Dealing with awkward situations at workplace & their escape routes – Interpersonal & Soft Skills

Dealing with awkward situations at workplace & their escape routes – Interpersonal & Soft Skills

Hello my name is Emmelda and welcome to Skillopedia.
A place to learn skills for the real world. Life brings us many situations and some of
them are so bad that they catch you at the wrong place. You don’t know what is the
best way to react. Even worse you don’t react at all. Am I correct? So today we will
be exploring such situations especially when you are in office and their escape routes.
So let’s get started. The first point that I have for you is, Candid emails. Yes we all
agree we have friends in our office. We share things, we share information, we don’t want
everyone to know, especially our bosses. You know, I’ll tell you an example, I had a
situation, I had a project that was given to me and I was not really happy about it.
You know what I did? I wrote a very nasty, very sarcastic email to my friends, but unfortunately
i forgot to check, who am I sending to? And that mail went straight to my boss. Guess
how awkward it would have been for me? My boss as soon as he received the email, he
called me into his office. I was nervous, I was shaking in fear. Don’t know what to
do? He called me in, we talked something very casual, didn’t say anything about it and
I went out f the room. But trust me my legs were still shaking. I could not believe I
did something like that, so my advice for you is never write candid emails when you
are in office and especially even if you’re writing an email, always check the senders
information. Because those two things make a lot of difference and it will help you avoid
awkward situations, regarding your emails. The next situation that I have for you is,
to be caught distracted in a meeting. I’m sure you would agree that all the meetings
that you attend do not go the way you expected them to be. You have a tendency and it’s
human to get distracted. You start thinking something else. Anything except, what is happening
in the meeting? Now imagine if somebody throws a question at you during the meeting and you
don’t know what are they talking about. It will be the most awkward situation because;
now everyone will be looking at you. My advice for you is, start taking notes. That will
help you a lot. Why? Because notes or taking notes will help you focus and next time if
somebody’s asking you a question, you know how to answer actively and the right thing.
Also if you have a doubt and if you think that the meeting is not going in the right
direction, you can stop them and let them know, hey, you know what I think this point
is more valid than that point. This will help you improve the credibility in front of your
supervisors as well as your colleagues. The next time if you are entering a meeting room.
Please take a notepad and a pen. The next,but the most difficult situation I have for
you is, tell someone about the body odor. It is one of the most awkward situations that
you can ever face. Imagine this, John works with Clark, Sandy, Isabella, everybody else.
John’s boss calls him and says, Hey, John can you ask Clark, to smell differently? I
mean he’s sweating, could you ask him to use a perfume or a cologne. Its making everybody
feel uncomfortable. Imagine how John would feel? Why should he be the bad guy? But, yes
the boss has given you something and you’ve got to do it. So what’s the way you can
do it? This is what John should do, Clark can you step aside, we need to talk. First
step ask him to step aside and let him know that you are going to talk to him. Second,
hmmm, some of our colleagues have noticed that you smell a little differently, when
you’re in office. Tip number two, please do not mention, who complained about him.
It’s not nice, it’s not ethical. Just say, just make it vague; just say some of
us have noticed. So Clark some of us have noticed that you smell differently or you
smell differently in office. Step number three, offer a solution. Perhaps you may want to
use this perfume or this cologne, it’s very new in the market and I’m sure you would
love it. So offer a solution. Step number four, ask his thoughts. What do you think
about it Clark? Now this entire conversation, will help Clark give sometime to understand
what is happening. It will help him to be receptive rather defensive. Imagine if I step
aside or I tell about this in front of everybody, Clark you smell bad and I want you to change
your perfume. Imagine how awkward or how bad it is for Clark. He will never face your colleagues
again. Am I correct? So please be sensitive. Let me recap. Ask him to step aside, tell
the situation polite and a diplomatic way. Offer a solution and ask for his thought.
So next time you have an awkward situation for a body odor, you know exactly what to
do. The next situation is quite common in a day to day office life. We encounter such
situations quite often. What is it? Uncomfortable topics. You know and I know that there are
some people, who love to talk things with sexual references. That as a female makes
me very uncomfortable. And if you are such a person and if you are feeling uncomfortable
with such topics, well this is what you should do. Ask the person to step aside and let the
person know, how uncomfortable you feel, when he’s talking something like that and ask
him politely if he can avoid such topics. If you do not tell him, how you feel, he will
never know and he will repeat the mistakes. Also that may make another lady feel uncomfortable.
So men do not talk about anything with sexual references or religion in your office. That
may make lot of people uncomfortable. Ladies if you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s
best to let the other person know politely but assertively. And the last one I have for
you is, too close to be comfortable. Very rare, very seldom, but it does happen, that
somebody maybe standing very close to you and that makes you feel very uncomfortable.
Maybe because your definition of space is different than his or her definition of space.
And if someone is standing too close to you, which you think is not right; this is what
you are supposed to do. Let me give you an example, I have my boss or once I had my boss,
who was working on something and he didn’t realize , he was standing right behind me,
so close that I could feel his breath on my neck, I felt awkward, I felt little shocked.
What did I do? I turned around and faced him and started a casual conversation, hey how
are you doing? How was your day so far? How was the meeting? That conversation, while
looking at his eyes, looking at him, facing him, made him realize the distance, the lack
of distance between us. He himself stepped aside and we continued with the conversation.
Yes it may not be possible and it may sound a little rude to tell the person off. Dude
step aside, you’re too close to me. Perhaps this may help you, so next time if you have
someone way too close to you or standing way too close to you, step aside, turn around,
look straight in his eyes and start a normal conversation. This will help the other person
realize the lack of distance between both of you. So next time if you’re caught in
a awkward situation, I hope you know exactly what to do? I really hope you found these
tips useful. I will be back with a new session, until then, stay healthy, have fun, be good.
But more importantly subscribe to our channel Skillopedia – place to learn skills for the
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