Writing The 48 Laws of Power Robert Greene
drew a lot of inspiration from Baltasar Gracian’s The Art of Wordly Wisdom, in which Gracian
wrote, what would later be the foundation for the laws. Once more let’s dive into law number one:
never outshine the master. Maxim number seven: Avoid Victories over Superiors. “All victories breed hate, and that over your
superior is foolish or fatal. Superiority is always detested, à fortiori
superiority over superiority. Caution can gloss over common advantages;
for example, good looks may be cloaked by careless attire. There be some that will grant you precedence
in good luck or good temper, but none in good sense, least of all a prince; for good sense
is a royal prerogative, any claim to that is a case of lèse majesté. They are princes, and wish to be so in that
most princely of qualities. They will allow a man to help them but not
to surpass them, and will have any advice tendered them appear like a recollection of
something they have forgotten rather than as a guide to something they cannot find. The stars teach us this finesse with happy
tact; though they are his children and brilliant like him, they never rival the brilliancy
of the sun.” Now let’s take a closer look at this as I
try to explain what I believe Gracian is saying. “Caution can gloss over common advantages;
good looks may be cloaked by careless attire.” The gist of law number one is; dealing with
superiors you want to be very careful not to offend them, because they have significant
power over you and disgruntling them could entail serious consequences. Depreciating some of your qualities, the ones
that stand out and especially the ones your superiors lack, will help ensure you stay
in their favor. You even out their disadvantages so they can
feel comfortable around you. For example, if your male boss is physically
weak and small and you are a muscular and tall man you could avoid wearing a tight shirt
with short sleeves, which would’ve only further emphasized your superior strength. If you still looked intimidating you could
wear glasses. If your female boss is unattractive and getting
older and you are a pretty, young woman with a curvy body you could pick an outfit that
hides your allure or even looks a bit unflattering. If you’re still too charming you could go
easier on the make up. You can only do so much with “careless attire,”
but I think you understand the essence of it. Do not provoke your superiors by parking a
better car than they have right infront of the entrance. Do not wear a watch as expensive as your salary. Leave your Louis Vitton bag at home. Let them outshine you not only in looks and
possessions, but also in character. If your boss makes jokes all the time, laugh
and be less funny than him or her. In my arrogance I held on to the idea that
“I only laugh at jokes I think are funny.” What a surprise it was to find out my supervisor
didn’t like me too much. We like people, who like us. You love your parents, because they loved
you first. It’s the ones who are most happy to see us
that we look forward to meeting again. Laugh at people’s jokes and don’t take yourself
too seriously like I have done in the past. You want to be diplomatic and aware of how
your attitude and your actions are perceived by others. Telling a joke yourself infront of everybody
might not always be a sign of courage and how easy-going you are, but draw all attention
to you, which means someone else seeking attention is being robbed of it by you. And what if your joke is not funny? You’ve just wasted everyone’s time and made
a fool of yourself. Let others be the quarterback and assume the
position of a cheerleader. Then again, if you know just how to do it
right you won’t be taking my advice. “There be some that will grant you precedence
in good luck or good temper, but none in good sense,”
Your superior might let you take that win from them, if it’s evident that you were simply
lucky or if it happened in great humor. “Some” will do that. We’re already making a distinction between
the rare good natured authorities and the rest. If you one-upped them in good sense, through
wit, through the sharpness of your intellect, chances are high that you’ve just stepped
into a major pitfall. You made them look less intelligent than you
in an environment they’re supposed to be feared and respected. They’re the ones supposed to be the packleader. Your victory over them is similar to a rebellion. If they let you challenge them without any
repercussions, soon they will be walked all over by everyone else. You see this for example in high school classes
where a teacher has completely lost his authority. He’s not dominant enough. No one respects him. Therefore he is unworthy of his position in
the eyes of his students. It is very hard to regain control, once it
is lost. His reputation is damaged. Most authorities understand this and will
perhaps take the protection of their rule too far. They will not forget, nor tolerate your behaviour. A historical example on the edge of this would
be The Duke de Lauzun in Louis XIV’s court. He is said to have slepped with the king’s
mistress and even on occasion insulted Louis XIV infront of other guests. It takes great skill to be like the Duke. In history there have been many ambitious
young men who tried to be like the Duke, a masterful seducer, and were never heard of
again. For over a year I’ve worked for a man similar
to the Duke and learned a lot from him. He would be the loudest, most obnoxious person
in the office. He would make jokes, some very inappropriate
that no one else would get away with. He was a loose cannon and would not shy away
from being politically incorrect. Still he was wildly popular. I discovered that in most hierarchies it is
essential to be liked in order to have the chance to rise up to a position where it is
more important to be feared, if one cannot be both, respected and popular. Niccolo Machiavelli, the author of the prince,
reconfirmed the validity of my conclusion. Popularity among colleagues and upper authorities
is crucial to one’s success. You could be the smartest and hardest working
employee the company has ever seen. If you aren’t on good terms with others. If you aren’t a quote on quote team player. If you lacked the social skills needed to
communicate effortlessly over a cup of coffee and chit chat about how great your weekend
has been you would in most cases not last very long. Also, remember – your weekend is never better
and more interesting than the weekend of your superiors. Even or especially a better quality of life
during your free time has great potential to arouse envy. He, the Duke-like persona I worked for, had
this magic and charmed all of us, which perhaps is the nature of a good salesman. His superior, who was everyone’s boss and
made employees uncomfortable just by entering the room, it seemed, would be the most amused
by his personality. Still it was always in gest, always in good
humor. Even he had to please his master’s ego. It helped that he was one of the best earners. He would produce results. The more you fill the king’s treasuries the
more impudence you can allow yourself, but what’s the point of that. In a one on one moment he told me this verbatim
“You do not need to be the hero in the office.” Of course, he was right. I could be the hotshot in my own social circle. I would no longer feel the need to be number
one in the working space. I did not need to win arguments with anyone,
unless I negotiated my salary and there’s a whole art to that as well. The point is that you cannot appear intellectually
superior to someone who is higher up in the organization’s hierarchy. It is as Gracian wrote their prerogative. There are the ones who take this power imbalance
personally and see it as a form of censorship or oppression. I won’t argue that it isn’t, but I will suggest
that you reconsider your stance. If you are led by your ego and can’t help,
but take yourself too seriously you will say whatever you feel like saying, blurt out what
is on your mind all day long and believe that it is simply your right to do so. You will believe by being honest you are doing
others a favor. Not only are your bluntly negative opinions
and gossip not wanted in most environments you will most likely suffer the consequences. Most people want merely that you agree with
them, that you reconfirm what they already believe. Do with this knowledge what you will, but
in any case try to be more calculated. Don’t talk badly about anyone and anything
related to the company. Avoid taking sides in petty quarrels between
coworkers. There will be a lot of incompetence surrounding
you and you will wonder why someone has a higher title than you, when they’re obviously
unfit to do the job. Keep this to yourself. One of your coworkers or even your superiors
unload on you and share their insight. Keep it to yourself. They will continue to feed you information. Do not abuse it. When someone tries to smear you you will know
within minutes and who knows? Then perhaps the dirt you’ve accumulated on
that person could play into your hands. They will underestimate you, which is great. The younger you are the blinder they are to
the threat you pose. You come in under the radar. Let them be so foolish to take you for an
easy target. Your genuine neutrality will be noticed by
the right people and make a good impression. Diplomats get promoted, since their grasp
of what’s really going on beneath the surface far outweighs the use of the clueless average
employee. You’re being observed. As they say “the walls have ears.” We all smile at eachother in the open, but
oftentimes you don’t know what a person is really thinking. “good sense is a royal prerogative, any claim
to that is a case of lèse majesté” Now lèse-majesté is a French word that has
made it into our dictionaries through its timelessness. It is defined as a crime or treason committed
against a sovereign of power, against majesty. In the case of Nicolas Fouchet, whose fate
you might remember from the very first video I created over a year ago, you see just how
grave this mistake is. Victories over superiors are no victories
at all, unless you take their place by doing away with them, but that is for another time. Understand that most of what I’m saying is
relative. It is perhaps the safest strategy in general,
but not the only one. You cannot simply falsify everything I’m saying
based on your own experience or even worse the story of someone you know personally shared
over a couple of beers on a Friday evening. Anecdotal evidence has its place, but consider
that with this information we’ve got the history of humankind on our side of the argument. And unless humans change significantly it
is timeless wisdom. Examples are innumerable. Another on the definition of lèse majesté;
I was watching The Tudors last month, a great show on Henry the VIII’s rule of England. I’ll remind you; in the video on Law 36 we
covered how Henry completely ignored and avoided his wife Cathrine of Aragon for denying him
a son and how he carried out his plan to marry Anne Boleyn with the help of Thomas Cromwell,
the Petyr Baelish of The Tudors, the perfect courtier. If I remember correctly it was Cathrine of
Aragon’s funeral, where a boy asked why King Henry did not attend his own wife’s funeral
and the parent said, “because then the common folk would imagine King Henry’s death and
that would be treason.” I found that fascinating. It was against the law, one of the highest
crimes one could commit, to just think of the King’s death, even that would have been
a case of lèse majesté. “They will allow a man to help them but not
to surpass them, and will have any advice tendered them appear like a recollection of
something they have forgotten rather than as a guide to something they cannot find.” It is not only common that your superiors
will take the praise for the good work you’ve done and in some cases blame you for the bad
work that they’ve done. It should be expected. At this point I’d like to add that you will
need to stand up for yourself and not just accept anything thrown your way, since what
you tolerate is what you end up with. Still the ice is very thin. There is a whole art and learning process
on how to say “No” without saying it. Today’s battles in court might be less bloody,
but not necessarily less treacherous. You may not need to fear for your life, but
certainly for your finances and your reputation. Let your superiors rest on your laurels. You’re not after pats on the head. Learn as much as you can. Improve by the day, while they’re getting
comfortable and complacent. And then perhaps when it’s your time to shine,
do what I did and take a paid vacation to demonstrate what happens once you’re not around. Law 16: Use Absence to Increase Respect and
Honor. Sometimes the company you work for needs a
little reminding that you’ve become an indespensible asset and thus established a bit of authority
for yourself. Do not allow them to take you for granted. But as you’re waiting your turn patiently
learn how to choose your words. Your superiors are never wrong. They do not make mistakes and when you have
a brilliant solution for a major problem the company is facing, it better be inspired by
something they’ve said to you or something you think they mentioned at some point. I know this is frustrating for a lot of people
and they engage in fights with their superiors over nothing. It is incredibly foolish. The more in control they feel the less they
have it. Let them feel in control. You want to have a good relationship with
the people you work for. Let them have your achievements, again, your
time will come, your potential will be recognized by the right people, if you know how to help
yourself. If you can’t have that, if you say waiting
for someone to promote you as you toil day in day out is not an option, then I congratulate
you. You’re realizing that you were meant to be
a leader and deserve better. The structure you’re in castrates leadership
and allows only for management. Perhaps it is time for you to reevaluate where
you are, how you got there and what your strategy looks like. It reminds me of the movie Layer Cake and
the mob bosses’ speech on taking shit until you reach the top. I believe the speech was called “the facts
of life.” Welcome to the layer cake. Changing the company you work for, if it changes
anything in regards of power dynamics, I highly doubt it, will only be temporary. The laws are universal. People are more or less the same wherever
you go. I’ve heard a handful of times now from people
close to me “I love my new job, my boss is the best, I couldn’t have hoped for a better
place.” and then a week, a month, two months later
that boss is fired. Probably, because he was too easy on his subordinates. I don’t know what to make of this, but it
seems to be a recurring thing and the new boss is always a disappointment. You work, they take the credit. The idea is, if you want that type of prerogative
you have to crawl your way through the mud into the same positions they’re in. I say there’s a much better way, learn as
much as you can, take advantage of the company’s benefits, let them sponsor your training,
all the while looking for other opportunities and then crawl through your own mud and crown
yourself. It is only fair for they take full advantage
of you and expect you to be grateful. They expect you to be loyal, but will show
no mercy in cutting you off in a heartbeat. Your innocence will not matter. Offend the wrong people and you are in big
trouble. In maxim 5: Create a Feeling of Dependence
Gracian writes “He that has satisfied his thirst turns his back on the well, and the
orange once sucked falls from the golden platter into the waste-basket.” Essentially we are light bulbs. We are batteries. When we stop working, when we’ve been drained
from all of our energy, we are replaced. There is no thank you. There is no pay off. No loyalty to you. It saddens me to see how sheepishly most people
give in to this and merely accept it as the way of life. They deserve better, but it is only the ones
who ask for more who have a chance at getting it. “The stars teach us this finesse with happy
tact; though they are his children and brilliant like him, they never rival the brilliancy
of the sun.” Is it not very fitting that Louis XIV is known
as the sun king, which in reference was the nickname of one of the former CEO’s I worked
for. Monarchy – all for one. The Duke de Lauzun was one of those stars,
but he would never in good sense outshine his master – the sun itself. Not all of Greene’s ideas are his own. The 48 Laws of Power are compact, very well
researched and eloquently written, not to mention the hardcover version is beautifully
designed, but to be honest I was a bit taken aback discovering how many of the laws were
taken from Gracian’s book “The Art of Wordly Wisdom.” Some have called it the foundation of Greene’s
work and I must say I had previously thought it had all been his own genius. I can’t say he did not advise us not to trust
appearances. He did say that we have this image of who
“Robert Greene” is and that we buy into that. I am reminded of Littlefinger on Game of Thrones. As he says we should not trust him and we
deem this good advice, we trust him more. I am joking. Greene is an impeccable author. I cannot wait for his new book to come out. I will definitely cover that one and I wouldn’t
have been able to explore all of this wisdom in such detail had it not been for him and
his great work. We just covered one of 300 maxims, all written
in 1647. Baltasar Gracian to give you a little bit
of context lived in Catalunya, Barcelona and as I was there last month clearing my head
trying to find a place to visit and learn more about him, the only thing I found was
that they did name a street after him – carrer de Baltasar Gracian. I definitely recommend his book – The Art
of Wordly Wisdom. It’s on my reading list and I will share what
other books are on it with you very soon. Now I would like to dive deeper to the root
of the problem of dealing with authority and the ego that comes with it. If I repeat myself, then it is to drive the
point home. I hope that you will listen to this recording
more than once and reflect on it. “All victories breed hate …” No one likes
defeat. When we lose in any shape or form, we can’t
help, but feel discontent for the winner. After all they’re a competitor. We all want to win and have our abilities
acknowleged. Perhaps what we should do is admiring the
ones who do better than us and see a loss as an opportunity to learn from them, grow
as a person and win next time. You only get smarter by playing a smarter
opponent. Whole wars have been fought over our ineptitude
to do so for kings have the greatest egos, but not always the greatest minds. “May the best man win” is an honorable attitude
to have and a show of excellent sportsmanship. I personally think most of us share this noble
view, perhaps until the point when we are forced to adapt to reality in order to compete
with the ones who do not play by rules of conduct, who are not well-intentioned towards
us and who are not positively influenced and guided by a moral code. Nothing prepares us for the clash of egos
we will most certainly encounter with our superiors going into academia or the work
force. It is not a matter of who is right or wrong
in a dispute, as we mistakenly believe, it’s about authority and respect. Discussion is not always appreciated, thus
we might find ourselves following orders we know to be ineffective and inefficient. Older generations feel that they have accumulated
a lot more wisdom and authority than you through their years of experience. Often that wisdom they claim to have turns
out to be a combination of blinding arrogance and stifling rigidness. It is your overly positive attitude, the result
of your ambitious actions that make them look smaller than the image they have of themselves. This they find unacceptable for they believe
you ought to show them respect, even when the respect they expect from you comes in
the form of dishonesty. Ultimately they feel threatened. Even just a question they do not know the
answer to means they are being challenged by you. Do this publicly and they will lose face or
feel like they’re losing it. I remember asking a related question to the
topic at hand in history class. Instead of simply admitting that he didn’t
know, the teacher justified why he did not need to know the answer to my question, since
he didn’t have to prepare for it, since it wasn’t the topic at hand. It is needless to say this teacher did not
like me from this day forward. I had embarassed him infront of 40 other students. At that time I didn’t understand his reaction,
because to me it was obvious and quite understandable that even a teacher does not know everything. Perhaps more importantly I did not intend
to put him on the defensive or do any harm to his reputation, but that did not matter
to him. In that moment I had stepped on his toes. I admit I would make this mistake three more
times, once as mentioned before by not laughing at unfunny jokes, and I would suffer the consequences
for my slow grasp on this. You have the opportunity to learn from my
mistakes pain-free. You might be well-intentioned and feel the
need to prove yourself by outworking everybody. It’s your first day at work, the starting
point of your career and you want to make a great impression. You’re going to be one of the, if not the
best employee this company has ever had. It’s not your fault you think this way. As I alluded to earlier you probably believe
in meritocracy. Your frame is to build the greatest, most
majestic building in the world. It’s beautiful in theory, until you realize
that the majority of people working with you believe in razing all the better buildings
around them to the ground so that they can win. Your superiors in their insecurity see you
as a viable threat and of course I am not saying all of them act this way. If this does not ring true for you, you’re
either very lucky or dare I say clueless, which would mean you’re in the middle of Hugh
MacLeod’s Company Hierarchy consisting of 1) sociopaths at the top, 2) clueless people
in the middle and 3) losers at the bottom, who will work the same position they’re in
until they’re retired with a mere fraction of what a real salary raise looks like. I don’t want you to become a sociopath. I don’t want that you fall into the two other
categories. I would like to acquire and sharpen the tools
needed to prevail at the top. I am in essence trying to teach self-defense
against the bullies in this world. The losers are a threat themselves. They are quick to envy your youthful vigor
for their quote on quote years of experience is all they have to show for. Their assistent jobs mostly consisting of
printing and sending e-mails all day for a decade or two is the only thing they can take
pride in. You need to be careful not to take that away
from them. The good news for you is that you are getting
less clueless by the second listening to this recording and hopefully considering reading
the books I recommend. Your superior’s perspective stems from an
inner weakness – a lack of confidence. They tell themselves that you are on the attack,
that you are after their jobs, that you might and probably will reach a promotion sooner
and in less time than them seeing how quickly you progress. Scarcity dominates them. It’s you or them and they feel really comfortable
where they’re at. You represent change and we humans don’t like
change. That’s why we can’t reform too much at once,
but I digress. Not only your teacher, professor, supervisor
and manager share this insecurity. Your classmates and your coworkers also want
to do better than you. They want a better mark, they want a higher
salary, they want more attention and pats on the head. This is one of the reasons real friends are
tough to find. They do wish the best for you and will celebrate
your achievements with a genuine smile, but speaking of the average person. Work faster than them and you will find yourself
the target of jealousy, envy, discontent and hate. They will try to sabotage or even do away
with you for you outshine them. Instead of striving to be better than you,
instead of changing themselves, they will strive to discourage and eliminate you. When this happens we are confused. You will find that you’re receiving lower
marks, that your so-called friends are unsupportive of your success. You might even lose your job and the reasoning
behind their decision won’t make much sense. Make sure you prevent this from happening
again. People want to feel important. They want to be admired and have their egos
fed as much as possible. They want to feel special. By appearing perfect you make a lot of enemies,
because you rob them of their self-image. You confirm what they fear, that they aren’t
as great as they thought. This is where I agree with Ryan Holiday when
he says Ego Is The Enemy, still let me say ego can have its advantages, it can be used
as a tool, but dealing with authorities – strive to learn from a place of humility. You can’t change them, they will hold on to
their egos, but you can change yourself. Put your ego and pride aside and acknowledge
their strengths, not yours. We’re not talking about ass-kissing. Nobody likes that. Your coworkers, your classmates will see what
you’re trying to do. Most superiors won’t appreciate it themselves
seeing that you probably have an agenda. You lack the art of subtlety. You may even lack a basic grasp on how to
genuinely make someone feel good about themselves. It’s not really about complimenting them and
doing favors for them. What I’ve definitely done right was trying
to learn as much as possible from everyone, befriending the managers, the assistants,
the receptionists, I did not discriminate in the way we naturally behave as children. What’s this, how does this work, why? We have endless questions and automatically
assume a humble and open minded position. It is flattering to be genuinely interested
in someone else’s opinion. It’s very pleasant to be acknowledged for
something one is proud of. More often than not people take pride in their
smarts. Ask them for advice, then thank them for it,
reporting on the incredibly success you’ve had with it, regardless of wheather or not
you actually followed their advice. It might’ve been terrible advice to begin
with. It does not matter in this case. As Neil Strauss emphasized in his book The
Game “It’s not lying, it’s flirting.” You put yourself in the shoes of a clueless
person and everyone likes you, since you give them the gift of feeling intelligent. I once asked a very young relative of mine
why he asks so many questions to see what he would come up with and he stopped for a
second, thought about it and went “I don’t know.” It was a very simple and honest answer. I am reminded of my history teacher’s reaction. He couldn’t give the same answer. Most adults seem to have lost the freedom
of being wrong. The kid added “You people are my only source
of information.” It was adorable, but even there I found a
great lesson, which just goes to prove my point that you can learn from anyone. You have no idea what kind of life someone
else has led, what they do or do not know and what demons they have to deal with. Projecting in this way based on age and / or
looks is a huge red flag and a sign of true ignorance. I feel like delivering a rant on this sometimes
in the future to make a couple of things clear and offer another perspective to people in
my age range who feel a huge pushback from older generations, who quite honestly should
stop the lecturing every once in a while, in order to listen and I am being very polite
in my expression here. Young doesn’t equal stupid and old doesn’t
equal wise. Stupid people get old, too and most stick
to what they’ve been told growing up. The likelihood of that being completely wrong
is out of this world. I see it all the time, but let’s continue
before I get aggravated. The lesson I took from that young 7 year old
man was that, when I truly did not know something I would admit that I did not know, even if
the question came from someone who would believe my every word. If that 7 year old had asked me a thing or
two about rocket science I wouldn’t have started making things up on the spot. We would’ve sat there, researching the topic,
learning about Elon Musk together with no ego involved. What if you share your opinion and the other
disagrees. Dale Carnegie suggests you say something a
long the lines of “I might be wrong. I often am, now let’s talk about it.” This is not a capitulation on your part. In fact, it allows the other person to put
their guard down so that an actual conversation, an exchange of ideas can take place. Now, dealing with others can be very frustrating. The reality is a tough pill to swallow and
as we go about learning how to be socially savvy we kinda ask ourselves “is it really
worth it?” sometimes. In the hours when I feel a bit pessimistic
about the world I think of Arthur Schopenhauer’s writings. I’ll remind you of the porcupines in winter,
who sting eachother in groups, but freeze when they’re alone. We need a certain distance. Schopenhauer writes “Daß mir der Hund das
Liebste ist, sagst Du oh Mensch sei Sünde, doch der Hund bleibt mir im Sturme treu, der
Mensch nicht mal im Winde.” Schopenhauer reads like poetry. “My preferred company of a dog over humans
is seen as a sin. Yet still, a dog will stay at my side during
storm, the human not even during times of wind.” If you wish to avoid dealing with the insecurities
and feelings of others in the pursuit of money there is no other way, but to become your
own master, to reach a position in which you can afford to rely on no one else, but yourself. This is why I swore to myself that I wouldn’t
slave away for someone else’s benefit until the age of retirement without being rewarded
for it. This is why I chose the fastlane and why I’m
going to cover more content on entrepreneurship in the future. It is all connected. You need to start thinking in a broader sense. Why do you even go to work? It’s all about fuck-you-money. The ability to say “F you” to anyone or anything
that you don’t want to work with or work for without it affecting the quality of your life,
because you have a house, you have a car, you have a dog, you have savings and that’s
all you need. That is true self-reliance. That is true independence. That is an unshakable manifestation of power. I want that. I’m sure you want it, too, because it saves
you a lot of headaches. Unlike a lot of people I want to get there
the right way, because doing the right thing will always be the right thing. We choose intense realism over comfortable
lies, seeing the world for what it is, not for what it ought to be. Others will sugarcoat the truth and be romantic
about some fantasyland that we are not living in. In the work force, which is the court of today,
your salary and thus your financial security is in someone else’s hands. You must learn the art of courtiership, office
politics, the games people play, game theory, seduction, the game, social dynamics, sales,
marketing, strategy, how to win friends and influence people – it’s all more or less the
same thing with a different packaging to it, because you are always dealing with other
human beings. I have been learning from the best sources
intensely for half a decade now and will only continue to do so until I reach that level
of mastery and I believe it’s something we should all strive towards. In the court you must please princes, queens
and kings alike. You will have to deal with other courtiers
who themselves want to gain favors from royalty. Do not fool yourself. Your ethics and morals aren’t shared by a
lot of people who will try to manipulate you. They will step on you and throw you under
the bus, if it is in their best interests. People are selfish. That’s why you appeal to people’s self-interest,
rather than reminding them of a debt they have with you. They couldn’t care less about what you want,
if it’s not helping them in any shape or form. This is part of why you aim to achieve win-win
deals. Most are interested only in what they can
take from you. They’re insatiable and you will never hear
a word of gratitude from them. Now, if I thought that’s all people, I wouldn’t
be doing this in the first place, but if I ask you to subscribe or donate, because it
helps me grow my channel, there is undeniably less of a response, than if I emphasized what
you will get from the equation. If I had chosen to use all of this information
and exploit it to its fullest potential you wouldn’t have heard me utter one single word
on the topic of power. I definitely wouldn’t be trying to build an
audience on YouTube where trust and loyalty is everything. I’m saying this for future reference, since
it seems that “Power corrupts and knowledge is power so therefore illacertus must be a
bad guy.” Without a doubt I will be underestimated in
this way so I count on your critical thinking ability. It’s all take it or leave it. I’m putting this out for free in the hopes
it helps you. I could be doing something else right now. You could be seeing an advertisement with
me in a lamborghini this instance, but you’re not. Most of us are born mere peasants, but unlike
in the middle ages, our chances to become kings and queens are quite high, if we have
what it takes and as the cliche goes it will take everything we’ve got. As the highest authority we mustn’t be afraid
of outshining others, but even then a wise ruler humbles himself. A great read is Meditations by Roman emperor
Marcus Aurelius. Stoic philosophy is a great alternative guide
to strategic warfare and Machiavellianism. I believe they complement eachother. I hope by now you’ve realized that although
I focused on covering law number one I combined it with several others. I did this naturally. The laws are not that separable, of course
they overlap eachother. Of course they contradict eachother. Of course they’re not to be applied at all
times. And of course they can backfire. These are some of the misconceptions that
I am a bit frustrated by and might elaborate on in another episode. If you would like to download the full script
and audio file, consider supporting my channel through patreon. You can also get the books I recommend on Amazon
through my referral link or sign up to audible and get two audiobooks for free. I get a small commission, but it doesn’t affect
the prices of your products. The links are down below. Thank you for listening, let me know what
you think of this new format and have a nice day. I’ll talk to you soon.

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