Dealing with Cat-Haters: Episode 93

Dealing with Cat-Haters: Episode 93

[Music Playing: Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball”] Lip Syncing: Don’t you ever say I just walked away. I will always want you. I can’t live a lie running for my life. I will always want you. I came in like a wrecking ball, I never hit so hard in love, All I wanted was to break your walls, all you ever did was wreck me! Caller: Hey guys, um, I brought my girlfriend over to my house the other day, and she saw my cat and was like, ew, I hate cats. And, um…I kind of want to break up with her. Is that too extreme? Thanks! No. Nope, leave her. Leave her. That’s… Ew, I hate cats? First of all, what kind of person hates cats? I understand having a bad experience with cats, and maybe not loving cats… Or being allergic [together] to cats… But hating cats? That is not…mm-mmm. That means you’re inhumane. Yes. Probably incapable of love. She’s never gonna love you, might as well leave her now. Yeah! Imagine if she was like, “this is my little cousin.” And you were like, “ew! I hate people!” Right? [Kristin exhales] I don’t like her. You know what? I think that she needs to just take another look at what a cat looks like.>>Mm-hmm. You know what I mean? And really think about that cat’s feelings. Here, this is what we’re dealing with. This, this is a cat. You’re gonna say ew to this face? How? How could you say ew? Are you kidding me? I know, you’re so sweet. Oh, God, gross. I hate cats. [Dannielle Squeeling] Emersion therapy! [Laughing] Okay, let’s get serious for a second here.>>Mmm… So I think that your first step is to say this cat is a part of my family, and I don’t appreciate when you speak about him like that. And if she’s like, I mean, I don’t know what to do, I hate cats so, I don’t ever want to go to your apartment, then you say cool, this relationship is over. Yeah. If the girl responds positively, here’s what we can do. We can just take things slowly. Okay. Right? I’m not gonna make you, like, cuddle with my cat. I just don’t want you to, like, hurt my cat’s feelings. We can work through this together. Cool. Let’s make out. Okay. [“Wrecking Ball” Continues] Lip Syncing: All I wanted was to break your walls, all you ever did was break me! I came in like a wrecking ball, Yeah, I just closed my eyes and swung. Left me crashing in a blazing fall, All you ever did was break me! Yeah you, you wrecked me! Yeah you, you wrecked me!

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  1. The initial reaction to that question was priceless!!

  2. I try not to let my bad experiences with cats in the past affect how I think about all the cats I meet meow (see what I did there?!). My current GF has one and it's a pretty rad cat, I have to say. No biting, clawing or anything! Just snuggles and loud purring in my face in the middle of the night. awwwwww

  3. I Just gotta say that, personally I don't LOVE cats (cause I'm allergic)…but breaking up just because of a reaction seems a bit over the limit. Why not talk about it, and see what she really meant?

  4. there are some really odd videos in the suggestion bar of this video… well done youtube

  5. I get why someone might think that's overreacting, but the thing is if she REALLY likes cats, and loves her cat and someone she's dating just fucking hates them, (and doesnt TRY to get to know her cat)  they're incompatible. The people in the relationship are probably going to start resenting one another for either giving her cat away, or for having to put up with a cat that she detests. Also, this reminds me of the L word.

  6. So… I'm just going to sit here and re-watch this a billion times. Don't mind me. 🙂

  7. It's like… I used to dislike cats (don't worry, I have since seen the error of my ways) but I would never have SAID that to a cat lover while I was in their house. It's just rude.  

  8. I used to not like cats and then I moved into a house that had a wild cat that lived under the porch and he's so chill. And so I warmed up to them a lot. 

  9. I had a cat. His name was Sneaky. I loved him so but, found out I was allergic to him. I miss him so much but, I know he is being well taken care of, by a loving family. I still get to visit him, as often as I can. I can't understand, how someone could hate cats.  

  10. my boyfriend hates cats too but somehow he and my cat hit it off. when he visits she cuddles up to him more than me and  when she is in the room he pays more attention to her than me. so i would not worry about it. its just the initial reaction

  11. loved the video—so glad you ladies are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Dannielle has been my wcw every wednesday for a year B)

  13. this is perfect lmao

  14. I can't go over to my friend's apartment because her cat (like most cats) really creeps me out. I guess I'm an awful person who is incapable of love.

  15. Dump her immediately and maybe have her exorcised for demons.

  16. omg. i actually laughed so hard at this one that i scared my cat. 🙂

  17. who edits these videos? kristin or danielle?

  18. This is so fucking funny XD

  19. awesome show. your cat is adorable meow:)

  20. Are your mittens Pabst??? That's awesome!

  21. My mom hate cats and I love them, every time my mom saw a cat, she gets freaked out or blazing (really,really,really angry). I have a cat, and her name is unix, every time she comes in to my house, my mom kick her or hit her with a newspaper. I cannot stand to see my cat unix to suffer every time she comes into my house, I need your advice

  22. i love you guys so much

  23. I used to hate having any animals because they made my house dirty until I met my boyfriend/now husband of twenty-five years. He completely changed my mind about cats, and I love them so much now.

  24. That cat is either mentally planning world domination in this video or has some serious RBF Syndrome

  25. Anyone who thinks cats are evil,just don't know cats too well.

  26. if I could like this twice or… hey…. 5 million times, I would. Just- the expressions, and maybe one of the best uses of wrecking ball. You two are the best.

  27. I own a tuxedo cat whom I absolutely adore, but I just can't seem to find a girl freind who likes or excepts cats. 🙁

  28. I would never kill or think of killing a cat I just never hade one

  29. Love This!!!! 🙂

  30. I hate cats but I don't kill them

  31. Expressionless, disgusting, varmints that piss and Loaddump in a box, then proceed to walk in it, then walk on your kitchen table. DISGUSTING! !!! I hate cats and am a PROUD MEMBER of C.H.O.W.


  33. Keep them OUTSIDE 24/7/365!!!

  34. Without a doubt, both are Liberal carpet munchers. Undoubtedly!

  35. There was talk of two chicks making out…?
    Could you please edit that part back in, because I think you missed it in post production…
    Thank you.
    Oh and I hate cats too.
    Especially when all four of them are sleeping on my their bed and when I finally do get in, in the morning I can't get back out….. to feed them…
    Stupid lazy good for nothing lieabou…

    * cat miauws loudly in distance *

    Oh, nothing my master… nothing…

    I have to leave now…

  36. Sorry blaze but every cat hates me and i do noting

  37. I hate cats! Used to love them. I've had a cat I loved SOO much, I looked after and adored, just up, and choose the people across the street. It hurt soooo bad, that it has turned me against them. I will never have a cat again, just to be used & have my heart broken. Never again

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