Dealing With Depression – Motivational Video

Dealing With Depression – Motivational Video

Depression can hit us during our hardest times.
People who experience major depression should seek professional help. But this video is
for the rest of us who experience depressing moments when trying to achieve our goals.
When it feels like the weight of the world rests on your shoulders. When the task at
hand feels impossible. The challenge feels like it’s too much to handle, but it’s
not. It happens to everyone. That’s why we’re
human. We feel bad when we make mistakes. And we should, it’s a learning experience.
We feel overwhelmed when our tasks are too large. We probably shouldn’t be taking on
so much. Sometimes depression comes from us. When you
go through these moments of hardship, it’s your thought process that exaggerates the
situation. Positivity is the most important traits you can train yourself to have. Set
yourself up for positive before these hardships even come up. Surround yourself with positive
people. If you can meet people who are more successful and more intelligent than you.
You can learn from them. You will receive a positive influence from them. If you have
negative friends, you don’t have to cut them off completely, but you might want to
see a little less of them. Surround yourself with positive influences.
Listen to motivational speeches and audiobooks all the time. When you’re working out, when
you’re driving, when you’re doing work around the house. Brainwash yourself into
positivity. We all know what we should be doing. But the mind forgets. We have to remind
ourselves what kind of mindset we want everyday. Especially if you are heading into a depressing
cycle. Get rid of all the negative influences. Forget
about reading negative stories in the news. Or celebrity gossip exposing someone else’s
fragile moments. Get rid of the junk food. The mindless reality TV. Don’t even look
at it. It’s subliminally changing your mindset. Don’t listen to people or to videos about
negativity. Look for the positive in everything you do. You need to make internal adjustments as well.
Reduce your jealousy. Be content with who you are and what you have. Do not compare
someone else’s greatest successes to your starting points. For all you know, those successful
people had it just as hard as you do. Don’t be angry about your situation. Anger provides
temporary satisfaction and increases your likeliness of depression. Most important of all, when you find yourself
feeling depressed, never break your positive habits. If you work out every week, which
you should definitely be doing, keep doing that. If you read educational books and articles,
which again you should be, then keep reading. These positive actions energize you. Especially
physical activities such as exercise. Maintaining your regular habits will prevent you from
becoming inactive. Remember, even the top leaders in their industries
have depressing moments. The true test of character is how you choose to deal with it.
The way to deal with it is not to feel sorry for yourself. Not to place your blame on external
forces. It’s to keep on pushing yourself they way you always have been. It’s to continue
working hard, and just course correct for your short comings. If you go through periods
of sadness and failure, that’s a sign that you are actually challenging yourself. No
one ever had great success without a few downfalls. As you training yourself to be more optimistic,
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  1. Used to have depression and anxiety so bad at age 15 sometimes I couldn't eat and had to go the hospital. I didn't desire to live anymore until I read the "the present" a free book at its an explaination of the truth you can check and I am now enjoying life since I read it and am starting to spread it.

  2. what do i do after depression cuz i still feel depresst the sad stuff is gone

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