Dealing with bad latency in PUBG sucks – PING

Dealing with bad latency in PUBG sucks – PING

Right! Let’s go! Oh – come on Ping! Yip – I’m coming! Sorry! Sorry sorry sorrysorrysorry Right Are you ready? -Yip Let’s go Otay! Yuss!! Oh come on Ping!! I’m coming I’m coming – sorry, sorry – I’m coming I’m coming! Right – umm… This gun – right Right
– Right, thank you Okay! Oh yeah – where are we going? Right Oh for f– Come on Ping! I’m coming. Uhh where is he? Oh he’s over there. Hang on I’ll get him Oh! We missed! Oh we missed
– What a surprise Oh well get him next time eh? **Off-screen gun shots** Oh shit

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  1. Why ping is so dumb? 🙁

  2. This is a stand power!

  3. This has to be the most relatable thing I've seen in a while.
    Me : DIES
    Competition : "Excuses."
    Me : Checks ping
    Ping : 5000ms
    Me : "Welp this server is a potato time for a new one."

  4. Worst enemy in the game,laaaggggg

  5. 1:12 autistically inserts magazine

  6. 1:01 I love the Kar98k sound

  7. Should do one using xradar… lol

  8. يمثلنا العرب ☻

  9. Este video describe lo que estoy pasando en estos días..

  10. This is one of the funniest true things ever

  11. Hannibal Lector killed his restaurant dreams due to lack of customers lmao

  12. You guys should do one dealing with salty deaths. Basically, kill one and the ghost follows you screaming and accusing you of camping/hacking etc

  13. You've been killed by 3855225886 🙁

  14. We all can relate except fortnite players 😿

  15. That moment when you try to throw a grenade while having high ping and it blasts in your hand.

  16. #saveyourinternet

  17. I make the same face when im coming

  18. Think about it slower phone

  19. Ping Rowan's accent is simply epic 😀

  20. Need french plz..

  21. Me n my last 2 brain cells having a conversation

  22. 1:23
    Player – should I loot the dead body or the ping

  23. 哈哈哈哈 生动形象

  24. La historia de mi vida.

  25. low on funds! XD

  26. It really happens to me all the time

  27. "What are you doing here?"

  28. Hahaha mostly happens with me…

  29. You guys should definitely make a "Cmon PING" Shirt XD
    thats perfect

  30. This is just like minimum PING IS 600

  31. 😂😂😂😂😂 love this

  32. Am I the only one who thinks the ping sounds Handicapped

  33. No of likes=Your Highest Ping

  34. Últimamente me pasa mucho eso como me emputa he perdido varías partidas por esas mamadas la neta ….😭

  35. By the God of Lag, how come you guys have such horrible pings? Mine is always around 10, max at 12.

    Click here see funny

  37. Where we going? 😁😁😁

  38. when ping is 180 and suddenly in middel of battel goes o 986 , thats sucks.

  39. My ping is 998 in Afghanistan and I still play 😏


  41. every scientist engineer etc should feel sorry about this to new generation its not ping its a slow fak for them

  42. Subtitles in portuguese, please….

  43. 솔로인데 듀오가 되는 마술

  44. Superb nice work

  45. Rodneeeeey! 😛

  46. you guys should do a skit where your whole team has ping ghosts, i feel like that's definitely happened before.

  47. I love you guys loool

  48. Bring back Ping and keep his theme song

  49. love the music! great choice xD

  50. It was adam i knew it

  51. Jajajaja csm 🤣🤣 buenísimo!

  52. When your ping in PUBG Mobile is about 968ms

  53. when your ping is Rodney

  54. height this game deleted from library

  55. battlefield 4 flashbacks

  56. Вот зараза 😂😂😂

  57. PUBG HELP LINE: 968

  58. I did not know there was latency thing

  59. I love it when he talks like he's retarded.

  60. The endcut was brilliant

  61. This is why I love Viva! They keep making us laugh and smile in any simple way in their skits… Even how low their funds are, They're not failing us to laugh and smile… I LOVE YOU VIVA!

  62. Is Ping the long lost brother of Rodney?

  63. Mi ping 968, Faaaack.

  64. 0:47 Titanfall/Apex reference?


  66. I have to say that was incredibly clever.

  67. 968 ms:
    Me: WHO WATCHED YOUTUBE?!?!?!?!?!

  68. Lobby
    Me: we fight together, we die together
    Ping: funny you got jokes
    Me: no seriously
    Ping: yeah right alright let’s go!
    Me ok
    Back at the lobby
    Me: told ya
    Ping: shut up

  69. The trials and tribulations of playing from Australia on U.S. based servers.

  70. PC: Still parachuting to the ground
    Mobile: skydiving on the ground

  71. i have ping 1😂👌

  72. this is happens when my 4g pack were over and i play with 2g a

  73. I hate pings they're annoying

  74. 0:55 "Hannibal Lecter killed his restaurant dreams due to a lack of customers"

    WTF !! 😂😂😂

    Thankfully me new phone fix that.

  76. I really hate when it happens
    Btw nice work guys

  77. Sounds like rhodney

  78. No idea what was going on

  79. Ping you're real enemies

  80. Круто, что скажу только, где вы на учились писать на русском?

  81. Omg this is fucking hilarious!!!

  82. Is This a JoJo Reference? I mean, he got a Stand.

  83. Hannibal Lecter killed his restaurant dreams

  84. i laughed way to loud at Rowans face at 00:05! or should i say Rodney

  85. I want to like the video but the ping won't allow me to do so

  86. What really cracks me up is morons who think people with a 400 ping have an advantage over someone with a 50 ping.

  87. takes me back to the old cod days!

  88. That character is perfect here 😂

  89. I think Rowan's retarded character is my favorite thing ever

  90. what you guys couldhave done is make him dodgemaster – thats hes imposible to get shot coz everyone mises him coz hes that laggy

  91. 250ms ping on average gang

  92. Wait you didn't teleported??

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