Dealing With Disappointment | How To Handle Frustration

Dealing With Disappointment | How To Handle Frustration

Does anyone film videos on how to be frustrated? Cause apparently that’s what I’m doing. Hello world and welcome to the right side:) Do you know this feeling when nothing goes according to the plan And you feel that you’re losing the control of the situation? Yeap, that’s the one! Unfortunately not everything in our life depends on us. Like for example if you want to loose weight. It’s totally your responsibility. If you work out, if you don’t eat only cakes and burgers and you don’t have any health conditions that require doctor’s help. Then it’s absolutely depends on you. But for example if you dream to meet your Mr. Right there is a part of work that you need to do like taking care of yourself and leaving your apartment for at least sometime and there is a part of the way that’s Mr. Right job. So sometimes even when you really want to take all the control of the situation You just can’t! And this is just freaking me out! It’s really important to learn to let this situation go. Sometimes things in our life are not going according to the plan. And in such situations I don’t know about you but I’m feeling like I just quite! I just need to quite! And yeah I guess if I quite it would make my life easier but the question is do I really wanna do that? Or do I think that I wanna do that just because something in this particular second doesn’t go my way And that’s why I decided to talk to you today and tell you about some tips and tricks that are helping me the total control freak not to feel frustrated all the time and if you’re a total control freak like I am maybe than can help you also:) Thing 1. Keep yourself busy. Take for example YouTube When I’m making a video I need to come up with the topic. I need to write a text then film it, edit it, etc. etc. etc. And when it’s out there it’s the viewers job to make an opinion on it. And you can spend time thinking like: “What if they don’t like it or what if they like it? Or what happens next?” Or build some expectations on what you want to have after this video is out. And you’re stressing yourself out in this situation. You’re not helping yourself. What I’m trying to do is when this video out there I leave others to do their job. And I’m doing mine. With making up new texts, with filming new videos with writing new subtitles etc. etc.etc. I’m just trying not to give myself any chance to spend time on this useless thinking process which will not bring me anywhere. Thing 2.l’m trying to concentrate on the parts that are actually in my power. Like comments, promotion I know that you can spam everyone with sub for sub message but please don’t do that this is so annoying! U know stop it! So I’m doing my part of my job making everything that will help me to get this video out there and to show people where to search for it. In every working process there is a part of it that you can take control of. Just concentrate on this part. Like for example if you want to meet your Mr. Right you can go out on the street and just grab someone and make them date you.I mean you can do that. What are the chances that it’s gonna work out? What you can do that can actually bring you to this perfect picture of the guy that wanna date in you head? Make a portrait of the guy that you wanna date. Like what qualities you want to see in him and then you can just try to find these places where you can potentially meet the person that you wanna be with. You can concentrate on making yourself look cool and look great every time. Screw you people who’re saying that how you look it doesn’t matter. So you’re really trying to convince me that it doesn’t matter if the person haven’t taken a shower in weeks, he smells like garbage and he has these sauce spots all over their clothes. You really are trying to tell me that it’s fine? You can potentially meet nice and intelligent Christian Grey? I don’t think so.The possibility of this moves to 0 So be honest with yourself. Thing 3. Realize why you’re doing all this. Every time when I’m feeling like screw all this! I just wanna quite! I try to memorize why did I decide to do that in a first place? And if I quit will it actually make me happy? Or is this just a part of the process which isn’t going according to my plan at this second and i just need to re think it and search for another tools to bring myself to this end point where I wanna be in my life? The thing that actually drove u to do that in a first place can help you to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling yourself frustrated, when your hands are going down, when you’re feeling like why do I do that? Unless your goal is just to make yourself rich popular and skinny. This is a useless goal. Why do you want all this stuff? You always need to have an answer on why are you doing all that? Because it means something for you. Thing 4. Set yourself small realistic goals. Like take f.e. I wanna loose 10 kg. which will take me half a year. 2 kg a month. This is a normal thing to do not to stress yourself and ur organism out. What do I need to do for that? I need to exercise 3 times a week and count my calories. You always need to set yourself a goal and use numbers. Why? Because I wanna lose weight is an obstructive thought. When you use numbers u can actually measure the progress. You can actually where have you come from the first point where you’ve started and it can help you not to feel yourself frustrated it can cheer you up! Cause you see this progress. And you know that it’s moving. It can help you to understand what is working, and what is not. Thing 5. Someone will disagree with me but I think that it’s really helpful You need to take breaks. Why? Because when you’re feeling yourself frustrated and you’re trying to push harder on yourself You’re not helping! You will just feel more and more frustrated and there is a higher possibility that one day you will just say screw this all. I’m quitting. It’s like when you’re sitting on a really really strict diet it’s more likely that you’ll lose control of the situation. One second you will just screw this. You will start eating and you’ll gain even more weight. And feel yourself more frustrated. Not to feel this way give yourself small breaks. Look at this as as opportunity to restore ur forces. To find an inspiration. This what helps not to get to this feeling of frustration. I think that it’s working it helps me. If you want to disagree with me it’s your right but I don’t wanna listen to that. The last point for this video. The 6th one. Don’t miss the signs. Sometimes we’re our worst enemies. Sometimes universe (that’s how I’m calling it) is sending you signs. Is showing like red signals like move move move this way, this way! You just need to push a little bit harder. You’re so close to your dream. I saw a picture of the guy who was digging to find diamonds and he digged so deep. He was so close to these diamonds. But he just turned around and walked away. Don’t be this guy! Don’t be stupid! Look at the signs. If you really really wish for some from all of your heart and if it’s truly your desire. You will definitely get this! The universe will help you! You just need to pay attention to the signs that it’s sending u! Don’t miss them! Don’t ignore them! Don’t be stupid! Don’t become your enemy! Watch, listen and don’t give up! And on this inspirational motivational note I want to finish video Thank you guys for sharing with me this awesome awesome day! I hope that you like this video! I put so many forces to film it! Seriously. Everything was against me. Especially my camera. Is it still filming? If you like it. If it could help you. Or if you feel kind of generous today! Then please show it to me by giving it a big thumbs up! Leave your comments and tell me what are helping you not to feel yourself frustrated ? Maybe your advices could help me also. Cause I’m going thru this feeling. I’m fighting it. And I don’t wanna fight it alone. I want to have some help guys! And I believe that you can help me! Links on my other social media are as usual in the description down below. Push the sub button not to miss more videos from me! They’re so entertaining! Kinda.. We’re seeing each other every Monday and Thursday! Hopefully see ya! Bye!

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