Dealing With Insecurities | ZULA ChickChats | EP 24

Dealing With Insecurities | ZULA ChickChats | EP 24

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  1. F*ck it up so bad that everyone has zero expectations of you….then just do whatever the f*ck you want.

  2. i love leah she's a great host!!

  3. chevonne is rly soft:(

  4. where did jewelyn get her jacket from?

  5. I love Leah's cap!!

  6. LEAH those earrings are wonderful! Where did you get them? Loved the episode btw!

  7. Yass You do you :>

  8. yazzzzz jewieeeee yazzzzz

  9. fauzi is a great guest!!

  10. Tks it really helped me

  11. Chevonne’s tattoo is sick 👍

  12. Kinda ironic that the person doing the subs is correcting Jewelyn's English because y'know, it further perpetuates (possible) insecurities by telling the world that her English is not good enough and needs to be corrected. Awesome.

    Otherwise, I loved this episode.

  13. Can.u do one video.about anxiety?

  14. 3:30

    Ugh yes this is happening to me right now:/ and I wish I could blatantly said what fauzi said right to their face AHABAH

  15. is fauzi straight or in the lgbtq+? im curious heh..

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