Dealing with Dysphoria | Becoming your Best Self

Dealing with Dysphoria | Becoming your Best Self

Today I wanted to talk about self improvement and becoming the best version of yourself that doesn’t have to be based around hormones, or surgery, or transitioning that much. A couple years ago, while I was waitiing for my surgery, and my hormones, I always saw posts from other people who were mid-transition, post-transition saying that “These things aren’t going to fix everything.” and at the time I really didn’t understand what they meant because I thought my only issue was not being on testosterone, or not having top surgery or lower surgery. But then once I had top surgery, and once I had been on testosterone for a while, I kind of realised that I did have other issues. It doesn’t fix everything, and I have a lot of work to do, otherwise. And I know it’s difficult to think about anything other than transitioning, when you’re not able to, because it is so powerful and such a huge part of you, the feeling of dysphoria is just horrible and painful and so upsetting and it’s normal to be upset about that. I had a therapist ask me “who do you see yourself in five years? and if you were to walk down the street and pass that person, how would you feel?” and that question has stuck with me for abotu 5 years now, and it’s always the question I go back to when I don’t feel confident. My advice for this week would be to get a piece of paper, and something to write with, and just, think about who you want to be in 5 years, or 10 years even – your career path, what you’re studying, what your hobbies are, your physical health, and even your style – I’ve written stuff down, what else have I written.. Skills, career path, physical health, hobbies and style. Even just, where you’re at mentally, whether or not you want to be really in control of your emotions and like, get into meditation, or stuff like that.. I guess that comes under hobbies and interests. We have this amazing potential to create the person we want to be. It just takes small steps to get to that place, and it also just takes you realising that you can get to that place. There’s also no better time, than working on yourself, when you’re waiting for such a huge thing to happen. The more you do now, the happier you’re going to be when that time comes around that you have surgery or hormones or can transition. I know it can be difficult to attend schools if you have a lot of anxiety, or don’t want to be around certain people for your safety or whatever reason and it’s also difficult to pay for things – I know a couple websites where you can do courses online for free and it’s kind of like homeschooling. They’re not the same as getting a degree in university or anything like that, but you do get a certificate. I’ll put a link to that in the description, and it might be worth checking out! Like, it might give you some inspiration on what you can do and what’s possible. You’d be surprised at how much you can do just by changing your perspective on things, and doing things that you enjoy. If you do write down who you want to be, and want to share that, then please do, because it would be really nice to see all the different things that people want to achieve and it could be really inspiring to the people that don’t know what to write. I would be interested in seeing that as well, so don’t be scared to share. Hope everyone is doing well! I hope you’re having a good day, week, month, everything! and I will see you – eoughh did you hear that my knee just clicked!? I will see you soon.

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  1. i really love the style and comfort feel of your videos, theyre really welcoming ! and just rly chill !!!

  2. I Just wanna be happy and be who I really am for once.

  3. I really love your videos. They're so inspiring and helpful and just so aesthetically pleasing. Keep up the good work Leo! Also, what I want to achieve in 5 years is to be off at university and coping with living on my own and all that scary stuff. I want to come out and understand what my gender actually is. But most of all I want to be happy with who I am.

  4. Having long term goals is so important. There is so much more to life than T and surgery, even though those 2 things can be so life consuming

  5. i just signed up for the mindfulness course as I need something to corrently distract me from feeling so stuck and stressed. thanks for letting us all know about this course. i appreciate it a heap 😊

  6. i dropped out of school because of mental illness and dysphoria as well. the homeschooling sites i use are , , , , and my favorite: !!

  7. I'm so glad that i found your channel! All of your videos are so well done and you're so genuine.

  8. Love this! Great video!

  9. Boy, you deserve more attention on YouTube!! You're really smart and make awesome vids 🙂 thank you for all you did and do <3

  10. Honestly u look really good, and I love your shirt!! Where did you buy it? Love the video❤ subscribed!

  11. I'm new here but absolutely love ur videos. Honestly I want to be an engineer in the RAF or something

  12. Thank you ❤️

  13. I really like your sweater bro…

  14. That's actually really good advice thank you so much! I'll try the writing thing!

  15. in five years, ill be doing my sophomore year of college, so I want to get into botany, specifically the kind that works in greenhouses and with plants 24/7. hopefully by then ill have a good therapist, so that I won't have to disappoint my parents and leave them with one less daughter and a new son. maybe ill find myself a guy I actually like 🙂 who knows

  16. I'm non binary but I'm scared to come out and stuff because I'm scared that it IS a phase like everyone is telling me… 🙁 Idk.

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