Dealing With Boredom Feat. TheOdd1sOut and Tetris

Dealing With Boredom Feat. TheOdd1sOut and Tetris

I have no idea if you follow me on Twitter, But if you do you may have realized I had no functioning internet once I moved home from College. the night I moved in a bolt of lightning broke something on the internet providers end. For the stream I had april 30th I had to pick up all my computer stuff, lug it over to my grandparents So I could do the charity event. other than when I streamed, my entire connection to the internet has been through my phone which can only go so far. I don’t exactly have unlimited data or anything, so the amount of time I can use it is extremely limited. I can’t watch videos, I can’t talk to my friends at discord, It’s such a first real problem. But my gosh, I hate it. It’s because of my lack of internet. I realized just how addicted to it I am. It also made me realize how extraordinarily bored (board HAHA) I am without it I’m the first to admit that nowadays were a little spoiled when it comes to having the internet. Most people who watch my videos probably can’t even remember what it was like to not have the internet. Or If you’re around my age you may barely remember what it’s like. I’m not entirely certain what kids from the days before the internet did during their summer breaks, other than like going outside or watching TV. But as the title of this video reads, this video is about fighting boredom. So we’re going to try to find something to do. Now, fortunately my electricity didn’t go out WITH the internet, So playing video games is still something I can do. Personally, I found myself playing a whole lot of Puyo Puyo tetris on my brother’s Playstation the past some time. Now, I have no idea how to play this Puyo (I don’t know what the game is sorry :C) game But I’d say I’m pretty alright at Tetris. Side note, Ever since James from TheOdd1sOut made his video about playing Tetris, the rest of the animation community kind of silently went like “Yeah, I could totally beat him.” Hmm, I wonder if I can… *Static* James: Yeah, you can start the game, i’m always ready. Rebaka: Heh Rebaka: always ready for tetris. Rebaka: hehe James (In a weird voice): Hurry up, I wanna playayy Rebaka: hahaha James: I’m just… in the lobby… James: Just not playing and I can’t start a new thing cause’ (Gibberish) Rebaka: (laughing) That’s not english XD Hahaha (gibberish) Rebaka: You already Rebaka: You already You Already Rebaka: You already You Already YOU ALREADY BEAT ME XD (EVEN MORE GIBBERISH) Rebaka: THAT WAS A BAD GAME FOR ME XD AW Rebaka: so close… James: Fine one more. James: Nuts 😛 Rebaka: and just wipe the floor I’m assuming. James: Ew, this is speaking of which (I think that what he said) Rebaka: AHH! James: YES!!! (Rebaka laughing) James: I didn’t press the space bar once! (both lauging) James: Do you want to keep going you till’ you win one? Rebaka: wait… My keyboard is starting to squeak and I don’t like it. James: That’s fine cause’ I was just talking to your keyboard, Rebaka: HAHAHA- James: and it didn’t like you either. XDXD Rebaka: Good. Rebaka: AWWWW… HAHAHA James: Can James win it back? James: Oh, I’m out, I’m dead, oh, there it is. (Rebaka laughing in competitive cheer) Rebaka: I win! Guess I’m the new champion! James: Oh this is a close game! This it a close game!! Rebaka: WOAH I WIN HAHAHAHA Rebaka: That was fun alright BACK TO THE VIDEO!!! Aaaanyways, I usually play tetris on a site called tetris friends since I can battle my friends there. But since my internet is down I can’t use it. I wasn’t particularly used to the controls for a console version and at first I was messing up left and right, but after nearly five days with no internet, I think I’ve got it pretty much down. Tetris is a fun game in all, But it can only keep me sane for so long, so I needed some other stuff to do. Now I’m not exactly made of money so I can’t just go to event like a concert or a movie or something, However, I can get some things from like Dollar Tree™. I actually bought a kite, hoping that it would provide some sort of entertainment. Here’s some things I should of thought of when I was attempting to fly this kite. #1 I got it for 2$. You shouldn’t expect quality. #2 (summed up version) The wind that CAUSED the internet to go out, hadn’t stopped yet. It’s like 30 mile-Per-hour winds outside right now. (while she’s recording) Just because it isn’t raining doesn’t mean it’s good enough weather to fly a kite. So, after ignoring my own advice I assembled my kite and took it outside Let the wind just kinda… Spin it around… For a moment or two… And then they kind of broke into like six parts. None of them were salvageable. If I were keeping a chart of the things that keep me entertained, This will go in the awful category. Actually yeah I’m making a chart here you go. So, tetris worked fine. Kites were kinda a disaster , What else I got. Watching TV is an option, but honestly there’s not much on TV that I like. Cartoon Network, all they’re showing is teen titan go reruns. (like always) ewwww… We don’t talk about that show… I did go to goodwill for a little bit. That was a little entertaining. Bought a record player there, so that’s cool. But, also Goodwill smells gross. Smells like… Old people Old people and cigarettes. Actually, I’m really happy I brought the record player. Normally, when I’m drawing, I have like a spotify playlist or something. But without my internet, I can’t listen to my Jam’s (James lol :P) but since I bought the record player, I can jam out to my ONLY ALBUM. Vessel by Twenty One Pilots. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t think of drawing is the FIRST thing to do when I was getting bored I don’t need internet to do it, in fact, up and drawing near my entire life. It’s how I used to entertain myself when I had nothing to do. Obviously by the time this video comes out, I’ll have internet again. But if this outage has taught me anything, it’s that I’m kind of hopeless without the internet. Nearly all my friends are on the internet, YouTube, Aka my job, is on the internet, and like everything I enjoy has to do with the internet somehow. this doesn’t really have a moral or anything. I was just really bored… Hey guys, how you doing? If you liked the part where I play Tetris with James and want to see more? You’re in luck I’ve uploaded more of it for you to enjoy Friendly reminder that I have a patreon I try to keep you guys up to date on the latest news and stuff We also got that discord group link here on the screen I like to hang out in there so we can just have a grand old time Links to all that stuff in the description and yeah, thanks to James for helping me out with this video and remember kids James: Wear your seatbelt. James: Put that in somewhere. Rebaka: Weeeaaar your seatbelt.

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