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It all started with my Dad, who also dabbed a bit with photography. He would give me his camera for me to play with. I would point and shoot at random things. I really liked fashion, so while I was playing with the camera, I would incorporate both photography and fashion together. When I enrolled at Gallaudet University, there was a fashion show and they needed a photographer. I decided to volunteer for it. From there, people encouraged me to pursue photography and my experience grew. My name is Matthew Vita,
and Masshuu is my nickname. I’m a photographer with a special interest in Men’s fashion. I studied Graphic Design at Gallaudet University. I decided on that major because society requires us to have a stable job, it would be hard to make ends meet if I were just a photographer. As I designed, I was often asked to use stock photos, but I really didn’t like that. I started taking my own photos to use in my design work. Seeing how my style grew, that was when I knew it was my true calling. My day to day job tasks are unpredictable because I run my own business as a freelancer. Sometimes, my day will be all about getting in touch with my clients or businesses. I make sure contracts are being handled, I send in bids or packages, I agree on a contract and schedule a time for the shoot. Another day could be studio time which could take all day. On other days, I could be editing. All of this never happens on the same day because I could lose my focus and become mentally exhausted. Each day always have a different purpose. If you want to be a photographer, you have to play with and get to know your camera. Find out what the lens do or how to adjust the exposure. You can’t just pick up the camera, take a photo and say you’re a good photographer. You have to immerse yourself into it and understand why you’re taking these photos. You will have to work for it, you have to network and hand out your business cards. When you go to an event and network, people will remember you. I have a confession to make. I failed two photography classes. It doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean I’m a bad photographer. I moved forward regardless. Keep aiming towards what you’re most passionate about. You will get there!

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