Dave Chappelle’s Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke

Dave Chappelle’s Impressions Are Insanely Accurate | Netflix Is A Joke

Tonight I’m gonna do something that I’m
not particularly good at but that I like to do. Tonight I’m gonna try some impressions out. [applause] I only got two. Alright, the first impression is kinda dumb
but I like it. This is my impression, are you ready? This is my impression of the Founding Fathers
of America when the Constitution was being written. You ready? Here it goes. Hurry up and finish that Constitution, n*****. I’m trying to get some sleep. It’s not bad, right? Alright, the next one… the next one is a little harder. I want to see if you can guess who it is I’m
doing an impression of. Alright, let me get into character, you gotta
guess who it is, though. [clears throat] Okay, here it goes: Uh, duh, hey, durr If you do anything wrong in your life, duhh,
and I find out about it I’m gonna try and take everything away from
you and I don’t care when I find out could be today, tomorrow, fifteen, twenty
years from now if I find out, you’re f******, duhh, finished! Who was that? That’s you! That’s what the audience sounds like to
me. That’s why I don’t be comin’ out doin’
comedy all the time because y’all n***** is the worst motherf******
I’ve ever tried to entertain in my f****** life!

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  1. David Chappell is a genius. Best comedian today.

  2. More Chappelle, Netflix. You can raise my monthly fee again if you keep getting him to do these specials…and for more Mindhunter.

  3. Chapelle is my new god, praise him

  4. He's representing Ohio y'all!!

  5. 1.4k gave this thumbs down guess we found the people Dave is talking about!

  6. I miss the real Dave Chapelle….

  7. Atta boy. Get em.

  8. Chappelle is a brilliant comedian, and morons who don't understand what standup comedy is are actually targeting him.
    Do I agree with everything he says?
    No. But that is life. Doesn't mean I'm gunnin and runnin on him.

  9. I hope more celebrities take note and stop drinking to woke kool aid

  10. Holy Shit….Chappelle on BEAST MODE!!!

  11. We are laughing at you SJW's, you are the punchline.

  12. And you Motherfuckers said "he lost it"or "not with the times." He's ahead of time!

  13. Seriously… We’re all extremely lucky to live during the Dave Chappelle era..

  14. Watched it more than 6x since it came out. Omg I can’t get enough of it !!! Best Netflix special

  15. Best special Netflix has had in Long time..!

  16. Why does he look and sound so much different than he did 10 years ago? Is it just me? What am I missing?

  17. I thought the second one was Dr. Phil ngl.

  18. Dave Chappelle is a Nazi! I'm also a fag.

  19. I keep listening but i don't hear anyone scream Trump, i heard it was practically the whole crowd. Was it like one person?

  20. Dave Chappelle awesome. The 1.5 k dislikes are easily offended hypocritical snowflakes.

  21. The joke passed over everyone's head including the tards who think he's calling out PC and cancel culture.

  22. Just remember you clicked on my face!#YallSleep

  23. Love your work Dave.

  24. They laugh their fake, awkward laugh when he roasts them with truth. what a bunch of cunts

  25. Chappelle when so hard in the paint on this special. I'm glad he isn't caving to online outrage.

  26. OK so Benjamin Franklin was black and the audience is terrible people because some of them oppose degeneracy. Zing! Good one amigo. Tewjool

  27. chapelle is going to kill me with his jokes, i will have to call the cops

  28. Sad its been YEARS we had a comedian who is actually funny 😓😕 those days are over. This vid was cancer no humor in it.

  29. An entire special where my President wasn't insulted, and our country wasn't shitted on. Just brutally honest jokes & observatiins THIS WAS AWESOME. GREAT SHOW. FUCK THE PC HATERS

  30. chappie is a typical racist. the only reason he is free, and can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, is because most of the Founders wanted slavery gone. Show me what you and davie-boy are doing about slavery that exists RIGHT NOW, all over the globe? crickets. not a valid thing to say. The Founders were AMAZING MEN. There is not a single person in gov-co today who could even tie one of their shoes.

  31. The second impression sounded like Barney to me.

  32. Did Netflix YouTube channel delete the first video?

  33. I love how the mouth breathers yelled out “Trump” and he was like like “nah it’s you”. Making the joke that much funnier.

  34. By far the best stand up I’ve seen on Netflix this year

  35. All in unison… 🐑 Truuuuuuuump🐑

  36. Must be so painful having Trump derangement syndrome

  37. Chappelle was like "GOTCHA B*TCH!!!!

  38. I sure miss the old Dave. This Dave isn’t funny at all.

  39. Chappelle's biggest fans are on the right.

  40. Do the heroin break-in next

  41. Dave is legend. Love this dude, much respect.

  42. Dave is right. These self involved SJW retards are a fucking disgrace and a complete embarrassment. Look, I'm offended by allot of things but I don't bitch and complain about it. I'm an adult that works for a living. I move on. Good for him to call it out.

  43. Who is he talking about? Cosby, Spacey, R.Kelly, Weinstein…

  44. Comedian by day, NASA astronaut by night.

  45. He's not defending Trump, and to those who think he is, you're just as conditioned as those who think he was attacking Trump. He's talking about himself and the blow-up he had going against him a few years back. Just as many sheep on one side as the other 🐑

  46. Well the root roasted him and it wasnt for laughs. How low can you sink, mocking molested kids and rape survivors. And trans people. Offended? No, i just dont wanna listen to bile. Chapelle used to be funny. Not anymore, hes just mean spirited and angry. Now that hes got his billions, and doesnt have to display talent anymore. Eddie Murphy said he quit standup after he got famous cause hed get laughs for just standing on stage. The challenge was gone. Thats what happened here, Dave just stands there and says vile stuff and the sheeple laugh. If some unknown guy said it the audience would walk out.

  47. I was trying to fast forward and rewind netflix until i found this scene, after 30 mns i YouTubed it. This was so fuckin funny to me. Cuz i agree America is way too sensitive

  48. "Just because you hate the guy, it doesn't make you any better than him" – Shroud

  49. Lol he joked on every group of course the skittles community is the one outraging lmao

  50. Dave is definitely cloned 😢


  52. As I watched this special I saw a couple of people in the audience who just weren't having it. I kinda wish he had pointed that out and told them that maybe comedy isn't for them

  53. You just can't hear or see it

  54. I just saw the special. I think that sadly it was his worst so far. most of the first half it's too outdated, even if he's trying to make a point, his arguments are kind of incoherent. I would love to see his reaction of a white comedian talking about how funny black people is, impressions and all, dropping the n word every 2 minutes, for 15 minutes of his act. he's gonna cry racism immediately. and he would be right. that bit of the censorship woman on the network? the woman said he is not gay, she didn't used the word f***. so his made up comeback of "I'm not a n*****" has no sense at all. she would have said to a white comedian "you cannot say n**** because you're not black" and he would agree. or saying he doesn't believe a really successful entertainer that came forward saying he was abused by Michael Jackson for a laugh, when the guy had basically ruined his career doing it? give me a break…

  55. Dave looks like he's taking out the trash in that outfit…and metaphorically he is! Dave is in a league all by himself.

  56. comedian being a comedian. The good ol days when people could take a joke and laugh at themselves and maybe just maybe think and reflect and then laugh again

  57. This guy dose a pretty spot on impression of Dave Chapelle

  58. The irony is the people he called a bunch of crybaby bitches got on twitter and cried and bitched about him and his netflix special. The woke left couldn't be any dumber if they actually tried to be.

  59. Twitter is honestly one of the worst things to happen to America.

  60. TAKE A HINT, YOU PUSSIES!!! Grow a pair, PALEEEEEZE! It's called a SENSE OF HUMOR. Get one, they're nice!!!

  61. his points of view are based on the fact that he is a muslim convert, his brother is much more open about it, but dave is also muslim, and his points of view and feeling of having to tell the truth at all costs is because he fears only ALLAH(which is just an arabic word that translates into "the one true God") he has played it somewhat safe in the past for whatever reason, but he chose to stop fearing anything but Allah obviously… he went all the way with the truth and his muslim views, just sprinkled it all with comedy because its the only way a muslim with his influence can speak that way and have the average joe listen. read between the lines guys. any other muslim that speaks that honestly, having as much influence as him gets sent to a camp, or droned. doing it as a "comedy special" lets him speak a little easier, the public is on his side and we will make a big deal if they kill him now, as we should. he's brave and im happy to be his brother in islam, may Allah preserve him and all his family. ameen

  62. watched the special .. the sad thing .. the majority of itwasn't realy funny .. it was just true .. and overdue for someone to say it ..

  63. Chappelle's whole skit is about how retarded the 82 gender homo liberals are! Liberals are such repulsive beings they're leaving liberal run California for Texas!

  64. If you're mad just remember you clicked on his face.

  65. Come on Dave they didn’t let black people read and write on constitution time

  66. The Constitution is an amazing and wonderful document for how a nation can govern itself peacefully. The constitution is the reason slavery could not stand in this country. Either slavery had to go or the constitution had to change cause they are direct contradictions. Thank God for our constitution.

  67. Lot of snowflakes voting this down 🙂

  68. Please Netflix remove Kevin Hart and Amy Schumer annoying ass comic specials and Put Chappelle/Burr/ Earthquake and Patrice O Neal back up. Kevin Bridges is fucking dope as hell too, ashamed he doesn't get too much credit.

  69. I love this guy man always spot on, y’all really be digging just to ruin someone’s reputation 🤦🏽‍♀️ like are y’all serious.

  70. Dave "God" Chapelle

  71. I'm ready for Chappelle and Bill Burr to run for 2020 President and Vice President. As long as they have a press conference every week where they go off on the stupid shit people are complaining about.

  72. Whelp.. He officially sucks now. What a shame.

  73. No one can ever take the comedic genius away from Dave.

  74. His ability is truly amazing.

  75. This special was brutal. Balls dave

  76. I love how people clapped and cheer

  77. Yes!
    1.5 SJW’s hate this 😂👌🏻

  78. I didn't think his jokes were funny. I wonder why people laugh when it's not funny.

  79. To those who are yelling-
    Watch Dave Chappelle's Netflix, special, Sticks and Stones"

    Now It cracks me up, that so many people are saying don't
    watch Dave Chapelle's special, "Sticks and Stones"
    Because by getting pissed and complaining at his specials, all over the net or to any public forum or person within earshot, you simply, easily and naturally give his jokes and his special, an irrepressible energy it would otherwise not possess.

    So now more people will watch it because you gave him free advertising.

    Rather perhaps you need to ignore him and focus on your own life and put your energies into things you can change.

    Or continue to give him free advertisement with your immature rants.

  80. He went full legend

  81. He aint wrong lmao. I miss the days where comedians could push the envelope even when shit isn't true, that would be the backwards joke that Dave does so so well.. We could sympathize and laugh together. I can't stand how sensitive everyone has become including myself just by watching this. The media and extreme feminism I feel has just pushed our seriousness way too far to the point where we cant talk about things anymore which is sad. We need to do better at seeing the line and let the small things pass through so it gives bigger things more importance.

  82. THIS IS AMAZING!!! WOOOOW! SO happy he just did this skit. He is 100% Dead on target with that second impression skit! Round of applause Dave!!🤘🖤

  83. This video is better –

  84. I 1000% agree with him. People are way to hard to please nowadays when it comes to entertainment. Everybody got something to say about everything. Nothing is ever good enough anymore for people. Even if people actually like something, they still feel the need to nitpick at the stuff they don't like and actually post a video about it . If I ran the entertainment industry I would cancel movies, shows, music, etc. At least for a few years. I would make everybody go back to reading books and shit and maybe they'd appreciate good entertainment.

  85. The entire 90 mins was "insanely accurate".

  86. Girl in the white in the first row is completely oblivious lmao

  87. This was so funny , don't know why the guardian speaks smack about it

  88. Second one sounded like Alexandria Ocazio Cortez 😄

  89. This gives me hope. Comedy’s back baby!

  90. The first one would be funny if slaves actually knew how to read and write back then.

  91. Honestly, this probably is the funniest, smartest stand up special he has ever done.
    Haven’t seen anything come close to this since Stanhope’s “Deadbeat Hero”

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