Hi I’m here to talk about baldness today Obviously, I’m a bald guy So don’t let me fool you Uh… This is not something I was very comfortable with for a while actually I started becoming very insecure when my hair was thinning and uh… I tried to cover it up I tried to use Rogaine I’m sure a lot of you bald brothers out there do it But you know what the best thing to do is just shave your head As Charles Barkley would say Just come on home It’s like you just free yourself You can be fully bald or you can have like a scruff Like a five O’clock shadow as I have That’s fine But it looks gutsy, it looks better and it’s clean The insecurity didn’t stop there right away I still had issues I felt like this would compromise my results in getting women And uh As insecure as I felt I still went out there and I showed confidence even though I wasn’t confident and I saw that nothing has really changed I was actually getting the same exact results I was getting when I had hair So that’s all an illusion to us Yeah women say that a man’s hair very important to them And it makes other guys feel insecure about being bald But look at it this way There’s guys out there that say Really big boobs are attractive on a woman Okay? But if you see a beautiful girl or a hot girl and she has smaller boobs Will that make you not pursue her? Definitely not You’d still want to go after her even though you’re a fan of big boobs So you gotta look at it the same way with men and hair I embrace baldness so much that I actually went up to a girl at a club once And asked her if she’s into bald guys And she told me she thinks I have a cute face And we just started talking I mean there’s a bunch of celebrities that are really good looking and they’re bald guys And women go crazy for them You have Billy Zane You have Jason Statham You have Stephon Marbury Tyrese Bruce Willis Just to name a few Now let’s look at Seinfeld, one of the greatest shows ever made in my opinion And there was this episode where Elaine was dating this guy He was shaving his head And she said Cause he was a swimmer and she told Jerry that she thought it was so gutsy and She was attracted to him Later she saw a picture of him uh on his driver’s license And he had a full head of hair and she was in love with that hair And she told Jerry how excited she was that he was willing to grow it back just for her And she told uh Jerry that Men have no idea how important there hair is for a woman George was in the room, he’s bald and he felt insecure Later on in the episode when his hair was growing back Elaine saw that the top wasn’t as dark as the sides were So he freaked out and he says “Oh My God! I’m balding!” And it didn’t really bother Elaine in that scene And then as the episode progressed Uh he showed more and more and more insecurity And everybody thought Elaine lost interest in him Even she thought she lost interest in him Cause he officially became a bald guy But it wasn’t that it was it was his uh insecurity It’s because he stopped being a man And in the beginning of the episode she didn’t even know he had uh beautiful head of hair And she was very attracted to him So that was actually a very brilliant episode that was written It’s an excellent example of that Guys… There’s nothing wrong with being bald You just have to embrace it You have to carry confidence There’s nothing sexier than confidence

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