Dealing With A Debtor Who Just Does Not Get It – 07/06/2013

Dealing With A Debtor Who Just Does Not Get It – 07/06/2013

(Her) Um could you just hold on a second… (Me) You can
call the debtor and
make whatever arrangements
you need but I have to keep working. (Her) What? (Me) I said you can
call them but I have to keep working…

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  1. At least you were nice and gave her every opportunity.

  2. It’s funny how they’ve known they were in default on the loan for weeks, probably months before the repo happens, then all the sudden, they have the money and want to pay, and have this “I just need a little more time” attitude, and blame it on the lender and/or the repo agent for not accommodating them as the repo is happening.

  3. It seems like all these cars are high risk there older with gps installed they probably send repo out really quick !

  4. Wow you are out of BREATH

  5. You know why people dont like repo guys? You have all the skills of a thief and make people lose their jobs. Your truck might as well haul people to debtors prison. And you might think,"they shouldn't have bought a car then!" But anybody being honest knows the us doesn't really work well without a car. Also, when are lending institutions going to stop giving loans THEY KNOW they won't collect on? That is 100% their responsibility, by law. I'm tired of this being the kind of place I live in. Go get a real job and stop taking people's stuff. I dont care who said it's ok YOU ADMITTED THAT YOU SOMETIMES STEAL CHILDREN! what exactly would a wake up call look like to you? Accidentally stealing children so often it becomes a line you casually toss off? That's not enough? Shame on you. Maybe next time you could take your stolen car and baby profits and offer to help someone besides rich dealerships. Just a thought

  6. She should've called the finance company before the repo truck showed up.

  7. Is there a Limit to how many vehicles you can repo a day?

  8. I would have said I'd leave the car if she wasn't parked in a handicap access spot like a twat….

  9. You are ALL missing the main point!!!! She can't pay for her car, but yet I can afford this*NEW* $1200 apartment!! And I'm handicapped. Shit.

  10. Love the Tool song in the truck ROCK on Brother

  11. Pay your bills. This will not happen.

  12. Tell her to shut up

  13. WTF kinda mickey mouse operation this guy has got going?

  14. why always showing half of images entrance of apart stairs and half of car owner make it look like real repo not an invisible camera

  15. its like viewing the world from a roller coaster maybe the camera guy has Parkinson's. Awesome up the nostril shots tho next time try filming it with a potato!

  16. Check on that breathing big homie

  17. I love how she asked for 2 hours and never went, and then all the sudden she's "coming right now" when he hooks it up 😒

    Should've got her for parking in the handicap spot too

  18. Ur kid is a smart ass.She needs a reality check

  19. This guy is an arrogant pick, he is itching for it. One day someone is going to give him what he is looking for. Put him permanently out of business. He is living on a prayer and putting that poor girl at risk in the passenger seat, Even when she begs him to stop. You looking for trouble, you stuttering fuck. Just listening to you explain yourself is so funny.

  20. It sounds like you need to get some fitness workouts done, huffing and puffing away there.

  21. Dude learn how to use the camera please

  22. What do you do if a client refuses to pay you for a tow/repo?

  23. In case a debtor actually gets you permission from the client you represent to unhook do you get a unhook fee for your time? Thanks

  24. I don't drive just because cars are expensive and carry a ton of liability. I live in a city and walk to everything but I see so many people spend way beyond their means, these are those people…

  25. She looks pretty healthy to me.

  26. totally off subject, but you sound just like Zack Galifinakis…

  27. other engine's started up : YOU NOT REPONUT'N MY CAR.

  28. I wouldn't take my child on a repo . People are crazy an u never know what mood they are in alot of repo men get shot at where I live..

  29. Nice but of tool there 👌🏻

  30. She had to have had something up her sleeve. Why would she keep pressing him to put it down when she knew he had to take it if they told him to stay with it? Bet she was gonna try to drive away in it.

  31. She is also illegally parked in a handicapped parking space!

  32. lives in a complex she cant afford, drives a car she cant afford, wears clothes she can't afford. Thinks a blow job makes the payment. Naw….

  33. What song is playing at around 1:04

  34. Another case of a thick person who thinks the world revolves around them

  35. She thought she would be safe from repo by parking in a handicap spot, buisness is buisness and she should get a ticket for parking in a handicap spot.
    Pa e bets on when she will get evicted because either she loses her job or trying to cover her credit card bill and not enough to pay the rent.

  36. I would’ve laughed if,when you saw her feet from under the car,her feet just rose up into the air and disappeared. Total paranormal activity.

  37. I wonder what she tells her landlord when the rent is late.

  38. I've had a couple of repos in my past. And they were absolutely deserved. I was very late and had made no attempt to contact anyone. These finance companies don't want your car. They want your money. Repossession is a last resort.

  39. What backup camera are you using and how did you mount it?

  40. You my sir, get a thumbs up for listening to Tool 👍🏼

  41. Nice truck dude, didn't know there were stealth tow trucks like that… sweet.

  42. How come you keep on jerking the camera back and forth ?. stupid idiot

  43. Dog piss has caused garage post to rust

  44. Wife can help with the Dolly she sitting in tow truck singing

  45. The music was bad enough when your making a video but with the singing makes it 100 times worse

  46. Thier lazy, all show driving a rig , o wow , not doing actual work. Just big mouths. We all know this type. Same with big rig drivers. Or the people in 4 × 4s. All show. Nothing in the truck. We have all seen them f150s , raptors. Dodge rams. All ego trip idiots. Just stupid. Grow up u retards.

  47. A gps could be stalking and menacing..!!!

  48. Beand new building and the base of that post is already rusting to shit

  49. This debtor lives in a delusional world and has real shitty taste on how to dress. The more I know people the more I like my hamster.

  50. Oh my goodness, isn’t she FUNNY…..

  51. Goya love that UGLY pants suit……..

  52. Never co-sign for anything!

  53. I think you need new tires on the dolly wheels.



  56. dolly wheels must be a pain inthe but ,its probably a 4wd

  57. I sure do miss Matt doing repos, he has had a downward spiral after his wife died from cancer i came across this one of many many videos i have watched on his channel. He was doing good after his loss but hit a brick wall with legal issues. I wish him well and hope he bounces back from legal problems and has positive outcome with his repo school he did start after his major loss. This is a Vey old video but still just by watching his proffesionalism I wish him all the best and miss his videos. Keep your head up brother from one of your old subscribers. Wish you well.

  58. The fact that she is parked in a handicap loading zone makes this even better

  59. Well, I must admit that your daughter has good taste in music.

  60. The borrower is slave to the lender

  61. Man doing his job period. If he doesnt do his job repo man will be at his house. Business is business

  62. you need a new rubber pad on the brake pedal.

  63. Tool! Excellent opening tune!

  64. Why does she keep asking if he can put it down? Does she not understand what's happening??

  65. Some advice, turn off the music when making videos!


  67. Did I hear a sliver of tool in there
    … yess my friend just yes…..

  68. Anyone else notice both were parked to the right a an fj cruiser? I thought that was kinda funny

  69. This "sleeper rig" tow setup is sick.

  70. Hey calling it your job ol' hoss sure don't make it right But if you want me to I'll say a prayer for your soul tonight

  71. No steel toe cap boots? With your line of work? You're kidding!

  72. Had to pause this video half way and pay my past due car note

  73. Also am I the only one that noticed she was parked in a handicapped spot? 😠😠

  74. Please don't take the annoying female with you.

  75. My GOD! Please tell your daughter to stop singing. She is NOT a good singer, she needs to know this!

  76. Pay your bills and this wont happen.

  77. They are always just getting ready to make a payment, it takes a few missed payments for a repo so if you were really trying you should’ve worked it out lady

  78. Entitled cunt is blocking a handicap spot as well. The apartment management should fine that bitch. 😠

  79. That is a super sneaky repo truck. It just looks like a capped pickup. Slick 👍

  80. "I want a Summer job."

    Music to a Father's ears.

  81. Does the lender also give you a VIN?

  82. TOOL in the background music !!!!!!

  83. RepoNut can't respond to all the comments I hate these guys who post but can't respond to their subscribers questions.. HE CAN'T RESPOND TO PEOPLES QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS – WHAT TOO BUSY, BUT WE HAVE THE TIME TO WATCH AND COMMENT ON YOUR VIDEOS BUT YOU CAN'T. I'M DONE WATCHING THIS GUY. He doesn't care about us – so unsubscribe to his channel until we see the respect of our time and effort, by atleast answering folks questions

  84. Get a rollback them dolly's suck

  85. The girl in the floral suit 😍😍

  86. Geeze you could buy that jeep cash for 3000

  87. Doesnt look disabled to me

  88. please don't think I am being rude, But how is Shanda doing ?

  89. can you gag her?????

  90. I'll go pay it just put the car down ha ha ha tow it I heard that bullshit before

  91. Mexican…probably illegal…tough lesson to learn.

  92. She isn't even legally parked.

  93. Who the fuck keep singing when the radio is off all that's right my girlfriend does the same thing fucking annoying can you please back hand her

  94. The good ole days of reponut on YouTube. I know he wanted change but if he kept up these videos like this he’d have at least half million subs by now

  95. i bet you hear some great bullshit stories . you.should write a book .

  96. Wow! Talk about working hard for the money!

  97. What’s the best car in the world?………………..the one that’s paid for! I don’t know why people insist on getting more car than they can afford. That’s a 32-35K car if new. I bought old Honda’s or Toyota’s for many years for the price of a down Pmt on the one towed. ( at lest 10 yrs old and typically with well over a hundred K miles ) never had a bad one. They can typically go over 300K mi. Easy 250K never missed a payment, because I paid cash! Done. Best car in the world!

  98. I like your videos but would you please consider editing them for time?

  99. How annoying is that daughter?!

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