DATING ADVICE: Dealing with a flaky date (DATING ADVICE FOR GUYS)

DATING ADVICE: Dealing with a flaky date (DATING ADVICE FOR GUYS)

Hey what’s up Miss Singlefied here answering guys’ dating questions from a woman’s perspective. I have a question
from Michael who said how can you call other world
with a late without sounding like a complete sure okay michel et tu really good
question i dont a couple videos on what to do when a girl placed on you are when you
guessed it up on a date and recently I’ve heard a lot of stories
from you guys it’s been emailing up getting stood up for are
having a brief look out on you and also had quite a few friends who
told me the exact same story you all know that I believe the shit
always call out like because if you don’t it will spoil her to think miss you can
get away with that she’ll do it again to the next person so here’s just a little something that
you could say take it as a guideline hey fill in the blank if you have the
time to think about flaking on me then you have the time to tell me your
flaking out on me a simple phone call overtaxed would have been fine it’s
called common courtesy and respect it wasn’t the response are
most likely gonna get from that is a bunch of bullshit excuses. My phone
died springtime County I love my phone got
hit by a car whose I don’t have clothes him Mike of
toenails were piling on both Ohio old rar puking everywhere explosive diarrhea actually shot on my filed okay so the last excuse me
actually be legit but the point is you’re not going to get
the response to you want back but at least you’ll make her feel like
an asshole in this will help prevent her from doing this again to the next
percent Alright Michael, you’ve been Singlefied! her in poor shooting he my friends were
in town song handcuffed to be yeah interest nasa G

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  1. "My dog got sick and ate my laptop, but I managed to go to my dad's funeral and give my sister her car back after it got impounded. Please don't be upset, because when I get a minute one day when I remember what day it is I will text you back from that text you sent me last week" hahaha

  2. If someone flakes out and is a no show I usually tell them " I'm sorry I didn't show up on (instert day here), I had won a $1500 raffle at work! I was out celebrating with my co workers sorry totally forgot about you maybe next time".

    Then proceed to never acknowledge them again.

  3. Here's the thing, your content is amazing but your looks are distracting me from soaking in the material. Now I'm left with a situation on my hands. *compliment intended*

  4. You're so cool..and beautiful!

  5. if she sat on her phone and broke it, id give her another chance cause that is one fat ass lol

  6. Great Video! And you are so sexy!

  7. Looks like you had fun with the bullshitting hahaha

  8. Bad advice… A guy should play it off like nothing happened. Dont burn the bridge. But if you do hook up later. Shit on her…

  9. yep, this girl is wayyy off haha

  10. Lie, say you were late to the date, apolozie for being late and they'll fall into the trap and will apologize for standing you up. 

  11. haha i fking love u 

  12. if I agree to another date with a girl who flaked the first time I would not have respect for myself. Flaking is completely disrespectful to the other person , so how could you like someone who doesn't respect you? I know some girls think they are hot shit and always ask where are all the good guys? Uhm.. you flaked on him years ago. This goes for both guys and girls. Respect is first, without that nothing else matters. Love is not enough, Sex is not enough, Money is not enough.

  13. I thought the handcuff n orgy excuse was pretty legit…

  14. THIS WILL NOT WORK, because women do not use logic to self reflect. They use emotion. Calling a woman out will not make her feel bad about her actions, it'll only justify her disrespect for you. Do not try to make her feel bad, right or wrong, she'll only feel bad about you. The only thing you can do is go out and have a good time. If she calls or texts to apologize with a BS excuse, just tell her "no worries, I went out and had a good time". If she asks what you did, change the subject like you didn't even hear it and stay positive. If she feels bad, she'll only be able to reflect on what she's done to miss out, and not focus on your anger. Let her reschedule, don't ask her out again. If she ghosts, leave her alone. Do nothing, and let her repair the damage.

  15. Absolutely right.

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