Dealing With Grief & Changing My Hair | Weekly Vlog 12

Dealing With Grief & Changing My Hair | Weekly Vlog 12

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  1. That color makes you look more young and lively! I love how it looks on you! Feel better because I understand how you feel and the emotional rollercoaster your experiencing.

  2. ): aw love sorry for your loss

  3. I think you are BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT they way you are everyday … don’t need all that makeup or padding…you’re awesome the way God made you! ❤️

  4. I did not want this video to end. I also lost my grandma earlier this year, and hearing you speak about your grandfather was so therapeutic. Thank you for speaking about your experience, I am sure it helped many others as well! <3

  5. Cameron Boyce and my uncle had a heart attack in the same week😭

  6. Sorry for your loss mama
    Sending good vibes

  7. I am so sorry your Grandfather passed away. Prayed. 🌼🌸 Please take care of yourself. Again so sorry for your loss. 🌷

  8. This video made me cry for a man I’ve never met or known. What a beautiful tribute 💚

  9. Oh honey, you are amazing and i only just found your channel and i feel for you, i lost my grandmother almost 5 year's ago this Christmas coming and i miss her every second, your wonderful. P.s your hair looks beautiful.

  10. I just watched this video…My uncle died almost at the same time as your grandpa, he was 79 and one night we receive a phone call saying he was at the hospital with neumonia…We went to the hospital the day after and the doctors came and told us he was dying and we had to say goodbye…At first i was so numb but days after, i found a picture of him smiling and i just started crying for the first time since he died…Right now it's been 2 months since he passed away and i'm just so happy he was in my life…I just came to send you a big hug…Even tho is a little late❤
    Love you Taylor, hi from Costa Rica (also sorry for my english)

  11. I’m sorry for your loss.
    My mom died last year and it’s hard
    to keep smiling.
    You”ll be crying for months but
    it will get better.
    Keep your routine going and take nothing for granted.
    Hold your hubby and Ms. Rosie
    because both are Angels from God.
    Your deceased loved one will give
    signs that you will be okay❤️
    Sending love and prayers to you🥀🌸🌼🌷

  12. Dammit this made me weep!

  13. I just wanna give you a big hug

  14. ♥️♥️♥️

  15. it is 2 am in the morning in my country, i should go to bed, because i have college tomorrow, but i decided to watch this video, and this was beautiful. really. i have lost family members in the past 4 years, but none of them were as close to me as your grandpa was to you. i hope that you keep going, knowing that he's with you forever, in every breath you take, he's watching over you❤️

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