Hey guys How are you great that’s awesome I’m doing the entire video like this cause some of yall like to be extra Including me. Now I just look like a floating head. I called jenny craig and lost my whole body Over the past year I’ve been getting a lot of savage ass comments like oh, you need to clean your earlobes that ear. Oooooo Dem ear lobe’s dirty Get those ashy ass earlobes off my screen I have never seen a black person with ashy earlobes before. I’ve never seen a person with a natural puffy face and a black eye when I’m done with you This is a video of me addressing the problem. I have this disease Called yegzama, actually its just called eczema I don’t want you guys to think I’m illiterate too And no I’m not talking about the purple Skeleton witch from that Disney movie where her daddy beef cakes keep pulling the wrong lever I’m talking about life b*tch. For those of you who don’t know what eczema is I really suggest you stop roasting me in the comments and go back and get an education Long story short it pretty much means I’m dying I’m joking, I wish, that would cure me from a lot of embarrassment. Eczema is a skin condition where random parts of my skin just wanna try me. Random parts of my skin get really itchy red inflamed rough and start flaking like a bitch on a tinder date Pretty much I am dying of embarrassment. I’ve had eczema since sophomore year of High School I am now supposed to be a junior in college It started off on my chest, I kept itching it to the point that a really gigantic bruise looking scar appeared on my chest for a couple years. I would show you but, one is gone now and two I don’t want to show you my man tits Some women in this video might get jealous cuz they’re bigger than theirs. That’s whatever, moving on But now I currently have a eczema on my neck and on the side of my face its even worse on my neck because my body just randomly decided it wants to try to give me a beard now it is a big mess of random scars and bumps Oh yeah, oh my God Unsubscribe. Eczema requires a constant moisturization of the irritated part. which can be really hard and complicated at some times. I don’t want to be in the middle of Starbucks and have people just watch me randomly pull out of a gigantic bottle of Eczema Cream and slap it all over my entire body I just carry Chapstick and put that on random parts. So you’re telling me actually you have Chapstick when your lips look like that. B*tch don’t come for my blackness, can a bitch get a break Can a bitch get a break, can a bitch get a break, can a bitch get a break Don’t know what that was, the moral of the story now everything is surface level well the results of my eczema are but not the story you get what I’m talking about so before you go on roasting people’s appearance in the Comment maybe stop it. Maybe there’s a long story for why they look like that Now I’m not taking guys to stop roasting my skin in the comments. You can continue I’m on the internet I know what I signed up for But now you guys are educated and informed on the subject I gave you more ammo thank you guys for watching wait let me do a random dance for the end screen *Mac working it like the gay boi he is* Okay, we’re good. Give me your best throw some ash earlobes and skin in the comments down below or just roast me in general maybe I’ll read them for a video anyways I’m Mac don’t forget to like comment. Share and ‘sub-scree-bey’ BWAHHHHH

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  1. Mac I have psoriasis the mother of eczema ik have you feel

  2. I have eczema too. When I was younger I thought it was spelt (and I always said) “eggzema.”
    Side note: Eczema is a bitch.

  3. Subs; You got eCzeMaH?
    Mac: I got what?
    Subs: E X C E H M U H


  5. I may not have eczema but I still think it’s awful for people to just Mac just because he has “ashy earlobes”. Like dude. So what?

  6. Eczema sucks donkey nuts! I hate having it!

  7. who else is watching this in 2019?

    no one?

    me too bitch

  8. I would recommend the St Ives soothing oatmeal and Shea butter lotion, it really helps with my eczema and might help you too

  9. Ive had bad BAD eczema all my life and trust me… 😠

    Dont try to offer me some vaseline bitch it doesnt work. 😤😢

    (does anybody else with eczema have other people constantly offering them random ass lotions that are probably just gonna burn your skin anyways?😂)

  10. I also have eczema also

    I have had it for my whole life

  11. bruh you got eczema?

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