the application in a presentation AND in interpersonal situations.  Presently, I am confronted with responding to an objection and must confess, my initial response was old school.  Thanks to you, I have a far more productive tool.  This will require that I, "man up" and be prepared for the feedback…but I am willing.

  14. Thank you Conor, I have tried some of your methods at hostile meetings at work (competing work groups forced to work together to form new strategies) and it works. They respond much better then if I just give them the "our solution is better because list of arguments" 🙂

  15. very educational, These are some of relevant tools I can use in my job, dealing with objection is something we deal in our daily life, and sometimes answers are never there for you, but this puts it so simple, Thank you for your brilliant advice. Mr Neil

  16. Thank you Mr. Neill. This will help in my relationship with my daughter 🙂

  17. Really, really great advice Conor! I'd also be interested in more on the follow up, in what happens after the "I understand, etc." Your teaching is invaluable and I share it with everyone I can!

  18. Excellent…Conor Neill has an amazing personality.

  19. Great video! However, What could I say if after I say "I understand" the other person says "no you dont!"?

  20. Your videos help me a lot in my speech classes and have given me the confidence and skill I need to give a proper speech .

  21. Genius!  You are brilliant.  You have helped me see the reasons to why my answering causes the discomforts with the companies of mine.  Ikedo, what a great tact to help me communicate qualitatively with others.  Thank you My Love, and thank you a million times!  

  22. Connor, you are a true inspiration! Would love to train with you in the future

  23. 1. "I understand that…" 2. Ask an open question.

  24. That was great!!
    Thank you.

  25. I did not expect to hear something about Aïkido in this talk. It is relevant. I know from experience how hard it is to maintain my composure in the face of verbal violence. If I answer in kind, it may soon escalate and turn into a shouting match, leading to more violence. It is far better to keep a cool head and try to see the situation from the other person's perspective, no matter how unappealing that person might appear during their creepy overture.

  26. one among the best videos I ever watched..

  27. wow. .. what great you are ….. thank you so much 👏👏🌷🌷

  28. it is hard to change a habbit , I watchef this vedio 5 times I agree with the concept but when I face similar situation I counsiously reply by either defense or question
    now Sir I would like your advise what is the best way to get rid of such habit

  29. This is great! I can't get enough.

  30. so great! you put the problem so graspably into words! I love it. I love this subject. we even deliver 2 days workshops to train it. so I will defintely use the way you present the problem. thank you so mich

  31. AMAZING Conor – thank you! #success

  32. Sales and Martial Arts. Great way to explain! 💎💎💎

  33. I will be delivering a speech for my speech class soon. These videos have definitely helped me. I am understanding and taking notes as I go. I have two weeks left until I give my speech. Normally I am the nervous and shy type when being in front of crowds of people, but knowing all this information helps me think less of it and focus more on my speech.

  34. Loved your way of problem solving capability. Loved your analysing and how we can practice

  35. Really effective.

  36. Thank you Mr. Neill


  38. thank you, its a great message.

  39. The higher emotions go ,the lower thinking gets. Wow.

  40. Dang it! I wish I knew about this sooner! Thanks Conor

  41. Wow great video love to watch more,nice video thanks for sharing with us

  42. How slow, how tedious…..yada, yada, yada……on and on…far too many words for the 'pay-off'. Full of superficial, pseudo-psychology. He's the bloke in the bar who gives you 'legal' advice.

  43. I call this A.I.O.A. This is where you ''Acknowledge and Isolate = ''I can appreciate you wanting to get the best bang for your buck, apart from that is there anything else holding you back?'' They will either give you another objection or tell you that's it. Then you Offer a solution and Ask again. ''Ok, I would hate for you to miss out on this opportunity so here's what I'm going to do for you, why don't we break this down into monthly payments…that way it's easier on your wallet and you still walk away happy, Do you want to put that on visa or mastercard?''

  44. Wife : No you dont understand me !
    Me with a shooting voice : I understand that I don't understand

  45. Taking psychological methods that may be helpful to people and their issues and using it to feed on their emotions just so you can sell them junk!
    A profession ideal for sociopaths

  46. 14 years, 18 years, 10 years? What is this guy talking about? He is just full of shit. All he needed to say is "Think about and anticipate your answer". But he takes SO long to say it because … in that way he draws you in so that he can justify his fee. I'll give you one for free. Before you enter into any discussion always visualise the various situations that may or may not happen, walk through them in your mind, and then have an appropriate answer prepared and an idea about how to go beyond that. There Conor, that is all you needed to say without all of the contrived, convoluted crap. You talk a lot and say little of any value, typical self-promotion and mostly hot air.

  47. good persperctive . .thank you!

  48. This classic answer a question with a question, but opening with a demonstration of your understanding of what they just said. More respectful and interestingly a key item of debate 101 to establish the stasis of the argument. The 4 other iterations of open questions, echoes 5 whys, which is classic kanban. Funny how different domains can lead to the same techniques.

  49. Thank you Conor, great video, really inspiring.

  50. Aikido practitioners do not 'go toward a punch' they step to one side, allow the fist to continue travelling forward, intercept the motion, take control of the momentum, guide the opponent's energy into a motion that will result in their wrist/elbow/shoulder joint etc being locked and used to force the opponent's body to continue in the direction the technique requires. They are thrown to the floor by following the momentum through in a CIRCULAR path, not forward or backward, but sideways and circular, and not in any way as described here by the snakeoilsalesman. Not unless they have a very poor Aikido teacher who doesn't actually understand Aikido. They definately shouldn't be allowed to pretend to be a teacher when they don't even understand the basic principles.

    Why do salespeople think it's ok to use people's gullibility to line their pockets. Why do people think this guy is some kind of mentor. Do we really want this kind of manipulative bullshit to be the way our business life is conducted? Isn't it time now that the world moved on and gave these kind of sharks their P45. x

  51. Great video! I showed this to my wife and told her she was aways very emotional, she inferred I'm calling her dumb, i replied i understand that emotions are important, what else is the need😎😂

  52. In Aikido mind I'll say "Yes, this looks like an expensive product, because our priority is top quality and service, to save cost and stress to our clients". As formal Aikido instructor (Kobayashi) we using the energy of "aggression" (opponent) and redirect to the more beneficient direction to me 😉 Kind regards

  53. I got an objection from my boss and I know what to reply.

  54. My ex-wife said the magic had gone out of our marriage so I disappeared LOL

  55. Please someone call Steve Coogan hours of entertainment imitating this guy

  56. This is very helpful

  57. So much information, amazingly important!
    Small little changes created bigger improvements.
    Right on the button!!!!!

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  59. Ur English is good along with input.

  60. I understand that you have a good point.

  61. Me "This is called manipulation. Sociopaths use these techniques. It would be difficult to be this man's friend."
    Him: "I understand that you think I am a manipulative sociopath. What would you say if I could show you 5 ways we could be friends?"

  62. I love your video and the value that it provides

  63. This os the third video I’m watching from you and all of them were full of important advices. Thank you, Mr. Conor.

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