Dealing With A Tragedy At Work In Clinical Research

hey guys II see RG here today we’re
going to be talking about tragedy at work hey guys II see RG here today we’re
gonna be talking about going through tragedy and having to work now a lot of
you guys are probably pretty young in the college age or early career age that
lists of this channel and a lot of you guys may not have had tragedy in your
life too much yet but you can guarantee that something bad is gonna happen
at some point in your life over the next 5 10 15 20 years sometime in your life
it’s gonna happen so how do you deal with that how do you manage the day how
do you get through your work that you have to do we were dealing with the
tragedy and we’re talking about anything as big as like parents dying a sibling
dying or even to yourself you know you get a jury like you’re playing football
or something and you take your ACL or you know something big you go through a
huge breakup with your fiance your wife you get a divorce or just your
girlfriend or boyfriend anything like that how do you deal with that while
you’re at work and this is the great time to put in perspective again that
life isn’t just about work life is about relationships the people you care about
making the most out of life enjoying your life it’s not about just going
someplace and working soul-sucking hours all day so with that in perspective
the first thing you need to think about is whenever you’re going through
something difficult is do I need to take time off or do I not now I would err on
the side of taking at least a day off if you need it do not feel bad about taking
time off if you need it because if you have if you’re there and you don’t
really want to be there your performance is gonna suck everyone’s gonna notice it
you’re gonna bring the team or out down and you may end up getting fired if you
don’t you know address the situation quickly enough or and don’t tell people
about your situation so you want to determine whether you need to take time
off or not and the second thing you need to do is you need to let your boss know
what’s going on in your life you don’t have to tell them to specific switch you
can tell them they had a tragedy in the family and let them empathize and
and empathize with you on that situation every good manager every good boss is
gonna know how difficult certain situations are because either they went
through them or they know someone who’s gone through them before and they’re
gonna want to make sure that you know they’re gonna display compassion towards
you in your situation and they’re gonna make sure you want to make sure that you
have the time you need and you’re able to recover appropriately so you can
return back to work as an integral part of the team
now most good bosses aren’t going to be like well you need to come back as soon
as possible so we can do this work most of them are gonna hepa thighs with you
and want to see you get better and see you get the help you need if any at all
depending on the situation as well so you want to make sure that you notify
your boss about what’s going on – you guys can work through the situation
together but so those those are the two things you need to do and then once you
that’s determine if you’re gonna take time off off at all you tell your boss
about that that’s the second thing you’re gonna do and then the third thing
you’re gonna want to do is you know take your time to recover that’s what’s most
important you know don’t think don’t think about the work if you’re if you
have time off that’s why you took some time off you know don’t don’t think
about the work that’s the least of your concerns you know just focus on getting
better focus on healing and getting the the heal the healing that you need in
order to you know get back to your normal life or you get back to do what
you want to do so make sure you take some time for that if you need any time
and you’re your boss and your co-workers should definitely work with you in order
for that to happen now everyone knows this is gonna happen at some point and
you know you you got to really be proactive and make sure that you are
doing the best you can to let the people know that that needed
as far enough in advance as possible because you don’t want to become too
much of a burden for the other team for the other your other team members and
you know just communication in this situation is pretty much gonna smooth
out any problems or any hiccups that may happen and you know you know life
happens and remember life life is more important than working everyday
nine-to-five so don’t feel bad about taking any of any time off if you need
it and you know the rest of the team will
probably be just fine without you and then when you come back you’ll come back
better and stronger and ready to work and get back to the team get back doing
what you what you do best and you know a lot of the times people
take time off and you know they want to come back to work just because you know
that’s what they know that’s what they do and it takes their mind off of
whatever’s going off you know at home so a lot of people like coming into work
and it’s it’s a good reprieve you’re there with your co-workers your friends
your colleagues and it can be good for you as well so don’t don’t sleep on that
and you know that’s pretty much that’s pretty much it for this video guys so I
just wanted to talk about the you know talking to your manager make sure you
guys are on the same page and really wanted to talk deeply about taking time
for yourself because that’s what’s most important you know what’s best for you
no one else does like you do so if you need some time off don’t hesitate to
take some time off so that’s it for today’s video guys as
always email us at elite clinical group at and don’t forget to hit
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