Dealing With Bad Beard Days | Beardbrand

Dealing With Bad Beard Days | Beardbrand

What’s up guys, it’s your boy Eric Bandholz
back again with Beardbrand. Hope all is going well on the other side of the internet. Want
to do a quick little video on dealing with bad beard days and maybe some tips that you
could have to prevent you from shaving your beautiful face locks off on a day that you
don’t feel good. So we all have bad beard days. Maybe you put too much conditioner in
it, maybe you haven’t showered in a couple of days, maybe you’ve got a couple negative
comments from your friends or your spouse or co-workers or whatever it is, but for whatever
reason you look in the mirror, you look at your beard and like man this beard, just I
want to get rid of it. So first of all that happens to everyone. We all have those days,
I have those days they’ll go in waves and a lot of time they’ll be associated with maybe
down times in our lives. So one of the most important things that we recommend that you
do is well first of all don’t make any decisions while you’re drinking or drunk or depressed.
So to handle that, we ask you to sleep on it. And a good rule of thumb is for every
month you’ve been growing your beard out, sleep on it for those number of days. So if
you’ve grown you beard out for a month give it a day, if you’ve been growing it out six
months give it a week, if you’ve been growing it out for a year give it a couple of weeks.
And that way you make sure that it’s not a spare of the moment kind of deal. Now there’s
nothing wrong with changing up your style wanting to with different look, but do it
because you’re excited about that look, you want to move forward you want a little change,
not because you’re down in the dumps and depressed. The other thing I’d recommend is putting yourself
around positive people. Here in Spokane we’ve got the Spokane Beard and Mustache Club. A
fantastic group of guys they’re super nice also a plug, we’ve got our beard competition
coming up October 5th here in Spokane, hope you guys can make it. But join your local
beard club there’s a couple online communities that I’ve found to be very awesome so go ahead
and like post your photo on is a great one that I like to go to. And then
there’s a few pages on Facebook you can go to, The Society of Bearded Gents, they’re
another good community. Post your photo up there, let other people see it who are positive
and helpful during your time. So posting these photos will get your self-esteem back up and
kind of go from there. So just a couple of quick, easy, small tips. Hope it helps keep
a couple of beards on peoples faces. As always, thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing.
Cheers and beard on.

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  1. Appreciate the videos!

  2. i feel more confident with my beard, kinda hides me from the world

  3. Thank you,now I know how to deal with bad beard day. your awesome and beard on!

  4. 2 months in now… couldn't have started at a better time with autumn about to start.. πŸ™‚
    (got you to thank for it, to finally start committing…)

    great vid again, and thanks for making it!
    beard on!

  5. I know I tweeted you the other day about having negative thoughts about my beard after 6 months. I'm so glad you made this video man. Thanks

  6. I also find the australian band "The Beards" really encouraging..
    "This Beard Stays" or "There's nothing better than a beard" just to name to songs out of three studio albums…

  7. What can help a beard grow faster.?

  8. Thanks for your inspiring words. I’m 5 months strong and my goal is to rich the YEARD! I get those bad beard days but listening to you keeps my goal alive. Beard on brother!

  9. U saved my beard . TKS.

  10. Hey Eric, love the videos been watching them a while. Just a quick question i'm into 3 months of my beard and am blessed with a Really thick long beard ( so far) going for the Year I love my beard and don't even get bad beard days I cant imagine shaving it off. The only problem I have is im 32 yrs old and the chin section of my beard is quiet grey and noticeable other than that im ginger like yours, Do you think I should die it or keep it natural? Love the beard mate Keep it up From the UK πŸ™‚

  11. Hey Eric, love the videos been watching them a while. Just a quick question i'm into 3 months of my beard and am blessed with a Really thick long beard ( so far) going for the Year I love my beard and don't even get bad beard days I cant imagine shaving it off. The only problem I have is im 32 yrs old and the chin section of my beard is quiet grey and noticeable other than that im ginger like yours, Do you think I should die it or keep it natural? Love the beard mate Keep it up From the UK πŸ™‚

  12. Dude, you got a two tone beard, how sweet is that!? Definitely keep it as it helps distinguish your beards from all the ordinary mono-tone beards.

  13. i like that "wait a day for each month you've been growing"

  14. don't dye it. keep the beard as natural as possible. my beard is red with blonde highlights and a really blonde moustache. its just how we are brother. stay bearded my friend, and beard on

  15. Man love all your videos!! Glad I found you brother. Just 1 month in and it's driving me crazy lol

  16. Very helpful man, beards looking better always.

  17. Your the guy that has inspire me to let it grow as well.. Thnx for being out there and doing what you do.. Means a lot, really!!

  18. I'm to the point where every time I see my uncle he calls me Jebediah or Akmed and to tell you the truth I think it's hilarious. Many people compliment my beard and it's a confidence booster. Especially being 19, a lot of people my age can't grow a full beard.

  19. I was wondering when I get out of bed half my bearded face is really bad is there a quick way of tiding your beard?

  20. Run your fingers through it or grab a brush.

  21. Leave it alone and let nature take its course.

  22. I love my beard… but a few months ago, i shaved off a 7 month beard out of frustration. I'm in college, work part time too but my boss doesn't care about facial hair… anyways, i shaved off a pretty long beard. My point is: i didn't have to shave it off. But I did it because i was just tired of people commenting on it. I've since grown it back and keep it between a 3 and 4 guard length. Don't receive as many comments and i like the way it looks. It just got old hearing "homeless" ect

  23. Mine has 3 tones actually, and the dominant is red (which isn't even my natural hair color-it's black). It's a bit shorter now, but I will grow it back when the time comes. Respect the Beard!

  24. I have parts of my beard that as the get long tend to curl or grow in different directions, any tips? is this normal? not all days is it the most aesthetically pleasing. Thanks and great videos. keep up the great work

  25. I wish i had red facial hair

  26. Way too serious…

  27. haha… that intro

  28. "Don't forget to get high" annotation lol

  29. Man I wish I had seen this vid this morning. It might have helped. I just broke down and shaved 2 months worth off. Ah…regrets.Β 

  30. There are certainly alot of people who have no problem saying degrading and offensive comments to me about my beard.
    Its hard for that not to have an effect.
    I will always love beards in my heart but I do struggle to grow a full one.

  31. Ah yes the perfect vid for how I felt about my face locks today πŸ™‚ I never get to the point where I wanna shave it but I get down because it's not as full as I would like but after reading the comments on several vids I've come to realize that more often than not, most of us struggle with growing nice thick beards. I know I'm not to my full beard potential yet but that's soon to change. I know this will make it a whole new experience about something I had paid no attention to. Great vids and I thank you!

    Ps your name has vahn in it. Of course you will have a rocking beard!!! Hahaha πŸ˜€

  32. Love the videos!!!
    I'm on beard bord.
    ( tweetybeard ) the 19 th off this month will mark the 6 month mark of my yeard not to much to read in the thread all my pics are in my profile I found that Just looking threw the diffrent threads is a huge help in bearding it's helped me a lot

  33. Beards should be grown drunk and trimmed soberΒ 

  34. So I threw my back out 2 weeks ago- worst pain in my life. I literally was on the floor with my dog for 2 days straight. As the 3rd day passed, I was able to stand up and looked at myself in the mirror- my yeard all puffed out, hair matted- I looked like a guy who was at the bottom of a long bender. In my pain and off-thinking, I grabbed the electric clippers and before I knew it, I was knocking hairs off…Noooooooooo…Stop!

    And I did stop. All I heard was Eric from Beardbrand saying- put down the clippers, back up, put your hands over your head and get on the floor…now! LOL.

    But seriously, I had one of those moments, but fortunately, I only knocked a few months of growth off. And my beard actually looks thicker now.

    So as Eric says, 'when in doubt" don't cut. But if trimming helps the beard look better in your own eyes- you're better to trim then shave it all off.

  35. I always watch this video when i have a bad beardday, sounds a little awkward but it gives me the motivation to just let my manly fur grow when i get bad comments on it. πŸ˜‰

  36. Hey brah, I am in love with your style man. If you don't mind me asking where u get your shirt from? 19 now man, hope to have a beard as glorious as yours one day. Keep it up

  37. sounds like a bad day at 0:22

  38. hey thanks for the advised im at my 1st month and i was having trouble with this phase , its my 1st time trying it but thanks to this video im gonna continue and decided to grow a yeard

  39. Very cool video I always had a goatee and decided to grow a beard end of December will be three months and coming in very nice!
    . I'm going to let mine get to about your length maybe a little bit longer and i'll keep it like that but love it and I ain't touching it.

  40. I keep having thoughts of getting rid of my beard.. strong thoughts. But, in the end, I stick with it. I'm coming up on three months. Hopefully I can keep this up.

  41. Having that day guys πŸ˜•

  42. Hey Eric are coming out with any new scents any time soon? Anything fruity or tropical perhaps!

  43. I'm 21 and growing for 1month and some days beard for me mean a lot but im so T R I G G E R E D about my neck some places are not connected should i give it a shot not shave it ? :/ btw thx for videos <3

  44. We sikhs do not cut our beards,, we grow it long and big. πŸ˜€

  45. I'm having one of these days now πŸ™ I've been growing my beard for two and half months now and this morning my beard doesn't look good enough and for some reason I feel more annoyed at the patchiness of my beard (mustache-beard connections)….I just wish if today was a vacation so I don't need to go out and meet people but I have to…But surely won't shave, I'm going for 6 months beard at least (maybe yeard) so I'll stay strong till then πŸ™‚

  46. How do you fix one side of a beard that the hair curves in under the jaw line then curves out

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