Dealing with harsh feedback (from clients and internet) ~ Frannerd

Dealing with harsh feedback (from clients and internet) ~ Frannerd

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  1. Animating with this in the background ! I love it when you’re real with us 🙂

  2. Thank you lovely Fran for your kind words ✨💗 love ya !

  3. Thank you for a new video!! I totally agree. Everyone sometimes had to deal with so many changes. I've learned to accept them and go through, adding more lines to my contract sheet. I'm lucky because I had not to deal with nasty clients but you learn from this experiences for the future. 🙂
    Have a lovely weekend!!​

  4. You can tell me to put you in the background but I won't! I love seeing all your facial expressions and everything👌🏼❤

  5. I have just started youtube and this really helps me out! I will be preparing for this in the future… THANK YOU FRAN! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Living for being called “my loves” by Fran.

  7. Escucharte👂 mientras desayuno o lavo los platos… es una buena forma de empezar el día 😊

  8. I needed to hear this today, thanks Fran! Love your channel! 💕

  9. Thank you so much, Fran. I needed this video so much this morning. I have a TINY YouTube channel but I still woke up this morning to a very nasty comment on one of my videos. It made me so sad and begin to doubt myself. You're right though, as hurt as we might feel, the hate stops with us. I will always do my best to always remember this! ^_^

  10. I had to think of a very weird situation. I was going out one night and a guy, I actually knew was super drunk and tried hitting on me. While doing that, he told me my pictures would be boring and sad, except the one with the boobs…..well, needless to say he wasn’t successful flirting with me. 🤣 I was very unhappy with my art back then and what he said bothered me a lot. Ihad to think about it a lot and unfortunately he was even kind of right……except the the part with the boobs, that was just stupid!

  11. Sensacional o final, mais pessoas do Brasil deveriam ver seu video, pois aqui ninguém está querendo quebrar essa corrente do ódio… Estão apenas aumentando essa corrente. Obrigada, gracias Fran!!! tudo de bom!

  12. Fran I finished About to Leave this week! It was fabulous! Can't wait until the ladies in the office are done reading it so I cam read it again! <3

  13. I mean, calling a character "retarded" is def unprofessional and a bad description. But if the company/client wants happy characters I really don't see a problem with it? The mood/ pose of the character has to represent the brand /product. I wouldn't take it too personally 🙂 And I understand, that of course no one is happy all the time, but you can draw unhappy or sad people for your personal projects or for a different client. I think it's good to present an idea to a client, and use an argument for making the creative descision. But if they want something else that's their call (money).

  14. Thanks for keeping my company while I did laundry 🙂
    It’s always good to listen to a chatty video <3

  15. Your english is improving so much! o.o I love your art, you inspired me to start a YouTube channel!

  16. thank you for talking about stuff like this. makes me feel better.

    you are the cutest person.❤

  17. Fran! me pasó algo muy parecido pero en vez de pedir que cambiara la cara por parecer "retrasado" que la cambiara por que parecía drogado.. 🙁 jajaja en fin fue hace mil años también!
    Mucha suerte para ti y para Ed en todo lo que se viene!!

  18. I'll share my story of harsh feedback. I photographed a wedding and after sending the pictures the client called me and said they were HORRIBLE and that I had to do something to correct them. I was so surprised and hurt I just responded "yes, I will correct them". After that she started sending me celphone photos that her friends had taken, telling me THOSE were good photos, unlike mine. I got so depressed, I was ready to sell my camera and find any job. But I had to give her a final album so I met with her and talking to her I realized she hated the way she looked, she wanted me to photoshop her entire face. It wasn't my work that she didn't like, it was her self. After I photoshoped what she wanted she loved the pictures.
    Sometimes bad criticism comes from a bad place and not because your work is wrong, whatever the reason always ask for an explanation, don't just take it and feel like shit like I did!

  19. Buen día, Fran
    Me gustaría que hablaras del tema de expresiones faciales en los personajes y como darles personalidad. Gracias, por este vídeo tan lindo justamente esta semana, estuve pasando por una serie de cuestionamientos personales sobre si mi trabajo tiene un discurso y como puedo ser más efectiva al transmitirlo.

  20. Gracias por tus consejos Fran!

  21. Please do more visual podcast!!! Ahdjshs I have a question, could u mention some podcasts that u hear and recomend? <3 love u

  22. When are you going to do another painting????

  23. Thank you for this video. You are such a warm and beautiful soul. Keep being you. 💗 ☀️☀️🌸

  24. Will you do a uk meet up before you move to NY?

  25. I would love to see how you draw people with disabilities, I think you would draw them so pretty, as all your illustrations are!! <3 you 🙂

  26. Lindo video Fran! En mi experiencia me sucedió que me habían hechos tantos cambios a unas paginas de cómic, que ya a lo ultimo me envió un cambio diciendome "podrías cambiarles las caras a estos personajes?, simplemente no me gusta" , le pregunte por que no le gustaban a lo que fue terrible como me respondió : "simplemente no estoy de humor para ver esto, cambialas y ya" . A veces hay que saber soltar esa clase de clientes tóxicos , sin importar cuanto se precise de ese dinero o que tan prometedor parece el trabajo.

  27. You could draw while you're talking

  28. Your shirt is awesome 😍

  29. Hi Fran have you considered making a podcast? I really enjoy these little talks and want them on the go. I know it’s a lot of work though, so no sweat. I also like it on YouTube. Thanks for the advice! I had someone do this tome last week in fact and I was sad for days!

  30. I am not a freelancer but I do have a 9-5 design job. Since the end of school, and through working professionally I notice that the period of most stubbornness and frustration for me is finishing. Especially under a manager I would often get very angry if the deadline is fast approaching but I am being asked to make corrections or do things over and over again. This is still an issue, and I am struggling with this frustration I have, and working under a perfectionist who often wants to keep changing things before presenting them for review, the day of/before the deadline. For me I am not comfortable not leaving room for coworker feedback before handing over a final product, or them only seeing the work for the first time so close to when they asked for it. If they request a lot of changes then it ends up pushing the date up, and it comes across as we are unproductive/inefficient. Any advice from anyone? It’s hard to chime in, or push back without sounding like I’m being grouchy or trying to get out of working.

  31. Fran, I really love it that you tell us that we don't have to look at the screen. I mean, I like looking at you but it's also nice to know that I won't miss anything while doing something else. I really do appreciate it :-*

  32. ¿Será que siempre en trabajos creativos, los clientes muchas veces tienen una actitud super rara respecto del trabajo del ilustrador o del diseñador? Una vez un cliente me dijo que le tenía miedo a un color.

  33. Tus videos son tan buenos que inconscientemente sentí el impulso de suscribirme y entonces caí en cuenta que ya estaba suscrita! No hay un botón para suscribirse dos veces? 😅 Gracias Fran!!

  34. Just finished my exams in college (for illustration) and mounted exhibition today.. this video was a relief to hear as I was so stressed working with my grumpy teacher… thank you for you kind, sweet video x

  35. Great, I was looking for something to listen while playing sims 😛

  36. Yo quiero ver cual proyecto era y como se veían los personajes, a ver si se veía "con retraso", que grosera la señora de decir eso :l

  37. Very good advice Fran! Thank you for putting such kind words out into the world. Do not fight hate with hate. Hate is like a ripple that will transfer from person to person until someone is the bigger person and stops it from spreading. Be that bigger person, and stop that hate dead in its tracks. Even better, show that person love to start a new ripple. <3 Love you Fran! Take care. – Ashley

  38. This is such a beautiful message to give to your viewers. <3

  39. Qué difícil tiene que ser enfrentarse a gente así y hacer todas esas correciones …
    Súper útil el video!
    cariños Fran!!!! <3

  40. Amo estos videos para que los freelancers no estemos tan solos ♥️

  41. Me sentí como abrazada con este vídeo jaja ♥ Muchas gracias Fran, eres un amor C:

  42. ¡Gracias Fran! tus experiencias y palabras son de mucha ayuda. Acabo de empezar un proyecto de agencia de diseño junto con otras 3 amigas, las cuales fueron mis compañeras en un trabajo anterior (por cierto, muy mal trabajo) y recién empezamos. Seguiré escuchando tus experiencias y consejos 😀 Amo escuchar tus vídeos mientras trabajo!

  43. I've had a couple of situations dealing with difficult fellow employees to the point where I wonder how in the world they landed the job that they had. Just so rude, and so hard to work with. I do not know how some people think that that is okay to hold themselves that way, especially in a work environment… when they will probably not be rehired because no one wants to work with someone that difficult.

  44. Eri seca! 😍

  45. Fran, I LOVE your t shirt, is it available to buy?

  46. I mis the pastel pink color of your hair, it made the video atmosphere happier ! Sorry if this makes no sense, it's just how I feel

  47. Hello dear in same time listen you I prepare a chocolate cake 💗

  48. ¡Gracias por compartir!

  49. This was just what i need, just at the perfffffect time.
    Gracias Fran, me has ayudado muchísimo. Saludos de Mx! :*

  50. I saw the notification and i said to myself HY GUYS!
    what a wonderful world.

  51. youtube needs more videos like this, not only because of the experience with a bad client, also because this is something that we have to learn and apply in our daily life. I really love this type of videos fran ❤❤

  52. Iba a escribirte un testamento, pero no quiero que pierdas mucho tiempo. Todo se resumen en un GRACIAS!! <3 , gracias por hacernos ver las cosas de una manera diferente.

    Una persona un poco deprimida te lo agradece de corazon!!! <3 has hecho mi día y me has salvado de mi misma.

    Gracias por tu fortaleza a exponer lo que piensas! Ojala te quedes por más tiempo. Personas como tu son necesarias en este mundo
    Saludos y cariños

    PD: Y perdona pq sé que una vez deje un comentario sincero pero quejon en un podcast tuyo. Disculpa, no tenía derecho..Aunque haya sido verdad, te pudo haber herido y esa no era mi intención, lo siento

    Espero no haberte herido, saludos

  53. Your good wishes for the week actually made my up coming week already better 😊

  54. What is going to happen to your office in London? Please 🙏.

  55. Clients I hate even more are ones who just say 'i don't like it. I'm not sure what I don't like I just know thats not what I want'
    Like, could you please be more specific, I'm trying to feed my cat over here 😭

  56. Maybe while looking at your work try to imagine it isn't yours, perhaps you were scrolling through Instagram or something and happened upon this artwork, then ask yourself if what people were saying about it is true. I think detaching ones identity from their work for a moment might help them be more objective.

  57. do laundry
    ur crazy fran
    I dig it

  58. Como siempre haces videos may utiles!

  59. Hey Fran ! thank you so much for your video. I find it very humble and i'm admirative 🙂 Why not illustrating this "hatred" chain and how to get over it ? It's a real deep lesson of life here 🙂 congrats on your videos and on your courage !!

  60. Receiving harsh/cruel art criticism is so difficult to take, because we put our heart into our work, so it's tough not to take it personally! Appreciate the video, as it always makes it a little bit easier hearing other artists stories and encouraging advice!

  61. What a great response to negativity!

  62. i try to just not take the things personally, but damn is hard… i love hearing you when i draw Fran♥ eres la mejor♥ siempre me super tranquiliza que seas tan real♥ me refiero a que nos muestras que sufres como nosotros, sigue asi!

  63. Fran, you are wise beyond your years! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and heart with us on difficult subjects, and still making me smile!

  64. Fran, definitely start charging for changes. You should have that specified at the beginning. If you're sending a proposal, mention you're additionally charging X amount for more than X number of changes. And make sure you specify the volume of those changes. Don't be afraid of losing the gig. If they're not willing to agree to that, that's a red flag right there. You're too sweet! The woman in question is obviously 1) a very unhelpful critic 2) a prick

  65. fantastic video!

  66. Keep up the good work.

  67. My girlfriend is a budding artist so I started to show her your vlogs and it seems they really help her out. I want to thank you for that. As you know, if one's partner lives the art life, so does one. 😬😂 Thanks for the tips and reminders to take a chill pill, and thanks especially the reminder to do something constructive with bad experiences. ❤

  68. Gracias por el video! Podrías hacer uno sobre los cambios en tu estilo? :3

  69. Hi Fran! I love your videos and how cozy they always feel like! Thank you so much for all the topics you talk about especially about sharing your process in making things! <3 I was just wondering! Since your last Digital Tools video, are you still using the same Cintiq? Or have you upgraded? 😀

  70. Hi! I love you 💜 thank you for all your good advices, make me feel like I'm growing up in a very lovely way 💜 please do more "let's draw something" with differents tecniques(watercolor, pencil colors,etc) i miss them 🤓

  71. Hi fran i really love you, the first time i saw you (since 2011) i realised that everything its possible if you desire it and work it out, i love illustration too but for some reason i was so scared, now im doing my thing and i would like to know what is the process to start a Project, step by step, how i must plan the ideas and take every thing cross my mind to organizate it and do the project. Thank you for every thing and i've learned so much with you.

  72. How do you find agencies to work with? I always hear vague answers like "go online", "move to manhattan" or people kind of avoid answering that question and just start with saying "this is what you want to have in your portfolio to work with them". But no one talks about how to contact these people. What to watch out for. How to find agencies. And like, I have googled "advertising agencies artists" before, or "publisher needs illustrator", or just "illustrator" or "designer" in work engines. I have looked at newspapers for ads and well, I can't seem to find a place to send my work. Is there a formula that I'm missing?
    Great video, btw! I've always liked it when you gave advice!

  73. "End the hate chain"…I love that.

  74. People can be unnecessarily rude when it comes to design. I appreciate this video. I worked with someone a long time ago who also frequently said offensive things about my design work. They were not educated in design and did not experience in the field but they were hired above me. They called my work a "carpet." Today this day I have not forgotten just how offensive the manner of the way she gave feedback was, but it's okay. Deep down inside you have to believe in yourself and realize that there are MANY opinions in the world and sometimes people do not know how to constructively and respectfully convey their opinions.
    Thank you Fran! I think all of us in the art and design community feel this way.

  75. Me eh fijado que los primeros videos son en español !!
    Por qué no lo sigues haciendo ?!
    Soy nueva en tu canal 😃 espero que leas mi comentario y lo puedas responder :v saludos desde Argentina 😋

  76. Everyone has their own style, of course it shows in every character one does, it´s a good thing 💗 And that is so true, if characters are always smiling it´s boring. Client is paying for your work because your individual style. It´s definitely very hard to turn it into a positive thing when they want to make a huge change to it after you have put your time and heart into it. Thank you for this video 💗😊 You are a very kind person 💗

  77. Love all the wisdom in this video 🙂 <3

  78. This video was much needed, I am hesitating to make youtube channel just because of mean and damaging comments, which make me sad. Have a blessed day!

  79. hola! Algunas vez se te cayó la taza de cafe o agua a tu dibujos o trabajos???

  80. Necesito escuchar los últimos 30 segundos de este video, todos los días por la mañana <3

  81. It's so nice, that you're talking about this stuff. If your work means a lot it's hard to hear bad feedback, but everyone needs yo deal with this.
    I'm dealing with another tough stuff like people that like to steal your ideas. I'm working lately with a person thst likes to say that my projects are her and she designs it. It's so sad to fight with this kind of stuff, cause i can't really get why people need to do sth like that. I know that in this world with internet it is so easy to let people to copy your work and there is no good way to avoid it, but if you are seating next to a person, that thinks she is unpunished…
    Just a thought.

  82. Love the "unleash the beast". 😘😘😘

  83. acabo de notar que me hizo falta ver tus awkward faces u_u y las extrañe :(, saluditos =)!

  84. Your video was really important. Thank you <3

  85. Thank you Fran !! 😀

  86. Fran, like a work friend always said to me: "A NO well done, it's better than a YES badly payed"(Important to say that quote it's a rime in portuguese haha)

  87. Pretty much the reason why I refuse to do drawings for others is because of these type of people, I feel yah. They always make unnecessary comments on your art and like "dude I'm the one doing all the work and all your doing is nag at me". Its really frustrating sometimes . I remember this one time they made me do an hourglass for a zine cover and they held a meeting saying "we're going to contact the junior at the branching highschool to "upgrade" our current piece" 3-4 people were staring at me 🙁 like if you weren't going to use my art don't just announce it in public

  88. Not venting on Twitter or other social media is another way of ending that hate chain. ❤️

    Thank you for another beautiful video.

  89. Gracias! Gracias por compartir esto!
    lo necesitaba, pero siendo sincera, odio ser freelance!

  90. Hi Fran! 🙂 I know you like short messages so here's mine! Blessings!! 😀

  91. a very good perspective on not being grumpy. i'm feeling lighter already

  92. I once had a boss that gave really harsh feedback, she’s give back a PDF with comments in all caps and exclamation points and the tone was really unprofessional. I didn’t deal with her directly so I couldn’t really say anything.

    I think in these cases, it’s really good to remind yourself that it’s THEM who’s being unprofessional. You deserve just as much respect as them, and if they’re being nasty it says more about their character than yours.

    P.S. I’m referring to unnecessarily harsh comments. Criticism and comments are to be expected, but people should be respectful or at least just not be a jerk about them.

  93. "I know it's hard, because you want to punch this person in the face…" Truer words were never spoken 🙂

  94. great video Fran! your videos always makes me so happy!

  95. Thanks for this Fran! This is good advice even for dealing with negativity at my full time job outside of illustration/design!

  96. I don't know if it's weird but sometimes I tend to weep because of criticism, I hate when I do that and it isn't even like super harsh criticism, and then I am like stop it, it's so embarrassing, don't know how to avoid it, it happens all of the sudden.

  97. One thing that actually does help me is knowing I am my own worst critic, then I'm surprised when I get good feedback on something I wasn't totally pleased with. The inner critic can hold you back, but it can also be a safety guard against people with poor communications skills or who enjoy delivering a message in a particularly mean way. And remember, if they could do what you do they would be doing the illustration.

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