Daycare Tips : Starting a Daycare Business Plan

Daycare Tips : Starting a Daycare Business Plan

Hi, my name is Veronica Baragas with my,
and I’d like to share with you today about starting a daycare business plan. Now there’s
so many ways that you can go about starting a business plan, there’s lots of templates
out there and each one is going to be different. They have some specifics on daycares, a lot
of the times you can find at your local library or even your local Barnes and Nobles or whatnot.
What I would start off with is a “Startup- with, Start Your Own Child-Care Service”,
and basically what I would do is, to start a business plan is kind of read through the
book, and make yourself an outline of each topic, you can even refer to the index page
and they’ll give you the specifics on it. And once you read through it, you’ll kind
of get an idea of your own ideas, and you’ll be able to put in your own ideas into that
outline. So definitely pickup a book, check with your library, they also have a lot of
sample business plans, and just kind of do it piece by piece, you don’t have to start
from the beginning, and kind of start off with what you know the most. So what I did
is, I kind of started up with my mission statement, my philosophy, so you can kind of jump around,
and that’s the beauty of it all, you can kind of do it as fast or as slow as you like, it’s
your business plan. You can set up your own goals, you can setup your own deadlines, it’s
your own philosophy, it’s your own, whatnot, so, and kind of move on from there, like from
start cost, from marketing, to advertising, to employees and whatnot, but just kind of
jump around, and if you kind of get stuck on one area wait a little while and jump to
another area. But the beauty of it is kind of- it’s at your own pace and whatnot, set
your own goal and just do some research. So look into your local library or pickup the
Startup Child-Care Service book.

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