Dealing With Difficult & Annoying People

Dealing With Difficult & Annoying People

Difficult people can show up in many different
forms. Some do all the talking, cutting people off
and talking over others, never actually listening. Some are lazy, messy, or unreliable. And others just have to get the last word
into every conversation. Difficult co-workers may constantly demean
what you say and try to make you look bad, while striving for power and the boss’s
attention. We are often placed in the situation where
we have to deal with difficult and challenging people, and having to interact with these
people can lead to stress and anxiety, and drastically affect your mood. If you’re working with anyone long enough,
you are sure to encounter some conflict as you find a difference of opinion. If you don’t deal with the situation, it
will most likely get worse. Difficult people can be especially tough to
deal with effectively, if your self-confidence and self-esteem are low. The more you build these, the easier you’ll
find handling the situations you might find yourself in. So let’s look at a few strategies for dealing
with these situations effectively. The most important thing is to keep your cool
and not be reactive, no matter how animated the difficult person may be. By practising self-control, you can avoid
escalating the encounter, and will be able to use your better judgement to diffuse the
situation appropriately. If you feel your blood boiling and think you’re
about to burst, try taking a deep breath and counting to ten. This small amount of time can really help
your emotion settle enough to stop an outburst. No matter how senior we may be in an organisation
or where we sit in the pecking order, we are all influenced by an emotionally-driven brain. The effect of this is that when we are in
a conflict or perceive danger, the brain releases adrenalin and cortisol, which cause the body
to be hyped for a fight or flight response. Our ability to analyse subjectively, think
clearly, and respond calmly are completely compromised. Another great diffusing tactic is to shift
the focus back on the difficult person. Often these people will be pointing the finger
at you, in an attempt to make you feel belittled and inadequate. Their entire emphasis will be to blame you
and your behaviour, pointing out the problem without providing any constructive solutions. This stance is purely from a position of wanting
to exert control and dominance over you. If your response is defensive, you are only
giving the difficult person the upper hand and letting them feel power and control over
you. An effective tactic to shift the focus and
equalise power in the exchange, is to ask constructive questions. Keeping calm and directing the focus to what
that person might consider to be an effective solution, will direct your response to a proactive
one rather than reactive or defensive. This strategy can really neutralise their
dominance over you, by redirecting the conversation, and you are attempting to take the lead for
part of the exchange. When you’re not asking them questions in
return, actively listening to the difficult person’s tirade will set the scene for you
to take control in the coming moments. If you zone out and appear to not be giving
them your attention, they will only press harder and more aggressively while pointing
fingers at you. Using good active listening will show that
you fully understand what they believe is a drastic issue, and then you’re in a position
to take control and look for a solution. Active listening involves:
– Actually listening to their words, rather than cutting them off or disagreeing mid-sentence
– Nodding your head to acknowledge that you understand what they are saying
– After they’ve made their point, repeat back the gist of what they said, from their
point. Obviously this can come across sounding stupid,
so you need to use a bit of common sense to summarise what they’re getting at as you
address their complaint – And again, ask questions to show that you’ve
been listening. After applying these techniques, the difficult
person will be more likely to feel that they’ve been heard and that it hasn’t gone in one
ear and out the other. That way, you’re in a better position to
shift the power of the conversation and put the spotlight back on them. Be extremely mindful of your body language. An interesting statistic to keep in mind here,
is that only 7% of communication are the words that you’re saying; 38% is made up of your
tone of voice and expression, while 55% is your body language. A quick way to further anger a difficult person,
is to display body language that says you don’t even want to hear their problem. Try to face them, while keeping your arms
open. Being closed up with arms crossed can show
that you are not open to their point of view. Being curled up and facing away can display
a lack of confidence in yourself – giving off the vibe of a weaker person. Think predator vs. prey with these difficult
people, but rather than fighting, you’re using subtle communication techniques to shift
the power of the conversation and ultimately disarm them. Now in some situations, you may initially
have a great relationship with the person in question, but they are being difficult
over a specific issue. There are two factors that make up a conversation:
The topic being discussed, and the relationship between the people having the discussion. Not being able to separate the two can lead
to conflict and a breakdown in the relationship. By separating the person from the issue and
keeping it from being personal, you will have a better chance of encouraging cooperation
and keeping the respect of that friend. And always keep in mind – you may be your
difficult person’s difficult person… As these techniques are essentially communication
tools (because we’re discussing how to deal with and diffuse difficult people, not punch
their face in, right?) – it is extremely beneficial to take each one of these difficult
situations and turn it into a learning experience. This way you are fine tuning your skills at
handling these situations and will become more adept in the long run. As exhausting as it may be trying to deal
with a difficult person, asking yourself “what can I learn and take away from this experience”
will help you gain at least one positive outlook from the encounter. One of my favourites, which can be EXTREMELY
effective if used well and by the right person, is to inject some appropriately placed humour
into an exchange with a difficult person. By not being reactive, but finding a humorous
side to the conflict, you are able to show detachment from the issue, and help to disarm
the emotion of the other person. Of course, using inappropriate humour can
have the opposite effect, so tread carefully. Humour really is a powerful communication
tool, which can bring out the truth and opinions, while remaining cool, calm, and collected. If your difficult person is somewhat of a
bully, this can relate back to your self-confidence – and you should check out our Ratalyst
video on self-confidence for further detail on the topic. Bullies will tend to target people who they
see as being weaker, and without much self-confidence; you may be displaying a weak exterior to those
around you. Keep in mind that bullies are generally cowards
and weak on the inside themselves, displaying a strong, over compensated exterior to make
up for their shortfalls. Often when someone stands up to a bully and
exerts confidence, the bully will back down. The important thing to keep in mind is that
their reaction and behaviour is usually about them, far more than it is about you or anything
you’ve done. If you can manage to have empathy for the
bully, you are opening your perspective on the situation, and have far better judgement
in what to do next. Compassion is an attribute of the strong and
evolved, and it allows us to see deeper inside an issue and the person involved. Here’s a quote from Tom Hiddleston to keep
in mind: “When people don’t like themselves very
much, they have to make up for it. The classic bully was actually a victim first.” – Tom Hiddleston. Of course, there are many times and situations
where all the techniques in the world may not be of any assistance. In these instances, you may just have to walk
away if necessary. Don’t sabotage your career, but completely
walking away and having as little to with that person is an option. Sometimes these people can drag you down with
them into negativity, and there’s nothing wrong with removing yourself from this environment. Dealing with these people can leave you exhausted,
and carry over to your home life. In this case, it’s not about winning an
exchange, but removing yourself from that toxic environment. Being adept at dealing with difficult people
is really an exercise in mastering the art of communication. By developing these techniques, you will find
that many difficult people have less of an effect on you, and you stand to exert your
own dominance and confidence, with less stress and better relationships with the people around
you. You are on your way to being the change, and
greater success in life. These are the strategies of leaders!

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