Dealing With Church Hurt God’s Way | Overcoming Hurt Feelings | Dealing With Hurt Feelings

Dealing With Church Hurt God’s Way | Overcoming Hurt Feelings | Dealing With Hurt Feelings

hi it’s Jennifer LeClaire you probably
know me as the news editor for charisma magazine or maybe you’ve seen some of my
other videos I’ve written a lot of books like fervent faith faith magnified the
heart of the prophetic a number of books you can check those out but I want to
talk to you today about dealing with Church hurt God’s Way dealing with
church hurt God’s Way see we expect to be mistreated in the world but we’re
often blindsided in and we get our feelings hurt quite frankly when our
brothers and sisters in Christ do us wrong or when we perceive that they’ve
done us wrong when they don’t call us back when they said they would when they
don’t invite us to the party when the pastor doesn’t say hello in church he
didn’t even see you you know when people talk behind our backs or you know when
they’re not there for us in a time of need we’re having a crisis and they’re
too busy with their own crisis and we get our feelings hurt you know these are
real situations and real issues and I have so many people emailing me and
writing to me in facebook messaging me talking about the different hurts
they’ve experienced in the church and I know that there are some churches that
are spiritually abusive but most churches are good churches and the
people in the church don’t mean to hurt you and what it happens and so let’s
deal with it head-on let’s confront this thing head-on amen now I wrote a short
article with some prophetic insight on overcoming hurt feelings God’s way that
was the name of the article overcoming hurt feelings God’s Way
I wrote that some years ago and is consistently every month one of the most
popular articles on my site and it’s very short and it’s really just a
prophecy from the Holy Spirit giving me wisdom at a time that I was
going through a church hurt and it’s just a very popular article then on
Sunday I was on a guest on love and life radio with coach Steph and we discussed
the topic of of church hurt and you know although some would argue that we just
need to die to self and you know just get over it just dealing with the
offense just get over just don’t allow ourselves to to be offended you know
that’s true you can argue that but nevertheless it remains a relevant topic
in the church today there’s a lot of people leaving churches because they
feel hurt and we don’t need to just you know sort of poopoo those
feelings or disregard those feelings we need to deal with it head-on and there’s
two different angles here and we’re going to talk about both of those now so
what do you do you’ve been hurt in church and I know that a lot of people
that are watching this video have been hurt in church and that’s why you’re
watching this video I’m gonna give you some practical answers today to help you
get over and this isn’t the whole book on dealing with hurt but these are some
things that we need to do immediately before healing can even begin so so so
what are you supposed to do how do you handle it do you leave the church to you
to just cut off those relationships do you lash out at the person who hurt you
I mean you know when we’re hurt by a church member how do we resolve the
conflict what does the Bible say about it how do we practically walk that out
let’s jump right into this first of all number one whether it’s the pastor or
fellow parishioner or really anybody no matter who hurts you we’re talking about
Church here but this applies to any kind of hurt no matter who hurts you the very
first thing you need to do listen is take it to God in prayer okay because he
knows your heart he knows your hurt he knows the one who hurts you he knows
whether it was malicious or accidental he knows everything
and so the hurt you feel is real okay and and I want you to know that I
understand it I get it the hurt that you feel is real and pretending like you’re
not hurt isn’t going to bring healing you know putting a mask on and smiling
at the person who hurts you and pretending like everything’s okay isn’t
the path to healthy relationships and it isn’t the path to a healthy heart see
sometimes when we get hurt in church people like to tell us that there’s no
reason to feel bad and that you know we should just get over it you ever had
anybody tell you that you know what you just need to forgive you just need to
get over it well you know how if that statement is true we do need to get over
it yes we want to get over it I mean come on do you really take pleasure in
wallowing around and hurt and feeling those emotions of course not nobody does
yes we need to get over it half that statement is true but it’s not always
true that we have no reason to feel bad that is not always true I mean come on
if some spewing malicious gossip about you
behind your back and then somebody else comes and tells you what that person
said that’s hurtful it’s hurtful I’ve had it happen to me
it’s hurtful but no matter what kind of hurts you’re dealing with no matter what
somebody did to you that hurts your feelings don’t rush into confrontation
with your offender don’t go guns blazing blast it and screaming and call on other
people and telling everybody what they did don’t do that take it to God in
prayer take it to God in prayer before you do anything else he has the wisdom
he knows what to do so Psalm 50 and 15 says call upon me in
the day of trouble he wants us to call upon him in the day of trouble and that
works just as well for a troubled soul for a hurt soul as it does for any other
trouble tell him how you feel tell God how you feel and ask him God
heal this wound as soon as the hurt comes god I don’t want to feel this way
please help me please heal my emotions please heal this hurt that hurt me God
go to God go to God and get that that that stability of your hope being
anchored in him that he’s going to work it out talk to him about it he’s really
the only one who can ultimately fix it apart from Christ we can do nothing but
with him we can do all things you know it may be when you take it to God that
the Lord will deal with your offender directly and anything that you say could
only make matters worse I mean it couldn’t very well be that as soon as
the thing happened the Holy Ghost conviction fallen on the person but you
want to rush in and and make your confrontation and the you know this
person’s already wrestling with God well it’s not going to turn out well they’re
going to be defensive they’re already getting conviction from God now they’re
getting condemnation or at least anger from you and they’re getting this
pressure on both sides plus they’re probably getting pressure from the enemy
also who tempted them to do something wrong and hurtful and now is condemning
them for doing that wrong and hurtful thing so when a person has done
something to hurt you and they and they have any any any understanding of it all
they’re feeling pretty bad you rushing out and you know guns blazing and
confronting it probably isn’t gonna bring the results let the Lord get in
the middle okay the Lord has the answers he is the
reconciler he will repay he will he’ll let him do his work alright you know it
could be that the Lord will give you you take it to him in prayer and it could be
that he’ll give you a graceful way to explain why you feel hurt you know at
some point I hope that you know as Church hurts happen we’re able to get
these things out on the table and let everyone express themselves that’s
healthy burying it is never healthy okay so if you take it to God he can give you
the very words to say to your offender according to Luke 12 and 12 and he can
bring conviction to that person’s heart if they’re not already feeling
conviction when you approach it in a spirit of humility according to John 16
and 8 and go study those scriptures let the let the Lord speak to you through
those scriptures now whatever you do don’t retaliate don’t retaliate
vengeance his mind says the Lord I will repay what the enemy meant for harm God
means for good but you’ve got to let it stay in God’s hands you got to take it
to God’s hands in prayer you got to put it in God’s hands in prayer and then you
got to leave it in God’s hands and don’t do anything until he tells you and by
every means don’t retaliate you know in the sermon of the mount Jesus teaches us
to turn the other cheek according to Matthew five and 38 to love our enemies
to bless those who curse us to do good to those who hate us and to pray for
those who despitefully use this according to Matthew 5 and 44 that’s a
pretty clear commandment okay they hate you they use you they hurt you they
persecute you pray for them pray for them pray for them it doesn’t say when
they hurt you go call your friend and tell you what they did doesn’t say when
they hurt you just pick up and leave the church and you know take your tithe with
you it doesn’t say you know it doesn’t say any of that
doesn’t say to go confront them screaming and yelling and crying and
manipulating and woe is me it doesn’t say that we need to be mature enough
that yes we do get hurt you being hurt me being her it doesn’t mean that we’re
immature it means well we’re not completely
to self but doesn’t mean we’re immature it’s how we respond to that hurt that
demonstrates our humility our maturity or our lack thereof so with that in mind
don’t go telling everybody what someone did to hurt your feelings and and don’t
make accusations against the person that hurts you if you decide to confront the
matter don’t go to them with accusations like I said before with guns blazing so
for example instead of saying you hurt my feelings you know you always do this
you always do that you hurt my feelings don’t do that nobody always does this or
always does that or never does it don’t use those superlatives always never take
those out of your conversation and also don’t put the responsibility in the
blame for how you feel on them so when you say you hurt my feelings
well you allowed your feelings to be hurt we have to take some responsibility
for what we do even if what they did was very hurtful we decided to allow
ourselves to be hurt you know I know that’s a fine line there but here’s my
point well first of all let me say this I’ve said many times my friends would
tell you that this is what I say when when someone blindsides me you know if
someone sneaks up behind me with a baseball bat and bashes me in the head
god forbid if someone comes up behind me and shoves me down hits me in the head
you know I’m going to fall down and I’m going to say ouch and I might cry so
there’s an initial shock when someone hurts you okay and you don’t need to be
hard on yourself if you feel bad for a day or you’re crying or you if that hurt
is real okay but it’s what you do after that once you get your bearings okay
you’ve hit me in the side of the head I felt on the ground all right you know
what now I have to decide am I gonna get up or am I gonna wallow down there in
that pit am I gonna get up I have a choice you knocked me down now I have a
choice am I gonna get up or am I gonna stay down and I decided a long time ago
that I’m gonna get up and so when you go to somebody and they’ve hurt your
feelings or your feelings have been hurt you don’t say you
at my feelings you say when you did that I felt hurt or when you talked to me
like that I feel upset so you have to own your feelings because guess what
they’re your feelings all right I don’t turn off the video I’m not against you I
understand the hurt is real ok it’s very possible though that your offender has
absolutely no idea that they’re just you know some people are just they’re just
callous even believers they’re just they’re insensitive to those around them
and they don’t mean to be but they were raised and in that environment in an
atmosphere with insensitive people and that’s how they are then the Holy Spirit
is working on them in that area most likely just like he’s working on you in
some areas most likely he’s working on all of us ok so we don’t need to go to
our brother or sister in Christ or anybody with accusations and we don’t
need to to go in talking about what you did to me talk about how you feel how it
makes you feel when that person says or does those things if you approach them
in humility and seeking reconciliation you know you might be surprised your
offender might be quick to apologize and they they might actually begin to
understand that their behaviors not appropriate and that is hurtful all
right but here’s the thing let the Lord do the work you’ve heard me say that
again before but I’m gonna say it again let the Lord do the work because Peter
in 1st Peter 4 and 8 he exhorts us above all things he says have fervent love for
one another for love covers a multitude of sins you don’t need to you know be
led by the Holy Spirit it’s not always necessary to go up to someone who hurts
you every time they do something you don’t like I knew a guy one time who was
offended and hurt by a friend and it was like 7 years later and he said I you
know what I’m I he sent the guy an email and he said you know I forgive you for
what you did to me well the guy didn’t even know that he’d done anything and
all that did was open up a big can of worms now the other guy’s hurt and now
they’re arguing and now where there was peace there’s strife because this guy
felt like he needed to get something off his chest the one who was hurt felt like
he needed to tell him he forgave them the guy didn’t even know if you’re gonna
wait seven years leave it alone you know you’re just doing more damage you’re
just hurting more I’ll let it go but you know here’s the
deal listen listen it could be that the Lord it’s just possible and again don’t
get mad at me but I’d tell you the truth it’s possible that the Lord is trying to
work out something in you yeah it’s it’s possible it may be you’re too sensitive
I mean maybe you’re not but maybe you are
is it worth praying about is it worth checking our hearts it is it’s worth
checking our hearts is the person really being hurtful or could it be possible
that we’re looking at this perceived hurt through past hurts that we’re
taking what the person’s saying to us and we’re filtering it through rejection
or we’re filtering it through anger or we’re filtering it through past hurts I
mean those things sort of cloud the truth you know I’ve got glasses you can
see well if I you know put mud all over my glasses I’m not gonna see real well
out of my glasses well rejection and unforgiveness and bitterness and past
hurts and wounds and and all that it clouds our vision and we begin to see
everything through those filters through those glasses you know maybe that’s not
for you but ask the Lord ask the Lord it could be that the Holy Spirit will bring
conviction on them like I said before maybe he’ll even heap coals of fire on
their head until they get it you know burn away some of that dross but your
job is to bless them outwardly with the heart of love your job is to forgive and
here’s the bottom line and I just said it it doesn’t really
matter listen it doesn’t really matter how wrong your offender is you have to
forgive you have to we are commanded to forgive listen
forgiveness is not for the other person it’s for you because the person that
hurts you like the guy of my friends at the email to seven years later you
didn’t even know he heard the guy he thought living his life and this other
guy’s bitter for seven years you know if you don’t forgive you’re gonna be bitter
forgiveness listen forgiveness doesn’t justify what the person did wrong is
wrong but you forgiving them doesn’t make they’re wrong right it just wipes
it clean you just choose not to remember just like God does with our
sins he chooses to remember it no more it’s not that he actually forgets in the
sense that he just doesn’t remember forgive and forget
forgive and she’s not to remember I think is a better way to put it and you
know forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship goes back to
the way that it was you know I’ve had people tell me I have this one woman at
one point in my life she’s a very good friend continued to lie and I forgive
her and then she would lie and big lies now I forgive her and she would lie and
I won’t forgive her and finally I said you know what there’s been a breach in
trust and and and I love you and we’re still in relationship when we’re still
friends but I can’t keep doing this with you I don’t trust you and so I think we
need to take a season apart and pray now we can be friends have lunch but this
closeness there’s been a breach here and I was told that you know that I was
unforgiving and and merciless and unkind and and a hold of a bunch of things and
it wasn’t that at all it’s just that once someone breaks your trust you know
they do have to relearn it and if they break your trust five six seven times
that you forgive them but it doesn’t mean that things go back to the way they
were all right maybe they can and maybe they can get back to the way they were
maybe they can be back you know maybe there’s grace there I don’t know but
don’t let anybody pressure you you know and to you know letting that person be
your best buddy or letting them back into your heart if they just wounded
your heart over and over and over use some wisdom you know take it to the Lord
again you’ve got to take it to the Lord don’t listen to me as giving you the I’m
not giving you some kind of rule okay I’m telling you take it to the Lord and
there’s different dynamics here and different things I’ve experienced and
you probably have to so if you don’t forgive you’re gonna end up bitter and
resentful and before too long you’re gonna end up hurting people why I can’t
hear you but you probably know why because hurting people hurt people and
you know the healing process can’t really begin until you spit out that bit
of offense you know you know Sam wants to get us to bite down on that offense
and just you know keep chewing it and chewing it and shooting it we’re
supposed to chew the word we’re supposed to meditate on the word but the enemy
wants us to chew on that hurt and meditate on that hurt and it just grows
bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and of course we don’t heal that way
can’t heal that way can’t heal that way won’t work here’s the thing let me give
you this prophetic inside this is from my original article on overcoming hurt
feelings God’s Way and I want to give you this the Holy Spirit told me this
one time when I was extremely hurt in the church and I’m glad to tell you that
I forgave and I’m fine and everything’s good but hurt really does happen but
here’s the prophetic wisdom that I want to share with you I’m gonna read this to
you cuz I wrote it down when the Holy Spirit told me and now I’m passing it on
to you and I really pray that it helps you and I and I I’m quite sure that it
will if you embrace it so here’s what it is when the feeling of hurt arises the
spirit of offense comes on the scene to fortify the pain tempting you to hold on
to the grudge in your heart therefore the proper response to emotional pain of
the soul is always an immediate confession of forgiveness from the heart
did you get that the proper response to emotional pain of the soul is always an
immediate confession of forgiveness from the heart the alternative to forgiveness
from the heart is ongoing torment of the soul so if you want to be free from your
hurts and wounds take thoughts of forgiveness meditate on them and confess
them rather than taking the thoughts of hurt
meditating on them and confessing them this is God’s Way and it’s the only way
that brings true healing and while you’re at it pray for those who have
hurt you this process will clean cleanse your heart and renew your mind and you
will walk free from the pain of your past amen
are you with me are you ready to let this church hurt go are you ready to
leave it behind are you ready to press past the pain of your past are you ready
make a commitment make a decision in your heart now to do what I shared with
you and to do what the Holy Spirit more importantly what the Holy Spirit shares
with you to do all right but let me pray for you before we go be sure to
subscribe to my youtube channel I put out videos every week and write columns
every week and I expound on the the written columns in these videos so be
sure to do that putting out some some really good stuff in the weeks ahead I
want you to take advantage of all of it but let me pray for you father in the
name of Jesus father I know what is to be hurt and I know what it is to
be wounded and father I know that those watching me right now many of them are
hurt right now they’re hurt bad they’re weeping I just hear the Lord saying in a
weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning if you let it and
your part says the Spirit of God is to rejoice even in the hurt knowing that I
work all things together for good says God and I will make it up to you I will
repay you I will restore you but you have to trust me says God trust me it
wasn’t my will and it wasn’t my plan and it wasn’t my way and what happens you
wasn’t right but I am here to restore you I am here to heal you if you’ll let
me thank you Father I thank you Lord that that you heal that you pour out
your spirit over those listening and you help them God to let go to spit out that
bait that Satan has tempted them with help them God to make a decision by
their will to forgive knowing that their emotions might not change immediately
but if they continue to forgive by their will the emotions will catch up to the
to their will and so father I ask you to pull out the grace of forgiveness on
everyone listening to this video equip them God to walk ahead and your will
bless them in Jesus name Amen and amen thank you for listening I enjoy making
these videos for you I enjoy your feedback I just thank God for you and
really let it go God’s gonna he’s gonna make it new for you alright until next
week god bless you

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  39. I find this hard to listen to because I can't take responsibility for being sexually harassed by a married leader whose wife makes excuses for the things He does & the Pastor has had several witnesses that has told him this person is a predator of both young female children & adult women younger than himself. This does not help me at all but thanks for your ministry.

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  41. Hi, my Church Leadership is run by a family? I'm a Church assistant Pastor. I love my senior Pastor, but some of his decision making is influenced by basis to his family. Leadership roles have been given to family members who are offending people and turning people away from Church. Myself and previous Leaders have asked that the Church constitution and the scriptures themselves be upheld in the appointment of Leadership roles. That the congregation provide and vote in the Leaders/Elders who are full of the Holy Spirit and showing the fruits of the Spirit in a Democratic model, as exampled by the first Church in the book of Acts. Rather than the Pastor put up his own hand picked leaders/Elders in a Autocratic model. My senior Pastor disregarded our constitution and the Democratic process because he said he knew his own daughter would not be voted in by the congregation. To be honest his daughter is not Leadership quality, but uses her influence on her Dad to influence the Church, whilst she is involved with all of the Church's conflicts and divisions. I feel the Lord has called me to this Church, I love the people and my Pastors. I've lost many friends who have left our church and gone to other churches because of the pastors daughter. Now my own family have left because of her. I'm really torn, and should of left a million times before. But I've stayed on because I'm loyal to the people who have helped me in my life, and also I believed I could help change things in this church for the better, along with many prophetic and answered prayers and confirmation that I've received that this is where I was called to. I've put up with a lot over the years, but I'm now at an end. New people come in all the time, but solid Leaders, Pastors, Christians, friends and family are leaving like its a revolving door. I've been shoulder tapped to be the next Pastor, and have waited for my opportunity and for my time and to put in change. The likely change over will be some time in the next few years, but I don't know if I can last that long. And the longer I stay here the more pain and sorrow I feel. I'm not wanting to usurp my Pastor, and I'm fine with not Pastoring a church at all, I don't want to split the church, and at the moment, I just want to leave and go somewhere else, and have a break from ministry. I have no grievances with anyone, I love my Senior Pastor and his family, they are like family to me. I've experienced ministry burn out before, and had time out from ministry to refocus and then got back into ministry once rested. Could I please get some advise? I'm about to have the leaving conversation with my Pastor. I've been praying, and speaking with my mentors and even with my own senior Pastor on the matter. And I feel like leaving my Church, which I love so much, and going elsewhere.

  42. Thank you for this I really needed this

  43. Yes, I'm an outcast.

  44. I hate what the church did to me first time prison, mental hospital they said they would visit me No one did and they caused it, 30 years latter they did even worse to me, when I try talking nice to them they slam the phone down, shut up lady you are clueless to real life changing situations because of a church.

  45. Thank you for your videos

  46. I use to evangelize over 15 yrs years ago I fell into sin. Ive changed and walked on the sin was over 10 years ago I also play guitar they receive me playing and love that but preaching is out a lot of respect of persons. I won't get into everything but it hurts

  47. Sono a una Festa si sento poco

  48. O una festa in una piazzetta

  49. Adesso cominci a Conoscere anche gli italiani

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