Dealing with a Crackhead – Self Defense

Dealing with a Crackhead – Self Defense

All right guys. So now we’re going to do a couple of self defense scenarios just to show you the different stances you want to take, and how to position yourself and how you want your hands to come up. And when and how to bring them up based on different scenarios. Now, I don’t know what they really have coming up. I know that I’m at a bus stop and I’m waiting for the bus. So, guys, do whatever you got to do. So I’m at the bus stop and I’m waiting. [SOUND] [SOUND] [SOUND] Break. That was awesome work Mark that was very nice. Now, what I basically tried to do. I saw Mark coming in it would make no sense for me to go… the instant he walks in because I’m going to trigger a response the instant he did that. That was just great. Living downtown, where I used to live, I came up to this type of situation pretty often. What was the key thing I was trying to do? Number one, while he was moving around, I don’t want to sit there and have my hands up. I got to be, where is he moving? Where is he coming around? I also for a second, went into my bag and just said, is it going to an obstacle, can I use it against him if something happens? Because I do have it. The other thing I have, well let me keep my hands up. At one point, he came really, really close when he started [SOUND].
Maybe, I would of struck him a little bit closer. Mark at one point he came, when he was out here I was basically keeping my eye. I was moving when he came over here, maybe I would have struck him because he got a little bit nervous, he was moving a little bit too much. He had stuff in his hands. He had a knife there or whatever. But, again, you saw that my hands were coming up. I kept my eye on him. I moved, I didn’t want him to come up my back. A very important thing about being in your fighting stance, if you notice what I did, and this is what I would do very often is that if I saw a threat happen. If I felt uncomfortable, if like I was in the bus stop, right now and this crazy guy just walked in, I wouldn’t keep my hands up. Automatically, my hands would come up. I was already in my fighting stance before he walked in or as soon as I saw him come in. As soon as he came in I was in my fighting stance. So right there I don’t need to think, bring up my hands, I was ready in strike mode immediately. And you have to be proactive, prior as soon as you feel, like if you’re in the bus or in the metro… same scenario and somebody is walking and he is acting all crazy,he is looking at you. I might take my stance right upfront, right before he would come here. Right before and come here. Instead of waiting for the threat, it would make more sense, when he came this close. It was impossible for me to go, oh man whats going on? My hands were already up and wouldn’t make any sense for me to just bring them up. Especially when it was this far for me to go, what’s up man? Are you okay? No. I mean maybe he’s crazy and he’s in his own world. Once he came into my space, which is this, my range, this is when I have to make a decision to strike or go preemptive or ready to defend. Okay? Awesome work [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. I really like the real world applications training you do. This is what self defense is. I believe this is the only way it can actually work. Great videos!

  2. i see stuff like this all the time, I usually jus walk away cause it was best thing to do but yeah great video man keepin comin stay safe

  3. Thanks for addressing this Nick, it's a very important topic that not many teachers discuss.   Could you do a video on situations in a moving vehicle like a bus, subway or train.  It throws in a completely different dynamic.  Just food for thought.  Keep up the great work!    

  4. Great stuff but you can't deny this is hilarious

  5. Lmao that was funny. Great videos!

  6. it would be weird if he spit on you then fuck you up the ass

  7. pretty hard cause he threating rageing i would kick him in the face

  8. Crack heads. Lol Have to deal with people like this often doing retail security. A tougher job than many think considering you are nearly always on your own and not many store staff are willing to jump in to help if it goes bad.
    Dealing with aggressive drunks on all kinds is another big one these days.

    Good stuff as always Nick!

  9. Nicely done. Frankly, one of the best interpretation of crack head I ever seen. Really great, really great advice, thumbs up fellows.

  10. I have been watching your videos for a couple of years now and they have helped me so much with my training. For that I thank you. This advice helped me yesterday. I had just won prizes at a gaming competition so was carrying a bag of loot and some drunk can up to me asking for money. The me of two years ago would have probably given him a little but my right hand was carrying bags and he clearly wanted to strike as my left hand went to get my wallet. Instead I put my right foot slightly back and put my left and under my chin as if I was paying attention to what he was saying but ready to block and strike if I need to, at the same time considering my environment. When I told him i have no money he asked if I'd hold his drink for him. I told him I have a train to catch so I have to get going. I eventually managed to get away without any violence but thanks to your advice I had a good idea how to approach the situation and avoided getting sucker punched and possibly robbed. So thank you so much and keep up the amazing work.

  11. What I love about your videos is seeing things acted out realistically not just two guys standing there in karate outfits doing the same things over and over. Dude really felt like a crackhead and it is slightly unnerving. Well done boys.

  12. That was one on your best videos

  13. Was this a zombie attack self defence ?

  14. your vids are pretty realistic… thank you

  15. Wow, gee thanks Ted! I saw a dude who was strung out on RC cola and did a silly dance in front of him until he got tired and eventually fell asleep from crashing on all that soda pop. Great advice and thanks for saving my life…

  16. real Canario guy vs crack head
    what the crack head see's crack head vs pink sparkly unicorn that have cates that shoot lazers

  17. This is going to help me in a couple of years.

  18. Crackhead usally carry some nasty blood luggages, and other blooborne wonders, just don't let them bleed on you and everything is gonna be just fine.

  19. Crackheads aren't zombies. They don't walk around grunting. Believe me, i love in a drug neighborhood. They talk like regular people. Their actions are unpredictable and they move around a lot. The video looks more like a guy mad at the world than a crackhead. Another thing, crackheads are like scared mice, if they are looking to take something from you, they are going to try to do it sneakily & quietly.

  20. crackhead? thats fucking offensive,im a sober drugaddict, say atleast ckrackuser och psychotic wich that guy to me acts from personal exsperience!

  21. like your vids though..

  22. Great videos, with good, solid and realistic solutions in a threatning scenario. Keep up the good work!

  23. I noticed the instructor played this even better than he mentioned in the narrative after the skit, because the body was positioned at an angle towards the potential attacker….and the body language and movements were non-confrontational….yes the arms are up, but you're not inviting anything or showing you are aggressive… staying at an able you achieve the same thing….and keep the threat in sight…and the instructor kept giving the person space….which provides you time and space for self defines…while again, remaining non-confrontational. Very well done. i am SO enjoying these videos!

  24. Just offeneded a bunch of crack heads lol

  25. Im a felon a violent one at that should i always strike first when a possible threat enters my kill zone

  26. That is one good actor you got there 🙂

  27. Now, let's say it would only be him and me at this bus stop, wouldn't it be better just to go away a couple of meters?

  28. Leave and go too another bus stop :o)

  29. Crackhead is the best actor ever. Nomination for the Oscar, right now!

  30. Hahahahaha! I had to see this video. That was the funniest crackhead impression I've ever seen! I still liked the video though.

  31. He didn't walk away from the crack head. So his defence is warped. De escalation would have walked better.

  32. Instead of taking self defence classes, Mark (the crack head/zombie) should take acting classes.

    Instead of waiting for a bus in a crack head/zombie neighbourhood, take a taxi. And no the crack head/zombie did not have a knife, he sold it for crack.

    Instead of fighting the crack head /zombie give him some crack or brains

  33. On the street!? Hell I see this shit in Walmart all the time

  34. Simply ignore them or just walk away. I live on the South side of Chicago and 1 out 4 people act like this.

  35. Welp time to put a bowling ball in my bag

  36. All I know is, you can't out run a crackhead, unless yourself😂😂😂😂

  37. Is it just me.. or does this guy get into deep shit a lot..
    Great work though.. great content with a realistic standpoint

  38. this guy is a fool,sorry bro,rule one is situatio. awarness,this guy does not resemble a relistical encounter. over night youtube instructers. go to your local martial arts school

  39. this dude is teaching you to walk around throwing your hands up.

  40. jesus fucking christ this dude's crackhead impression had me on the floor

  41. Beautiful work exactly like my recommended technique I showed in a video I did well over a year ago, Im not an instructor but I give real life situation advice just like this its perfect. With your hands up rubbing your face or scratching your shoulder with the opposite hand is what I call pre loading

  42. Please don't watch YouTube videos and, with all respect, think you are invincible in any situation. The moves being demonstrated here are easily done in a practice environment; He is able to show us his technique because he has done them many, many times. These moves he is teaching here should be a "Last resort". NOT getting into an altercation in the first place is ALWAYS your best defense.
    -Blue belt (almost black tip)
    *slightly lowers head out of respect

  43. Just walk away when u see him coming your way

  44. 5 years ago I was walking to the bus stop at 10p to go to work. Dude came out of nowhere: "Yo dawg, gimme $5 dollars". I told him I was broke and he said "BULLSHIT" I know you got money cuz you're going to work".

    Long story. He said "If you don't give it to me Imma have to take it". He started circling me, I kept him in front of me and we traded punches. I backed him off and he walked away talking shit.

    The bus driver saw us scrappin and hauled ass. I was an hour late but I avoided a major asskicking by being vigilant. Nick, keep making these videos because you're keepin' it real…..KUDOS!! 👍👍

  45. 1. Get a gun permit
    2. Get a gun
    3. Put a bullet in his ass


  47. Very good!
    I enjoyed rather much the video, thanks!

  48. its like down town Houston for realld

  49. So do you strike at that point when he invaded your private space, or do you restrain yourself and take a few steps back instead? The way I see it is to take no chances and to strike first and strike hard. I do not want to wait to find out what his next move is going to be at that point, because it certainly wont be a pleasant one.

  50. i would have punch him by surprise and run lol

  51. he didn't even do anything wtf??

  52. Nick, I really appreciate your videos, very informative stuff and realistic approaches to every situation, cheers!

  53. Best way to deal with a crack head, offer him crack and walk away.

  54. Where was Tyrone Biggum at?

  55. should have knocked him out as his hand moved.

  56. One day 2 guys tried to rob me and i was with both hands on my pockets one holding my wallet and one my phone, one guy pulls out a kitchen knife and asks for my phone, and i tried to think of something while talking some distracting shit, so i turn my side to free my hand and punch one of them in the face and i get one in the chin too, then i call for help and some grampa fakes pulling a knife and they both run away, since then i never carry anything on my pockets because they approach you reaching your pockets, and never with hands on my pockets again. (also a balisong)

  57. These crackheads are a problem. But sometimes you just have to put aside being civilized & step to a crackhead with some attitude & authority, and then be willing to follow it up if need be with whatever hand to hand combat you're familiar with.

  58. Dont get caught off guard!

  59. wow who the fuck thought of dis …..some ppl need to stop

  60. You should do a vid about those slow moving heroin addicts that look like they're doing tai chi

  61. Crackhead behavior?

  62. missing a black and white tv

  63. Wow that shit brings up some bad memories. Thats why I stopped doing wing chun. My automatic stance became to obvious and predictable that can make a bad situation even worse.

  64. The attacker looks like me without my morning coffee

  65. Thatd when you throw some rock at them cause theyll be to busy picking them up to care

  66. There is a shortage of street awareness videos like this. Naturally some people just have it and some don't, so I appreciate the effort. But I would never let anyone acting like that get near that close to me. It's better to be ready and possibly provoke an attack then act weak like you are afraid of confrontation, because that is the type of victim people are looking for when they size you up, case you whatever. If someone started walking up to me like that I would ask him "can I help you with something?" in a way that lets him know he is too close and you are not going to let him violate your space like you just did. I am a security guard and I deal with people like this on a daily basis. People always test you before they attack, but if you let them get that close to you without letting them know it's not cool, they are going to do something for sure that they may not have if you stood up for yourself. They are just overgrown bullies. Progression is 1. Avoid 2. Can I help you? etc 3. Back up please 4. Back up!! (Loud, you need witnesses at this point) 5. Shove them back, BACK UP!! 6. Fight inevitable. DON'T hesitate. This way they are never close enough to reach you without you knowing you have exhausted all other resources. If they have a knife and they are near contact range, especially if they go for the body even if you block and redirect their energy they will cut you. If you defend proactively with striking that may not happen, but when they are close you won't have time to stop the knife and hit. Same if its empty handed. Still a bad situation. Don't EVER compromise your reaction time just to avoid an attack. If they are intent on attacking this will only make you a good victim. 1:00 the crackhead already went too far. Other guy doesn't have enough room or the right position to react.

  67. What kind of crackhead is that?

  68. I think he's on meth not crack lol

  69. First n foremost..never let a crackhead come n arms reach..they're fast and surprisingly strong..I tried knocking out a few during encounters. Dude kept coming coming asking why I was hitting him with his head spilt open with a mag light lol..I used to live n Detroit

  70. We have the crackhead in his natural habitate austrailian accent

  71. lol this this is actually pretty realistic. I was in this exact situation a few times in Chicago.

  72. Your channel has multiple racist videos. It's a real shame.

  73. How funny would it be if this guy just happened to show up high this day and didn't know they were even filming?

  74. Acts more like a zombie than a crackhead.

  75. your "crackhead" actor made me laugh more 😀

  76. Had to look this up because there was a crackhead on my neighbors roof , I’m not taking any chances

  77. U should of had tyrone biggums in this

  78. serious question is aknowlegeing then like any other sensible or always functional, also, primarily if someone is agitated is being defensive sensible if they had awareness would it not tweak their fight fjight? or is that the end game? I like better understanding is why I am crapping on thx xo

  79. EXELENT…. EXPLENATION !!!and Subjections.

  80. I don’t know, maybe when he walked in you walk off. Situational awareness to avoid it. Catch the next bus?

  81. If you get attacked by a crackhead, throw a baggy of crack in one direction and run away in the opposite direction

  82. You said a crack head not Fucken King Kong

  83. i hate dealing with meth heads completely unpredictable and dangerous i always carry a knife with me just incase they decide to trip out

  84. Not as comfortable with my unarmed as I used to be due to a back injury. I carry a 9mm, and behavior like that? If I’m forced to fight? Chest and head. Mozambique (fail to stop).

  85. Surprisingly good advice, you have some fantastic actors!

  86. What about a meth head or an opiod addict? Way more of those in the world…

  87. What about coke addicts with their explosive irrational tempers? While not high they r good at acting like they wont do anything but suddenly will.

  88. I'm sorry, but, you're goin get your ass kicked, just keep eye on said nut and put as much space between you and said nut and get the hell out of there

  89. Lol there was a crackhead on the bus taking shit and saying his shoes were dirty and he would beat the shit out of me and my friends when he got them clean I almost lost it
    (The guy was like 5,8 and me and my 2 friends were taller then him so we would have busted his shit)

  90. Had one of these peasants touch me on the bus. Thanks for this. You're doing God's work.

  91. Get the crack heads out make America again

  92. Thinker pose is too confining.. hands out palms up, you reflexively went to it each time in close proximity to guide him. Also if you strike a crack head with a fist, you could get disease teeth in your knuckle… I'd use more body motion, and guidance into the pavement style with those ones.. Typically intoxicated or edr so easy to flow them

  93. I had a situation with my friend a few days ago where the guy started running behind us and shouting (typical crackhead symptoms). We decided that it was better to run, keep our distance and cross the street than to have to fight. He had his hands in his coat pockets and hell knows what he had in there. My question is at what point do you determine that you have to act and defend yourself? Crossing the street was risky as there was a lot of cars and at some point he was an arms length away from us.

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