Dealing with Invoker

Dealing with Invoker

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  1. I have like 0 % win rate against alchemist too =(

  2. its john cena~~~

  3. buy a pop filter for 6 bucks on amazon.

  4. I wish this video was never made… Damnit Tsunami!!!!!

  5. I love you Tsunami <3

  6. Looks like OD is a really cancerous pubstomper in 6.86, pls teach how can i deal with him

  7. Whew . . . we still lose at team fight

  8. Can u make a video to counter legion commander ? she is pisses me off sooooooooo much

  9. could you do a guide for lone druid

  10. Additional Tip: Keep hassling him and try to end that game early because as soon as Invoker hits level 25 he gets Ravage – No, he gets something better than ravage because a level 25 Deafening Blast also disarms and has a fraction of a cool down as Ravage. Though by that time I figure you have a BKB. Maybe.

  11. Thx so much for making this video invoker was hell to play against. Think I can play against him now

  12. As invoker player with over 700 games in dota 2 alone (, here is my advice.

    Pick slark, its a fuckin nightmare to deal with cause he purges euls, cold snap, deafing, tornado and ice wall. If you see invoker rushing towards you – use dark pact. As simple as that.
    Also, if you notice invoker making euls, make your own. It completely shuts down the meteor combo, purges cold snap, renders emp timing useless and so on.

  13. Tsunami Pls keep making vids. I really like and appreciate your content 😀

  14. OMG youre alive O.o

  15. Dude please please please please please please please please please please make a counter video to arc warden. he is hell to deal with in my bracket (4k). the build these arc wardens make in my bracket are as follows- midas, BOTs, Necronomicon,BKB And then multiple devine rapiers. they just sit at base and let there ilu BOT and then siege with BKB and and that dome thing ON while the real arc warden is chilling in his base. i tried playing spec to counter him but of lil use as he had that dome thingy.

    plz help man plzzz. i never requested for any other counter hero on ur channel this is my first request to you. plz help.

    your fan,

  16. single target damage

  17. invoker is not copying anyone.. all those heroes are copying invoker. also.. you dont only recognice what build hes going for by the item but by the very first minute you can already determine if he'll go quas wex -> orchid or if he'll go quas exort -> into midas/euls. imo the midas players are the worst invoker players. they play that stupid "farm" build with he 2 skillcombo for way too long convincing them selves they actually mastered invoker. hes also the easiest to deal with since they will not get a single point in wex until level 9, which means they cannot escape with ghost walk.

  18. Wohoo a new video and turns out it's really good one too. Thank you so much tsunami!

  19. awesome vid – thx very much for your work guys!
    I rly rly like the sarcasm aaaaall the way <3

  20. You have the most monotonous voice. But you're humour is amazing lol

  21. Where are the hero guides ?

  22. so basically you just gank the shit out of him, just like countering all the hero in 5v1 gank situation?

  23. DEALING WITH SPECTRE, Please Tsunami. #feelsbadman.

  24. What about the dragon lance first invoker?

  25. OP are you playing in fucking 2-3k mmr?
    – Invoker misses his Meteror with Euls at 2:08
    – Bounty doesn't start with a pair of sentries
    – Enemy support doesn't rotate mid with sentries to assist Invoker against mid camping Bounty
    – suggesting Ghost Walk nerf is worse than Deafeaning blast mana cost
    – suggesting Invoker is pretty much a Lina

    How about get out of 3k pub and play some high level doto. And see how 6k Invoker pickers actually play the hero.

  26. I've actually just recently started playing Invoker. I typically just go Quas-Wex with one point in E early on to Sunstrike KS. I rush movement speed items ( and run around with 3 Wex ) so I can get around quicker and initiate easier. I go Phase Boots > Wand, Euls, Drum and then Aghs. I mainly just look for team fights mid game rather than one single pickoff. I wait for the enemy team to group up then drop Tornado > EMP, then Cold Snap the highest priority target to ensure they die, then either Ghost Walk or Euls myself if I'm getting focused.

    The biggest challenges are when your team doesn't follow up on your Tornado > EMP, because it doesn't do a lot of damage, it's just a really good setup for your team to run in afterwards and capitalize. If they don't capitalize, your entire build is pretty much wasted. If your team IS following up however, you should always end up with a score like 4-2-25 ( low kills because of low damage, low deaths because of high movement speed and CC to save yourself and high assists because you initiate onto 3 or more people every fight ).

  27. 0:29 That's me everytime 😀 . Everytime i see Invoker / Alch / SF picked , I'm like : " Man I'll go and gank him mid all game until he rage quits " . It's just me , i love playing these heroes but i hate playing against them.

  28. So yeah. A friend of mine usually get skadi after phase boots. Yes right click based invoker, if an enemy do what my friend do what should i do?

  29. Now do dealing with Clinkz, AA and Lina.

  30. Did you guys abandoned the channel?

  31. Invoker its op this patch guys everyone knows that, those small nerfs were nice but still…

  32. Another tip it's becoming a invoker picker and deny the hero to the enemy team 😀

  33. we need a dealing with arc warden. Its becoming a pain in the ass to almost win a match and then get trolled by warden.

  34. I was not expecting Cena. Well placed sir!

  35. hey dude! put some video!

  36. tsunami your my hero

  37. Nyx is also a fantastic counter to invoker. You can gank mid with your invisibility and stun, allowing the mid hero to pick up easy kills. Furthermore, spiked carapace stops you getting bursted down by a euls combo. The best part is the mana burn, which works as a percentage of invokers intelligence. Since he has such high intelligence gain and often stacks int items, invoker will become easy prey for the mana burn, dealing unexpected burst damage and removing a sizeable portion of his mana pool. Once you have aghs, invoker can just wave goodbye to fun because the rest of the game will be torture for him.

  38. can we deal with Spectre?, we can counter him early but in late even 3 hard carry cant deal with him… pls help us

  39. dealing with spectre pls

  40. plz do OD. everyone agrees. he's the intelligence am. their concept is the same. auto attack until you steal enough intel or for am, burn MP then ult and you win. just get blink dagger and use ur astral imprisonment to blink away spam it until it you blink. just like ta. he also has try damage on right click and intimate mana to spam the arcane orb. I just now started playing him not knowing how strong he is today and already got a game with 27-9. I also sick at the game and only had 88 mmr. lowest mmr on my team.

  41. please do OD i cant stand playing against the OP shit

  42. damn, i'll pick john cena. Fucking tank.

  43. lmao that john cena….i was rolling on floor

  44. can you make a how to deal with mid viper vid?

  45. death prophet and spectre are making troubles in most matches u know

  46. Fuck gg invoker getting nerfed every single day

  47. What about clinks with orchied M

  48. dealing with spectre plz…!!

  49. how to deal with Troll Warlord in the late game and legion as well plzz

  50. Do Dealing With Viper, plz

  51. you desperately need a PA video going on.

  52. I think your next video should be dealing with arc warden its pretty much busting us down in ranked games

  53. how to deal with OD….PLS

  54. WHERE ARE YOU???

  55. can you please make a dealing with spectre

  56. that ending ayylmao

  57. so late game he is like lina+aa+clinkz? volvo nerf pls

  58. but what if you're playing against a Mjollnir first invoker? Kappa

  59. i had 10 games these past 5 days… and every single one of them has a fucking invoker player. Funny thing is, when the invoker is on our team, we end up wasting our time and should've just declined the match before it started. When the invoker is on the enemy's side however, the same thing happens.

  60. dealing with legion commander pls…

  61. Nice vid, sir. The only missing point in it is the unversal answer for late game voker that pubs hate to do: build a freaking bkb!

  62. That John Cena was the best shit ever 😛

  63. i only watch these for the voice.

  64. Or a simple bkb and he is useless

  65. If people think about it invokes is a spell caster that struggles early game so basically he is bad all game cuz his spells do not scale well enough into the late game either

  66. How to deal with Daedalus first invoker?

  67. So, to deal with invoker early game you just need 2 heroes?

  68. How to deal with fucking Od

  69. best way to counter invoker is to pick OD

  70. to counter Invoker pick Tinker and Nuke him to hell

  71. Get bkb and done

  72. Lmao this video is awesome. Subscribed!

  73. Get that rinner of and by that i medan make a video about him

  74. when enemy team picks invoker and people say god damn it they got invoker, i go mid(with silencer) and humiliate him. i don't remember me losing mid to invoker.

  75. where are u guys ????????????
    plzzz make a morphling


  77. 2:52 who was it again? I can't see who or what was there.

  78. Look at John Cena's skills lol

  79. Can you use pudge lockdown Invoker

  80. You are super funny dawg

  81. I hate lina mode invo!!!! I cant do anything and ill immediately die from the combo

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