Dealing With Doctors (narrated version)

Dealing With Doctors (narrated version)

The average surgeon earns $255,438 per year. Non-surgical doctors in the U.S earn between $186,044 and $339,730 dollars per year. Despite the propaganda coming from the
government, law enforcement agencies, the movie industry, and the top lieutenants
of the drug cartels; the average crack cocaine dealer makes less than minimum
wage annually. We’ve been trained to think of doctors as
lifesavers and to consider unlicensed drug dealers as killers. The facts prove otherwise. Deaths caused by elicit drug overdoses range from 3,800 to 5,200 per year in the U.S. Deaths caused by firearms, including
suicides and homicides was 29,974 im 2005. By the most egregiously inflated estimate U.S. drug dealers may have been involved in 35,174 deaths thirty five thousand one hundred seventy foot care in two
thousand five in two thousand five the number of
deaths an adverse pharmaceutical reactions from properly prescribed drugs
was a colossal one printed in eighteen thousand this number doesn’t count medical
mistakes people procedures or diseases that were caused by the
medications statistically doug is in the u_s_ over three times
pointedly open containers and repeals combined unlike your local drug dealer here
doctor has a seventeen percent chance of killing one fish cards this year normally government making a sitting
duck to bounce among the special license no waiting period before were approved a
visitor dot when will the rescue team the treatment last year for cancer
patient in the u_s_ averages about a hundred thousand
dollars per year including testing team out drugs radiation and surgery all of these in and of course we could
cancers and thereby cause lifetime chemical
dependence on the treatments heroin by comparison is quite a bargain the average heroin use of his own thirty
to forty k per year as we get on what senator mcconnell’s
judges always have free samples to ensure that kind of happens even when the defendant is merely
psychological how many emergency visits to hospitals
and they teach you in the u_s_ about illegal and pharmaceutical drugs in about one million emergencies caused
by a legal drugs each year doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals cost two point three million medical
emergencies how many tokyo’s target children thirty percent of children his tenth
nineteen s taking pharmaceutical drugs most of which are mind-altering
psychotropic used his chemical straitjacket most of these jokes when i was tested
approved for use for children they designed to be highly addictive practically every illegal drug was once
sold by the pharmaceutical industry after supposedly been proven safe and
effective for example heroin is bears best-selling
trip of all time patients were told that homework humidor
addiction problems the jokes been prescribed now have
nowhere near the safety testing to be a legal tricks with kids over a century ago their pharmaceuticals realized this time
with attempts to get a stays together unlicensed dealer will never see cliche
a private information in the government and dozens of nefarious corporations unless mister dealer will never get your
children taken away for medical neglect between issue for disagreeing with him unlicensed repeal it gets no cooks
ninety four percent of doctors except if i’m a kickbacks for the jokes they deal little unless mister gibbons make their
clients which fallows while there is no sales pitches in drug company
representatives medical schools actually teach doctors
to humiliate troublesome patients at finance education since been leaning
hospital downs as a method to be established relationship of dominant unlicensed drug dealers are rightly
demand has for causing fumiko predictions and perpetuating his convictions what most people fail to realize is that
license tribunals foster chemical reactions to most cancer therapies calls to
perpetuate cancers and took a long term synthetic insulin for diabetes attacked
the pancreas cholesterol drugs cause heart attacks
and heart disease these patients will never be free ask
your doctor if he’s ever kid eniku disease okay just get worse and pricey unlicensed regalos muslim countries
intimidation tell them in a competition but doctors rely on regulators to
destroy their competition

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  1. I will never again go to an allopathic doctor.

  2. You really make a great point here. I have been saying some of this for years but don't have numbers to back it up. Now I do. Thank you.

    I m sorry more people have not seen this video. I will post it on my website, my blogs and Facebook and Twitter…. Congratulations on making a truly informative video.

  3. Hard hitting video mate, but it is so good that someone has the courage to speak the truth!
    Keep up the good work HealthWyze!

  4. David Hannam 30 years old RIP

  5. Every time Doctors have gone on strike the mortality rate has dropped. So fire your doctor and live a long and healthy happy life. We all need modern medicine like a hole in the head apart from trauma.

    If I have an accident, take me to the nearest hospital because modern midcine can bring you back from the bring of death – for anything else it's a 'crock full of shit', excuse my french.

    Modern medicine is a deceit of epic proportions. The benefit of allopathic medicine is merely an illusion.

  6. "A leading British doctor and author of 'Doctors, Lies & Addiction Bureaucracy', Dr. Dalrymple argues that his profession has totally misunderstood addiction & continues to perpetuate the myth to protect its own existence. As a result, a self-serving, self-perpetuating and completely useless medical bureaucracy has built up to deal with the problem."

    ‘Junk Medicine, Doctors, Lies & Addiction Bureaucracy' by Theodore Dalrymple; 27th August 2007

    Some doctors are beginning to speak out.

  7. After about a thousand of them lose their lives, the remaining doctors still in the ship will eventually have the scientific proof that there is no oxygen on Mars. Then they will do the same thing to prove that water does not exist on Mars. Then they will repeat this for everything else until they have exhausted their food supplies and drop dead. Meanwhile back on Earth we will all be able to enjoy a better quality of life.

    One day humanity will learn to see through their 100 year of lies.

  8. There will always be a place for Doctors – they can now be the new genitors, because that's all their knowledge based on dead people is worth to humanity. Either that, or we can put them all into a big spaceship and send them off to mars. They can try and work out using their pathetic evidence based methods and come with a scientific conclusion that oxygen does not exist on Mars – the only way to test their stupid theory would be to step outside, take one empty and painful breath and drop dead.

  9. GREAT VIDEO.  Don't let Doctors bully you.  Ask the questions, say no to treatments and/or drugs that you feel are bad for you. Do the research, be prepared and educated. If you wouldn't show them your income statement, don't let someone you barely know make all your life decisions for you.  Youre in charge of YOUR life.

  10. Just found your website and have to say its the BEST i have found in a long long time. Thankyou 🙂

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