Dealing with a Fear of Flying

Dealing with a Fear of Flying

(VO) I always treat myself
when I’m at the airport. Ahhhh cheese fries.
You got the wine? It’s 7 am. (VO) Not bad for a final meal. (VO) Because today my plane
is definitely going to crash. So… these are the people with
whom I will explode into a
million pieces. Why are they all so calm
and relaxed?! I said that out loud, didn’t I? Yup. The Flight to Anxiety Falls is
now boarding. Stop checking the turbulence
forecast! I wonder if I can get a
word in with the pilot. (VO) We haven’t left yet.
Maybe they’ll still let me off? (VO) The plane wouldn’t crash
with BABIES on board (VO) Or would it? Are you ok? I’m fine! (VO) I am definitely not fine. [chime] We have been
cleared for take-off. (VO) Ok. I must stay alert because I am responsible for
holding this plane up with MY
MIND. (VO) If I stop paying attention,
for even a second, the plane
will fall out of the sky. (VO) As far as I can tell, this
is how planes work. (VO) There is the gravity and
the lift, and the drag here andthe air at the back and
the thrust at the front, and the highly trained
professionals with many years
of experience and there’s me in seat 27F,
concentrating very, very hard. [clock ticking] [chime] : Ladies and gentlemen,
we are making our final descent. Are you ok? mhm! (VO) half of all accidents
occur during the final approach. Come on!. Hours trapped in
the sky tube and NOW we’re
going to die? Maybe I don’t want cheese
fries to be my final meal. (VO) ohgodohgodohgod— [chime] Welcome to Anxiety
Falls! Please remain in your
seats until— YES! I DID THAT WITH MY MIND! (VO) Oh, like they weren’t

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  1. This is America

  2. Not scared of flying surprisingly, but my mind does this on so many fucking things its ridiculous. Hopefully a lot of other fellow OCD and anxiety sufferers relate

  3. I simply do not understand anxiety over flying

  4. The magazine a woman reads called Skycrap lol

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