Dealing with Midlife Crisis

Hi there, this is Michael Mirdad.
welcoming you to our spiritual insights with Michael Mirdad. We’re gonna talk
about midlife crisis, however not in the standard sense. We want to
talk about this from a deeper place, and you could be 40 in this could apply to
you you could even be in your 30s and just apply to you and of course later
you know years as well you could be going through forms of midlife crisis
when you’re 70 because midlife crisis is really a generic term mid mid mid based
on what you’re getting to live a hundred years mid is different than if you live
20 years which is different if you live 300 years right so it’s kind of a
perspective but everybody goes through this thing I call a dark night of the
soul and midlife crisis is sort of a psychological and biological version of
the you know they’re the same to me midlife crisis dark night of the soul
the midlife crisis is just a version of a dark night a dark night of the soul
I’m not going to talk about the dark night at length I’m just sharing that a
dark night of the soul simply means this we all a few times in our lifetime some
people more than a few some slightly less but you generally a few times per
lifetime we go through a some sort of a transition but a major one and people
come up with these terminologies that are almost more intellectual for life
events and they so they’ll say something like oh that’s midlife crisis oh that’s
menopause and they have these names they don’t realize who’s going through those
things the person to a degree but it’s really the soul that’s involved with
these changes these transformations in our life so I don’t look at anything as
really just nothing you know just kind of brush it off like it doesn’t have
meaning I liked personally I like looking at the deeper meanings to things
and even what we call brush-off sometimes as midlife crisis to me it’s
it’s a major time in our life that we should pay attention to and again that
can start even in your 30s for that matter but
mid-life why is it called crisis why is where people open to using that term
midlife crisis and not as open to using dark night of the soul
why aren’t where are they not as familiar because if you understood your
soul you would know what your midlife crisis is all about because they use
that term crisis because something it seems off and upsetting but there’s a
lot of people don’t realize there’s positive and negative aspects of a
midlife crisis when you hear crisis you don’t usually think a midlife positive
crisis so it gives it a negative connotation only and I don’t agree with
that at all and I believe like the dark night of the soul you’ll go through not
just a midlife crisis you’ll probably go through some midlife various forms of
midlife crisis I also think that it can last more than just a couple of years I
believe that it can come in and phase in and out of our lives it’ll appear kind
of fade and then come back but why would you possibly have a midlife crisis oh
it’s your biology I don’t agree I think biology is included it’s your psychology
I don’t agree but I think psychology is included it is our soul going through
yet another form of major insight transformation so instead of midlife
crisis we should call it midlife transformation then think about the
terminology of that it now it immediately instead of oh you know
midlife crisis it’s more like yes yeah this is cool I’m going through a midlife
transformation and it’s accurate and again there’s biological aspects to that
and psychological aspects to it but if I were summarizing this midlife
transformation I would say first and foremost mid this the one we call
midlife generally is happening and involving things you wish you would have
done and didn’t things you wish you had not done and did
midlife crisis is going to include also things like going through menopause
so obviously menopause I think I’ve talked about that somewhere along the
line in a talk but menopause I coined a sort of a definition for that somewhere
years ago many years ago and I said to to have menopause is to
pause on men which a lot of people get a kick out of that but it means to pause
on men but what I mean by that is actually all that I have gone through
that I wanted to go through and didn’t didn’t want to go through and did all
that I went through and all related to males might be processed during this
midlife process this midlife transformation so midlife crisis which
can include menopause can include and probably will include our transformations and our processes around
males and/or masculine energy father figures God figure religion
church state government bosses things related to masculine energy as I said
and so menopause is a person processing masculine energy and it means their
heart aches having been hurt and wounded maybe by men it comes back on you or it
could be you know things you wanted to have in terms of masks and more
protection or safety from masculine energy and didn’t have it could also be
a relationship that you wanted to have and didn’t have but midlife brings up
all it is is sifting old stuff up it’s all it is which is I say all it’s
beautiful its major its transformational it’s just fantastic but I say all
because I believe that instead of over complicating it it really behooves us to
really understand it so it’s a midlife crisis is a term they’re using but it’s
because it seems like a crisis because things are happening that they don’t
understand so they call it a crisis learn to understand and then it’s not
all that anymore its processes and life stuff that people are going through that
in some ways it overwhelms the thing is you can watch this talk and I think
it’ll give you a lot of insight but you can watch this talk and think okay now I
understand it so it doesn’t have to happen boy you know the body wants to do
things that even if your heart is clear and you understand this now and you go I
get what menopause is about I get what mid left midlife transformation is about
now I don’t need to go through it the body has memories all of its own
seemingly anyway it has you know its own little contracts so in the mind you can
say I get it I looked at what’s behind my migraines I looked at what’s behind
my depression and now I get it that’s all fine but the body already has
contracted certain chemistry and certain experiences and so forth that the the
ego is kind of a ultimate negative lawyer trying to prosecute you or me or
any of us that’s what the ego really is it’s a prosecutor that we’ve hired and
allowed to abuse us because we forgot our power we forgot who we really are so
we hired it so that if we ever have bad days or a bad life meaning we’ve been
persecuted and prosecuted we can just say I’m not the one who did this it
blamed the prosecutor the ego so the ego is not a wonderful aspect of human
beings but it’s not ultimately even real it’s one that we made up so we could
have an excuse to not own our own low opinions of ourselves all we have to do
is get over although opinions and egos gone for lack of work it’s kind of
retired so to speak her fired so when we recognize our true value we start to we
start to emerge we start to rise and things like by the way uh you know
midlife basically it’s like the egos going
you know I’m gonna put you through a dark night of the soul that’ll keep you
from waking up and then the dark night can become a waking up process instead
of using it used against us it can become something we use to rise if we
know how to do that and it’s the same with midlife where people go oh you know
have you seen Joe lately oh he’s going through midlife crisis and they just
brushed these things off like they’re meaningless they’re they’re they’re
hugely important for us to be able to see then we would understand it I think
that people would likely behave differently if they knew what they were
going through you know they would they would almost be too wise to behave the
same way and again there’s all kinds of versions so I’ll try to be clear about
this and simplify this but you could say the midlife crisis you could say has
some positive and negative aspects to it now we also might look different a
male’s midlife crisis versus a female’s midlife crisis and then each of those
genders will have positive versions of midlife and negative versions negative I
know some of you were gonna say well they should use a term of negative a
negative simply meaning challenging really just really really really just
challenging and usually making people feel like they’re helpless in this
situation so that’s you know kind of what I’m addressing but for a for a man
or a woman midlife crisis might look like a period of time where they’re you
know introduced to grandchildren and they’re kind of shifting into grant
parenting thinking processes and that fairly positives for most people but you
know grand parenting and again male or female but also midlife crisis which is
really midlife transformation also one of the major perks for male or female is
it really helps launch people into a spiritual path I’ve never heard that
association God knows why people should put these things together but I’ve never
heard anybody say oh I’m going through midlife crisis
yeah I got on the spiritual path they don’t associate those but I am going
through transformation and spiritual path they don’t mind saying just put it
all together when you’ve gone through midlife crisis instead its midlife
transformation and in midlife transformation you might be dealing with
on a positive note um getting in touch with grandchildren yes but also getting
in touch with your soul your spiritual path and I also feel like a lot of
people will shift and usually kind of research new hobbies like what would I
like to do now you know painting poetry which i think is just very cold
some especially women more so I think if you think about it you’ll see even more
than men women maybe hobbies added to the grandchildren and the spiritual path
hobbies but I also think animals a lot of women that go through midlife
transformation start to get in touch with animals and I think it’s a
brilliant metaphor because animals represent animal and animal represents
your primal nature and represent your root chakra so when women are going
through a personal you know life change like a midlife transformation the fact
that they start getting involved with are interested in or in touch with or
connected to animals more I think it’s great even if it’s not met midlife
transformation when people get in touch with animals they’re getting in touch
with their animal and I don’t mean negative animal primal nature I mean
just root Center and women often are not as connected to root chakra as males men
so it’s really kind of I think a very positive thing for a for women or for a
woman to to just be okay with that and recognize you know my getting in touch
with animals is getting me in touch with the mother earth but also my masculine
root chakra and the root chakra represents things like sexuality and I
know different people have different associations with different chakras but
it represents the material physical chakra so it is physicality sexuality
finances will to live survival and so on vitality so you know all those the
chakra things you can you can check that out more in my seven initiations book
the seven initiations on the spiritual path if you like but um that’s a couple
more positives I think you could attribute to to a woman you know besides
maybe grandkids or maybe spiritual path hobbies and animals getting interests
with animals more and even if you haven’t I think it’s a worthwhile thing
to do I don’t not suggesting you become like
the cat lady you know nine cats and no friends um you know hopefully there’s
not too many of you watching right now but and I don’t think that’s a bad thing
but um I wouldn’t want you to become stereotyped like that because it can
often be people that sort of escape into animals because they’re afraid of people
that’s unhealed wounds that should be looked at so just something to consider
what about the negative side of the males and the females of midlife
transformation well the most common stereotypical ones men okay men lots of
affairs or new cars or you know going and doing new things you know it’s it’s
very external men in midlife crisis are often like I said because midlife is
often about doing things you haven’t done or not doing that you know
regretting that you’ve done things you wish you had not done but in this it’s a
lot of males are gonna be doing the I missed out on something like like for
myself I’ll just mention this because it just popped into my mind I was talking
to somebody the other day because in my life I’m very very clear I wouldn’t
change now I’m not gonna give you the speech of I wouldn’t change a thing you
know a lot of people say that without even thinking about it I would not
change the work that I do I would not change how much work I’ve done and I’ve
worked a lot of years and really really sometimes fairly taxing overall because
of travel travel travel travel you know where’s but also
there’s a lot of odd things about having to travel all the time you know six and
eight weeks at a time and always in different places you know and so on but
for me I’m you know just about 60 now and for me when I look at my life I can
honestly say to you I feel good generally speaking no problem but if I
really delve into my inner psyche the dark recesses there are times when I you
know when I sit in and and I’ve looked at and let’s say I’m sitting with
friends and they’re talking about her looking at photos of family let’s say
they had really a normal child you know try out what do you call it
family of origin family there are one in a thousand days you know where I sit and
just pause for a moment think inside myself Wow might have been cool to have
a connecting family now if I had to push a button and lose the work I do now and
choose instead family I would absolutely I chose the right one so that’s one
thing to do with yourself when you think I missed something or I wish I could
have done something it’s like when I talk about patching leaks that are
draining our energy that’s different talks you go and watch for free on
YouTube that I’ve done but I’m not gonna pretend I don’t feel this but I’m not
gonna obsess on it either instead I’m gonna sit with it I I am gonna just say
to myself well would you change it so you just use what Buddha called rational
thought you know would you change it no okay done now it doesn’t mean I’m not
gonna still allow myself to feel a little something but there are moments
man what in my life where I thought God you know that would have been really
cool and I wish you know it had less trauma in this part of my life or
whatever the case may be and so in midlife a lot of people are compensating
is what they’re doing the drag is that they don’t realize they’re doing it see
that’s called unconscious to do anything unconscious is dangerous but it’s also
potentially damaging not only dangerous cuz you could make some really
bad decisions you could say but it’s also it’s just it’s just sabotage and
it’s just very hard on us on our psyche you can get depressed because of things
that happen that you wish hadn’t happened depression is one it’s one of
the causes of depression but when we realize well let me think this through
actually I love that I did this let’s pretend you left school early to have
children and you love that you have those children then how much do you want
to obsess on wishing that you had finished school instead you should own
that you finished school I got to finish school to leave school rather and have
children I got to not I had to I had to quit school for my kids not it’s not a
healthy framing of that those kinds of things are going to build and build and
built and they’re gonna become a package called the dark night of the soul but in
this context it’s the dark night of the soul that is also known as a midlife
crisis or transformation because stuff builds up so there’s guys out there that
have gotten families when they were you know twenty-something and you know had
children you know and all that and married and went into jobs and then it
turns out that maybe their wife or it could be flipped the other way you know
to the opposite opposite gender but then their wife you know divorced them or
moved on to somebody else or their husband you know these things happen how
are you not going to go well this is really great cuz I devoted from 20 to 40
with this person and now they’re gone and now it’s a little late for me to you
know I’m not saying literally it’s late I’m saying this is how some people think
I don’t think I’m gonna be able to want to go back to college now so that’s kind
of a bummer and I’ve given 20 or whatever years of my sexual life to
somebody who really doesn’t care you know I’ve had children my body’s change
if it’s a female my body changed a lot after children so there’s all this and
how are you not going to have an accumulation of
frustration and shames and doubts and confusions and whatever and of course
there’s positive feelings about some of these things too but for a lot of people
and for the midlife male there’s a lot of yawn I did this and I gosh you know I
have friends I hear about comedians talk and movies that show that men can still
pull around with gals that dig him you know my wife got tired of me and she
doesn’t even kiss me anymore let alone anything else and and so yeah I’m gonna
make up for lost time that’s kind of what it is midlife making up for lost
time you know they go out and and and but we get toys cars and whatever else
they’re gonna do it’s all compensatory so do I want to do things that are
compensatory or do I want to be conscious because if you’re compensatory
you’re not conscious because you’re you’re reacting something’s pulling you
one direction to make up for another you’re not actually consciously walking
through that decision so I would you know I would say I want to be awake and
conscious what’s really going on here you know so
when friends or male or female friends to tell me you know about their life and
things that they’re doing that are really wonderful generally I’m really
quite square and centered in loving what I do and so on once in a blue moon
especially during midlife because it’s a natural thing that starts pulling on us
and tempting us because it’s it’s a process that’s going on in the psyche
that’s kind of uploading because it’s part of the dark night of the soul it’s
uploading regrets and challenges for us to do something with them
now the egos going I love this I’m gonna upload all your wishes and desires or
whatever and just frustrate you hopefully distract you and make you go
run out buy a new car and get a new chick so that you can think you’re
happier and you’re not the spirit on the other hand is going my beloved while
you’re gonna go through this I really would like to encourage you to open your
eyes open your heart watch what’s really happening because there are some pieces
you left kind of drifting back here in the past they’ve all accumulated and
become this thing you’re now going through I would like you to clear it
properly this time and that’s the two voices mm-hmm so maybe we can do a talk
sometime on just more three-dimensional day-to-day experiences with these two
voices inside of us that are spirit and ego but in any case when we’re in this
process it’s me it’s just fascinating but none of us are immune completely
because you have a body so the psychology in the neurology and
everything’s gonna sort of process the the computer info it’s gonna
upload it and just sort of say we got to do a backup as they call it in computer
I guess lingo um we’re gonna do a backup on this program or software so it’s
taking all this stuff and bringing it back back up litora into our mind which
causes our life to back up and dam up and that’s where you know that’s what’s
really going on so I just know that in my life
it’s it’s happened on occasion where I I look and you know I remember one time
many many years ago probably still in my 20s but if not a 30-ish and I remember
having some tears come to my eye when when I watched somebody showing photo
albums pictures to somebody and I thought wow you know that’s kind of nice
that normal family stuff wow that’s interesting some people actually have
that you know but it’s the human part going wow there’s spiritual parts like
whatever it doesn’t matter I’m doing what I’m doing and I wouldn’t change it
and I’m saying I consciously know it would not change it I’m not just
brushing it off I’m really clear I wouldn’t change it but the – there’s
that the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak so the flesh will call on you
and ask you to consider other things and try other things please know that if
you’re a a guy or gal and you’re in a committed partnership it’s not unusual
for you to think well I don’t know if I still am in love and it could be just
the midlife process going through you making you doubt your relationship I
would ask myself you know and work on that and see if I am still in love and
work through all the questions about that to make sure you are because the
ego will find any subtle doubt and inflate it into a major decision and
then before you know it you know you’re fooling around with someone else another
man and both or whatever because you had doubts
and as a healer and counselor my heart really goes out to people like that
because I know what they’re doing and why and so they want to be encouraged
they want to be supported you know I’m done with my relationship and I haven’t
told them but I have had five other affairs and flings and it’s just the
real me the sexuality wants to come out and they want to be supported in that
and I’ll say okay cool let’s support it in that I understand it I’m not going to
support it in that it is actually the most healthy thing for them to do
because it isn’t sometimes it usually it is it so I would instead say well you
know what’s really going on here and get them to realize if that’s what you’re
doing either have a partnership but not a committed relationship meaning one
that’s open as you might call it or I would say can we get you to end the
relationship so that you can more be more clean about exploring your life but
it is an interesting thing to me that people the way people deal with
processes like this they want to branch out and connect with new parts of
themselves without realizing it’s parts of themselves so they branch out with
parts of other people’s selves calling it processing themselves it kinda
doesn’t make sense if you really think about it but you know it is what it is I
think that also some of the negative things that get processed when you’re
going through midlife is especially for women a lot of old pain that a lot of
hurts that’s why I said menopause can be very painful or why is some of what’s
behind it a lot of old pains and a lot of old hurts some women just have some
biological anatomical things that go on for them others it’s very deeply
psychological and man it’s just it’s kind of irritating in some ways that the
way medicine and the world deals with this it almost brushes you off and just
just medicate it and it’ll pass because you’re just going through a midlife
quote-unquote crisis when in fact this is a absolute
soul transformation process life transformation process and the process
isn’t just by its random it’s typically bringing up old pains hurts letdowns and
women can really be sensitive in ways sometimes that men don’t appear to be
although they have their own version of it and so women absorb women have wounds
their sexual anatomy a womb it’s it’s so they they absorb like the womb anatomy
they absorb stuff men tend to act it out projected because they’re externalize
when it comes to sexual anatomy anatomy so one gender is court kind of outer
oriented and so it’s like I don’t know what’s going on but Oh mad cars look at
that Oh chicks Wow and they’re external oriented when they
go through midlife or anything else for that matter
and women by nature are more home-like and so it’s processing inside and that
that’s wonderful in that they’re sensitive they’re going to be more clear
that what they are feeling emotions more they’re more clear that that’s happening
then to some men but at the same time when that has backed up with lots of
unhealed wounds or emotional baggage it becomes a breakdown and so a lot of
women women more than men will appear to have nervous breakdowns or emotional
breakdowns during midlife and it’s one of the reasons is because it’s all
backing up and nobody’s explaining what it is I’m sure that if you did studies
and did it if you really did a thorough study and you had a hundred women reach
midlife but but you have had them go through therapy earlier in their life
versus a hundred women that have not had any kind of healing or therapy I’m very
clear myself that one group is gonna really suffer a lot more than another
because you know one of them is is gonna have less baggage stored hidden inside
and stored so just something there to think about and but it’s the old pains
and older I’ve seen a lot of women and got it’s
it’s just sad and I’m sure that nobody’s explaining it to them but it’s nice to
be able to explain when they think you know what’s going on with me
you know what’s happening am I just depressed or am I just am i exaggerating
that I’m failing all these things oh my god
it’s it’s like you’ve entered a just this chamber where all of a sudden
you’ve been transformed to where all of a sudden you’re all your nerves are raw
and your emotions are raw and and all of this and and then they so that’s just
hormones bloody hell stop brushing it off just on
hormones like a chemistry or chemical which is included it’s also just hurt
that hasn’t been dealt with that now it’s it’s if you take something like
let’s say your own hand and you scratch and scratch and scratch and scratch and
scratch it’s eventually gonna start opening up and getting wrong and so
these emotions in a lot of people in a lot of women these emotions are you know
rubbed and rubbed and rubbed over years they’re just left but they’re just
they’re still friction on them and in them happening inside the heart and soul
of this girl this woman you know whatever and it’s building up over time
and now they’re raw and then they go yeah it’s just you know hormones no man
it’s emotions that have become raw there’s nothing on them in them around
them to protect them it’s like they they had don’t have almost like a skin layer
to protect the nerves and obviously that would never feel good to anybody if you
had a skin layer that you know that we had a lacking skin layer on all your
body’s nerves so I really you know I really understand that I really feel for
people and it’s it’s not my destiny to write a book on that topic but somebody
out there more and more should should come forward and talk about the real
experience real menopause what it really is all about and some people will say
men go through their version of men as well they do but it’s really because
they’re externalize or external oriented they often acted out in ways that
dissipates the energy so all they have to do is another affair and get another
car and I’m not trying to minimize the value of men believe it or not I’m just
saying that’s often what they do men that are already minimizing themselves
in terms of their character act out like that but there are other men that do it
in another way men that you find that found poetry in later years
that’s a midlife transformation for the positive
they took energy and they turned that what what would have been emotions for
men into sensitivity caring it might be that a man is put in a position of
taking care of a family member who’s ill by the time he reaches midlife and that
might be his way of coming forward and getting in touch with feelings
there’s people I’ve met and counseling I’ve done over the years obviously where
somebody says I’m moving back to wherever they let’s say they were raised
that let’s pretend they were raised in one state I won’t name any cuz I don’t
want to sound like it’s picking on anybody but you lived in one state you
grew up there you moved on but then you find later I’m moving back there it
could be I’m moving back just because it could be I’m moving back because my
family house is available I’m gonna live there or I’m gonna take care of my mom
or dad the point is the more you say I’m going back I’m going back to and I’m
going back to take care of my mom I’m going back to live in the house the
words I’m going back moving back means you are psychologically shifting
backwards that doesn’t mean you’re regressing it
might be but you’re going backwards and during midlife and menopause and so
forth we are all going backwards it’s as though we’re all riding a ride that’s
that’s life return a life retrograde going back retro over stuff so I think
it’s important to look at things in life and especially in midlife to kind
sit and marvel you know I’m in midlife and I’m watching cartoons lately that
could be a childhood part that I’m going back and working on and healing it also
could be a childhood part that’s leaking out because it’s not healing its wounded
and needs something and I’m not seeing it so we need to learn to see that you
know you might start getting a real craving for addiction for an old truck
an old car you know oh I like that oh Christ have one see that’s all going
backwards though in a sense it’s retro for you because it’s bringing something
up so it’s like certain foods you’re starting to crave certain foods you know
because you used to have that food at this time of the year with family or
because used to have that when you were a kid you know all of a sudden you’re
going I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which I’ve never had in my life
and you couldn’t force feed on to me but that’s just personal no but people I
guess you know dig that and have enjoyed that as kids you know there’s a little
creature here saying hello you can probably hear it okay so just I’m going
going back you know I’ll look for all the signs if you’re in any form of
midlife transformation start sitting back maybe journal a little bit about
all the forms moving back to going on vacation back to hanging out with people
from in fact I just as I’m speaking to you someone called me today and said do
you remember so-and-so from high school yeah they said well they posted
somewhere that they were wondering whatever happened to you now that’s a
seemingly a random thing but since I’m talking to you about it I can tell you
it it might not be random it might be one little piece of something floating
through to be processed is it somebody who I can extend some love and support
to because they’re suffering is it somebody I can extend forgiveness to is
it anything else or is it me it’s just a sign of me going back in some way
gosh remember the good old days you know that kind of thing it’s important for us
to just note these kinds of things hobbies habits cravings synchronicities
and just observe how life goes in cycles and the ego wants you to go back in
cycles of regret and unhealing and spirits always wanting and encourage the
same encouraging the same cycles to come around so that things can be cleared but
I was saying earlier and I’m starting to close now that one thing that I feel
really concerned about for some people is that sometimes you get caught in one
of these hooks in these loops in these cycles and you’re sort of taught that
there’s nothing you can do about it and I don’t agree with that but bummer is
you know the Spirit is willing the flesh is weak so your intention might be I got
it I’m done with this but the body might be saying oh no no we’re gonna be in
this cycle for six years your mind might be like no no six days is good the body
might be you know we’re good for set weren’t locked in for six years and that
can cause frustration because the ego is gonna go into the courtroom of the soul
and throw that on the desk and say we have signed contracts the body’s gonna
endure this for six years and the soul especially the less we know who we
really are the more we’re gonna succumb to that and and sort of a cave and go oh
I’m sorry I forgot about the contract and then agree to live it out where God
can’t force us to wake up but God is sort of on the on the bench you know the
judge kind of hoping that we’ll just go no wait a minute my free will is greater
than anything and then it the judge can throw the case out that’s actually what
can happen but most people don’t know it that doesn’t help much and if they even
know it they don’t know how and that doesn’t help much so remember the value
and the power of prayer during cycles like this that we’ve talked
about remember the power of prayer and the more you find purpose in your life
the more you can break out of old cycles that are trying to become present cycles
find her purpose find value step forward and realize because that gives you
vitality it sort of activates your root chakra being of service and being
helpful can activate the root chakra and when it activates the root chakra it
gives us life and even greater life than we had in younger years in a sense it
gives us life again and you might have had a psychological biological life as a
10 20 30 year old in the past but when you are of service it gives you a
spiritual you know the old b12 shot they call it you know but the spiritual
vitamin shot the spiritual quickening and it’s actually more real than the
other far more real but it doesn’t mean that it’ll always override the belief
systems it might only last a day or a week or a month where the other comes
back again and it’s heavy called aging or whatever else it might be because
those are contracts humans believe in for today they believe in those more
than spiritual contracts or spiritual power to override contracts but these
are all the illusions the games and illusions of this world that we are in
the midst of learning to to overwrite and change so we’re all we’re the
generation that’s making those changes and down the road people are going to
remember the work you and I are doing that says you know you don’t have to
believe in that stuff and you can also not only can you cancel out what was
believed once upon a time you can bring in a new belief you can bring in a new
way of thinking and all of a sudden the world starts realizing God you know it’s
amazing you can override poverty proud of programs biological programs midlife
programs you know and so on and so on but all that we once thought was real
this too shall pass and our day shall come all right so peace to you take your
once life in to midlife take your midlife in to great life you know Golden
Ears is supposed to meets that means something wonderful golden you know
it’s not supposed to be survival just getting by have life have purpose I
don’t care if you’re 90 you could still make a difference in people’s lives so
let’s make a difference in people’s lives and if it’s start with lives of
animals rescues and and just even volunteering to go walk animals and so
forth at shelters you just do what you can to find value other than I’m gonna
just start buying cars or you know fooling around with other human beings
to make myself feel alive feel alive as you are as you are just already and then
bring that life to other people and help them feel alive okay I pray this has
made good sense god bless you all peace to you and I pray that you can
understand what we’ve covered today and that it makes a difference in your life
okay peace bye bye

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