Dealing with Controlling Thoughts & Habitual Thinking | Leon Fontaine 2019

Dealing with Controlling Thoughts & Habitual Thinking | Leon Fontaine 2019

But it’s good to have you in church I
was I always harassed my friends in the southern states you know I actually had
one friend if years ago that that I think they had a half an inch of snow
and then had to cancel it cancel Church so they put out a call by the church
that would help them with an offering or something and I said man we go through
like 30 below and our people still come out and so that’s one of my proud points
wherever I go I just brag about Canadian churchgoers well it’s good to have you
in church with us today we want to welcome all the other campuses of
Springs Church hey we’re gonna have a great time as we get into God’s Word
today father helped me to speak today let your word just come alive on the
inside of hearts and minds today so that father we might change and we might grow
I dedicate what I say to you in Jesus name Amen today I’m going to title this message
how to deal with controlling thoughts and habitual thinking controlling
thoughts and habitual thinking so many people never seem to be able to walk in
the peace and the blessing consistently there seem to be these landmines that
they step on during conversations or somewhere in their lives every time they
begin to succeed in a relationship in a career every time an evening begins to
go well if something is brought up or a certain trigger is touched a thought BAM
begins to hit their mind and when you watch their face you could just see the
mood has now changed you can see them wrestling on the inside with something
and they are unable to go on from that point with the same joy with that same
just bubbling laughter if something has changed and if you do not deal with
those things they will continually be the flies in the ointment of your
life they will continually be the things that come in and upset the applecart of
everything that you try to do they’ll disrupt good conversations good days
relationships business opportunities everything that you try to establish in
life as blessed and God’s favor is on it but it’s not that God’s favor is
withheld so many Christians have a teaching of the presence of God showed
up the presence of God left oh the presence of God did this and then I just
felt it leave know his presence never leaves your thought life is what changes
your emotional makeup is what changes these deep-seated feelings at the heart
level are what change and so you the Bible says you magnify God now that
doesn’t mean you make God bigger it means you make God bigger to you okay
and when you make God bigger to you you walk in a faith and you walk in as a
sense of strength you walk in something that is powerful for your life but when
you allow controlling thoughts and we’ll talk about halle where and why and when
these controlling thoughts come it just seems like the day changes the week
changes relationships change and so people can live lonely their entire
lives because there are controlling thoughts that end every relationship or
friendship they try to establish is just gone relationships marriages never seem
to go past a certain point because that same controlling thought will come at
times when you’re ready to move to new places in that relationship that
controlling thought comes in and you don’t know how to get past it you can
talk all you want you can get all the counseling you want but that controlling
thought owns you and you never seem to be able to get past it
God’s Word has an answer then we’ve got habitual thinking now these are people
who they never seem to get even some happiness out there habitually
constantly continually stuck in an emotion or they’re constantly stuck in a
feeling if somebody can walk in constant
depression then you can walk in constant happiness if someone can walk in
constant defeat then you can walk in constant victory if someone can walk in
a constant negativity and a and this sarcastic analytical critical way of
living then someone can walk in a positive looking for the best while not
ignoring the problems way of living but so few Christians will do the work nelli
and we don’t have to work salvation is free you’re right
entrance into the kingdom of God is free to give your life to Jesus and to be a
part of his family salvation is free you have been qualified Jesus wanted for you
but then there are so many verses that’s a study to show yourself approved unto
God that say things that work out your own salvation with fear and trembling
it’s not talking about getting entrance into God’s kingdom it’s not talking
about you have to earn this salvation but it is talking about if you want to
walk in the kingdom now we’ve talked a little bit about the fact that when
Jesus walked the planet his preaching was always that the kingdom of God was
near it’s when he preached about the kingdom when John the Baptist was here
he preached that the kingdom of God was coming
it was nigh Jesus preached that it was near in the New Testament Paul and the
epistles begins to preach that it is here not near not about – but here and
Jesus and recognizing that that you and I can’t control the people around us you
can’t control others he said the kingdom is within you there’s a powerful way to
live emotionally purposefully with feelings
and strengths and peace and joy and to and to succeed in life because all the
promises have been given to us but you can’t use it to dominate anybody not
your spouse not people who work for you and so this kingdom this kingdom you
must learn the principles of the kingdom if you do not learn the principles of
the kingdom you will not be able to work the kingdom you will not be able to live
in and in joy the kingdom now listen to this because a lot of people miss this
one some of the things Jesus says are before the cross and they change through
the cross I don’t have time to teach about this but let me give you one
example when you read the teachings of Jesus it feels that you have to earn and
that you have to do something to win salvation one of the things that is
taught in the Gospels is that if you do not forgive another you will not be
forgiven but that was before Jesus died once he died on the cross was everybody
forgiven yes and now that same promise taught in the epistles says forgive
others as Christ has forgiven you that’s an example of you’ve got to take
something that is taught through the cross and there are teachings that Jesus
taught to to the Jews into the therein before the cross but you can’t just look
at that and go well you can’t go to heaven if you don’t forgive you can’t go
to heaven that’s not what it’s saying and when you read the Bible in context
you begin to understand this continuum of this truth is vital but now it is
operated indifferently after Jesus has died forgiving you the curse is dealt
with that there is no anger from God no displeasure from God he is pleased
because he sees you with the life of Jesus in you now this habitual thinking
or and I reason I’ve used these two terms is because there are people here
but your life seems to be good until one certain thought BAM it could be a
jealous thought now many people don’t know what that emotion or that feeling
or that belief system is and so if you can track it if you can’t just get into
the word and it pushes out all of the misc beliefs
all of the non truths and if you do not do that work of renewing your mind
planting God’s Word in your heart you will live as a victim to that thought
for the rest of your life for the rest of your life you will feel contained and
you will develop a doctrine that it’s just harder for me or this is just I’ve
got the best I need to learn to be content where I am now the word content
doesn’t mean that you don’t continue to grow can you imagine a five-year-old
saying my mum dad I’m content where I am at five I don’t
need to go to school I’m content yeah I don’t need to keep growing any more
developing any more skills I’m just content at age five with what I know
when do you would laugh at that as ridiculous and God laughs at you and I
as ridiculous when we develop our own doctrines but say I’ve just got to learn
to be content where I am when he says the life that he’s given you is so
phenomenal but it is innumerable in quantity and it is literally untouchable
in quality but we think that contentment is applied there but it’s not now when
you take a look at God’s Word there’s a portion of scripture that teaches us
about the weapons of our warfare in 2nd Corinthians chapter 10 listen to what it
says here I’m gonna read it to you we don’t have it on a big screen so I will
just read you what this portion of scripture says it talks about the
weapons of our warfare and it says that they’re not carnal but that they are
mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds no I can’t find it it
means quoted to you so it says that that the weapons of our warfare you and I
have weapons now these weapons are not about dealing with demon spirits they’re
not and when the church began to teach that 20 years ago they were in such
error and people would have moments of freedom and they would have seasons or
periods of freedom but because they thought that to grow in God’s blessing
that the weapons of our warfare was to bind Devils that how long does a devil
stay bound if that was true 24 hours 48 hours is he asleep ound forever once you
speak to him you know that’s not true so they did Christians develop all these
crazy doctrines in 2nd Corinthians 10 verses 3 4 5 & 6 it is talking about the
weapons of pulling down thoughts theories imaginations strongholds things
that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God now so if the weapons
that we have today and you can’t find too many places that talk about weapons
in the New Testament if the weapon that’s been given to you
is to deal with your own thought life than how powerful is your thought life
if the weapon that’s been given to you is to destroy these speculations to
destroy theories and reasonings than if you do not have a renewed mind you are
in a battle in your life and you are weaponless you are standing there in
your fruit of the looms in the midst of a narrow attack
wondering why everything sticks and you’re struggling so much in life
because the area of weaponry is your mind other verses in the Bible say the
same thing and Timothy 1:7 it says there that I have not the spirit of fear but
of power and of love and of a sound mind a sound mind and the amplified it says a
disciplined nature in other words if you and I are going to live out the promises
and the blessing of God if you want to stop having this controlling thought
that eats you up whether it’s a thought of jealousy whether it’s a thought of of
judgment one of the worst things I sat down with a with a brilliant man the
other day we were talking about the Bible he was struggling as a new
Christian we will talk about judgments and how that one of the things that
destroys relationships and faith is when you make a judgment you make an
assumption about people and what they’re like on the inside like
what drives them why do they act like that why did they do this to you
that when you make a judgement and you practice making judgments your entire
life that you live in a constant state of pain not paying that all of us have
to deal with like we all have to deal with certain kinds of pain but it’s a
level of suffering that goes on and on and on and on that is needless it’s not
needed but it’s because you draw conclusions on the people around you
your spouse your kids your a boss at work every new person that you meet you
will form a judgment and we literally have been trained in our life and in our
world to make judgments on people and think that we’re deep spiritually I’ve
had people talk to me yeah you know so-and-so in our church over there I
just want you to know that in my prayer time but as I see God and there’s just
and there go on judging this person okay just don’t you stop right there stop
right there where do you apply the verse thou shalt not judge do not judge that
you be not judged do not criticize that you be not quick where do you place that
in your life well I just don’t mind your own business mind your own business if
you’re a leadership God will guide you into things and even then you don’t need
to know their heart their intentions or their motives you just need to know
their track record or you get a sense on the inside don’t use that person or you
know let that brick but he’s not going to give you this introspective look at
their heart their motives their intentions it says only God knows the
heart of an individual and so people who constantly judge others and we’ve all
been trained that way will not know why their relationships they do not seem to
prosper and every time to get into an argument it comes down to their judgment
of that person and so we must learn to renew our mind now the word to renew
your mind doesn’t mean you eventually get there and stay there like I can’t
say yeah when teaching the word for 40 years and about the fifth year I got my
mind renewed it’s been a renewed ever since you know the renewed mind is a
mind that is being renewed every day it’s being renewed
that you’re feeding the word to it and God’s Word according to Hebrews 4:12
begins to go down and it begins to deal with the deepest thoughts and the
intentions of the heart cleaning it up helping you to obey the word and to be
cautious in your judgments in your thinking just to back away from judging
people to back away from the anger and the and the stuff that goes with this
judgment because you begin to deceive your own heart let me give you a really
great verse 1st Corinthians 2:16 says for who is known or understood the mind
the counsels and the purposes of the Lord so as to guide and instruct him and
give him knowledge listen to this but we this is the amplified we have the mind
of Christ the Messiah and it says here we hold the thoughts the feelings and
the purposes of Jesus heart what you can live in the feelings of Jesus you can
live in the purposes of Jesus you can live in the thoughts of Jesus well how
do you do that well who’s in you Holy Spirit Holy Spirit’s in you holding all
the feelings the thoughts the purposes of Christ now also you are a flesh
person and Romans 5 says the flesh wars against the spirit it doesn’t say the
devil and don’t get me wrong there’s a place of understanding the devil but we
give them way too much credit and those are the devil wars against the spirit it
says your flesh as a Christian wars against the spirit and the only way to
get your flesh just the selfish desires that come from you and the way to get
them an art is to renew your mind with the word until your heart gets
established in Grace and as your heart gets established in the thinking and the
purposes of God’s Word you be under rise up in a powerful ability to keep your
mind strong often I get asked about my mind people
will say to me they’re like like how do you stay in peace how do you you know if
it’s a business person how do you run multiple things and it will in and stay
at peace how do you deal with all the stuff that goes and and just stay in
peace in them is this faith and and they think that it’s a strength that I have
but it’s not a strength that I have it’s the strength that Jesus has and I make
sure that I stay in him when I stop staying in him you ought to see me okay
when I stop living my life through him in him then you’re on your own strength
your own feelings your own beliefs and life can become really bad now in this
verse in 2nd Corinthians chapter 10 verses 3 to 6 it gives us different
words there about what it means to pull down strongholds it says the weapons
you’ve been given our mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds and it
uses words like theories you know theory is it’s something you keep working on
through your experiences you develop your own Theory like a person who has a
lot of sickness in his dad’s home than in his home he can’t seem to get healing
to work so he develops his own theory that’s not always God’s will to heal
that’s a theory that’s your theory that’s your hypothesis that you’ve
looked for evidence and all the evidence you’ve gathered in your home your dad’s
home and your home is that healing hasn’t happened there for healing can’t
be God’s will that’s a theory the Bible says that God’s Word has to pull down
and destroy your theories there are men here that have certain attitudes towards
women and you think because the Bible says submit and one obscure verse that’s
taken out of context but yours better smarter further higher that you have
more you know decision making than a woman and you’re so wrong and it’s
destroying your daughters your wife and you’re a
to work with half the human race and you think because that you know you don’t
know how that theories destroyed you’ll not father prep properly you’ll not
husband properly because you’ve got beliefs that are inaccurate according to
the Word of God I thought I’d just take a shot at that ladies it was time for a
good applause right there over the years of training leaders in the church we
will often run into a man who has struggles with women in leadership and
you’d never think that until he’s actually put in that position and you
can just see him just try to just handle it you know what is wrong with you you
know so a lot of the the things that limits you a lot of the things that that
stop you you think that life is so hard to get past this number when I was a
young pastor and I first came to Springs there was a great series put together
for pastors called how to break the 300 barrier okay then there was a another a
second part to this how to break the 1000 barrier of church growth and so as
I read through this stuff and it was great stuff it just showed you how to
organize how to structure how to Train leaders how to raise them up how to
confront how to put you know the culture of your church but the issue that God
really dealt with me on is do not listen to the title the title can be a curse
there’s a barrier to churches it is the 300 barrier I remember reading an
article in one of the Toronto newspapers written by a professor of Religious
Studies up there who said this was back in 1997-98 and it just basically said
that there will never be mega churches in Canada now a mega church is a church
that had passes the numbers of 2000 he said the Americans have them all over
Canadians we are more and he had all these it was a really well-written
article it was had a lot of thought and it took a lot of great stuff when you
under and socialism and you understand that
Wow but the problem was we’d already beat that 2,000 level what barriers and
so I would as a young Christian whenever I would read a book or whenever I would
study something I would always ask myself in any of this information am i
allowing words to limit me which means they become a curse to me I have doctors
that I see two or three of them in my life on a regular basis I see them ask
them to check me over look at me and they’ll often say something about my
health and they’ll say Leon I see this you need to deal with this this and if
you are in a fear mode his words become curses to you but if you’re in a faith
modis thank you my friend I’m glad you found that I am gonna go do what you
said and make this body healthy I’m gonna go do what you said and rest them
or I’m gonna do what you said and it’s just it’s just great advice but two
people can get the same advice one gets into a hopeful curse and it begins to
bother them and plants in their heart has fear and it brings up an entire
harvest of more pain and sickness and fear and a worry and the other person
it’s advice thank you we need to really understand
this relationship with Jesus God’s Word is so potent so powerful so amazing but
you can’t stay out of it if you stay out of God’s Word you’re gonna starve your
mind is gonna begin to slowly or quickly regain control in the old thinking
habits and then you think well I guess this is just the way it always was no
it’s not okay my time was let me teach one more principle to you the Bible
teaches us in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 and 2 that faith is the substance of
things hoped for the evidence of things not seen
the word evidence is an amazing word if you are a detective here and your job is
to you have there has been a murder and you did not witness it you did not see
it you were not there therefore you had don’t have first-hand knowledge of it
but you must gather evidence and prove who killed this
person this evidence is crucial it’s gotta have timeline it’s gotta have
motive it’s got to have where you are as all these things have to come together
in a chronological way and in certain ways and and and there’s some great
detectives out there to do it so he’s gathering evidence now you
gather evidence every day and you need to be aware of the evidence gathering
process that goes on in your mind if you’re fairly new to this church or even
if you’re not you are continually gathering evidence do I fit in here is
this for me is this where God wants me and you’ll gather evidence because
someone didn’t weigh but you passionately undid not at you and as you
gather evidence your life goes through a series of decisions all the time because
you are not constant God has emotions but he doesn’t make decisions by them
let me say that again God is an emotional God he has emotions but he
makes decisions based on his character lucky for you and me now as you begin to
live your life and develop a marriage develop finances grow that the enemy
will try to tempt you yes but your flesh will continually try to gather negative
evidence to establish within you that this is the way he’s now acting this is
what’s going on and it’s not true you are gathering evidence that brings fear
and it brings negativity and it brings something on the inside you that’s wrong
now if you gather evidence and this person is coming against you then God
will show you how to deal with it but I’m talking about a mindset of people
who every day of their lives they are gathering evidence and they can grab the
most obscure evidence you wore the same shirt that we wore on that horrible
fight four years ago and it was a sign to me that God was saying Oh jeepers you
may as well go smoke sweet grass and then do something else because you are
not hearing from God you are not reading or gathering evidence at all and
see I take back the smoking pot but okay like grow up like we live our lives and
we are continually gathering evidence and establishing our judgments and those
judgments will haunt you and destroy everything in your life so where do we
go for evidence we go to the Word of God the Bible’s of the God’s Word be true
and every man a liar so when something comes against God’s Word in your life
gather the evidence first of all of who you are that you’re
forgiving that you’re born of God that you are righteous as a gift from Jesus
that every promise you have been qualified for by Jesus that you have all
of the promises that they’re already yours and as you begin to gather the
evidence of God’s Word that evidence begins to plant itself in
the soil of your heart as seed first Peter 2 says it is incorruptible seed
and that’s unkillable seed and it will grow up in you and it’ll establish you
in righteousness it’ll establish you in grace
it’ll establish your heart and when your heart is established which is where all
the deeper beliefs about you it’s where you get your identity is deep down in
the deepest beliefs the Bible calls it your heart now modern psychology uses
the word subconscious and the hearts way more powerful than that but it might
help you to understand that when you allow God’s Word to get planted in you
and you begin to be established that you’re right next here’s what I’ll say
I’ll say it this way because the renewed mind rejects every time the curse the
renewed mind rejects every time falsehood the renewed mind that stays
renewing itself in the Word of God will always sense lies I don’t mean someone
else lying to somebody else I’m talking about lies that try to influence you
that you don’t fit in that you’re not this you can’t be healed it’s not gonna
walk itself out the renewed mind accepts all of the wisdom and the blessing and
the favor of God but it rejects every lie the enemy and the flesh begins to be
literally you begin to be dominated by the Spirit because the flesh and
and the Spirit says they they they war against each other but as you renew your
mind with the word he said my yoke is easy and my burden is light you begin to
live your life and you begin to walk in a way where emotions don’t control you
you see emotions are from what you focus on so although you can’t control
emotions can you begin to control what you focus on three people if you stop if
you start focusing on lies those lies speak to you and they are magnified
within you when you focus on truth truth is magnified within you and truth begins
to speak to you you will know the truth and the truth will set you free
every one of us needs freedom every one of us needs to walk in a sense of joy
peace and freedom in our lives our relationships our health prosperity in
all the areas of the promises of God all it requires is a little work of
establishing and renewing your mind with God’s Word
getting out to a church like this where you’ll constantly have truth that will
confront you but in love that you are God’s in love with you God cares about
you so that you can begin to grow plant God’s Word and now everything will
change in your life father I pray right now that you’d caused every one of us
from the the oldest who have known you for decades to the newest believer in
Christ that we must continually feed on your word we must look to your word for
the evidence that we establish our hearts and minds in I pray that father
we would just discipline our minds to focus on God’s word that we discipline
our minds to father not allow the things and the words that others say to control
us and father today in this message we can begin the journey
of knowing you experientially knowing your word every head bowed I want to
close my message down right now with a powerful prayer a prayer that when a
human being praise it and means it everything changes
2000 years ago Jesus died for every human being that would ever be born on
planet Earth he died and he became sin he took sin so that when we asked him to
come in and be our Savior we would be free from the power of sin
we would be forgiven that we we accepted into his family this prayer has been
available for 2,000 years and as long as we’re on this planet it’ll be available
to our sons and daughters our grandchildren but everyone must make
their own decision God will never force himself on people so this prayer is for
two kinds of people today number one if you’ve never given your life to Christ
it’s a decision only you can make not your parents not your spouse only you if
you’re here in a one time you gave your life to Christ but you fell away you
focused on other things you were hurt by church or whatever reason and you need
to come back to him this prayers for you as well
before I lead everybody in this prayer if you’re here and you’d say to me Leon
please please include me today I’m getting right with God all across this
auditorium if that’s you would just open your eyes give me a wave and say pastor
Leon include me in that prayer thank you others thank you thank you thank you
thank you thank you others for those who are watching right
now and the other campuses there’s a leader at the front of that stage he’s
waiting for your hand and I want to encourage you to raise that hand so that
you only you can make this decision for cry
we need you like three seconds I’m gonna lead you in prayer I’m gonna ask
everybody here and all the other campuses to pray out loud along with
these amazing folks making this decision the prayer goes like this
you say dear God thank you for sending Jesus who died on the cross from me and
so Jesus come into my heart I give you my life I want to follow you as my Lord
for the rest of my days in Jesus name Amen
welcome to the family of God

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  2. Thank GOD for YOU Leon Fontaine. You just help so much with understanding the truth and preach it so all can benefit. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฅ‡May GOD keep blessing you and your church. ๐ŸŒผ

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