Dance Moms: Kendall Shares Her ALDC Journey Through Dance (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Kendall Shares Her ALDC Journey Through Dance (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime

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  2. Kendall was one of my favourite dancers she has came so long since the second season

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    Seems Legit

  4. I don't know why but I watched dance moms just for maddie and kenzie.

  5. Hi✌️✌️✌️

  6. If i got a dollar for every time Jill talked about Kendall I'd be watching this in my mansion

  7. Aww brynn was so nice to Kendall

  8. I don’t get why people are so mean to Kendall and Jill. I love them so muchhh❤️❤️❤️!!!!

  9. I’m too early
    I want to read funny comments

  10. I miss Mackenzie and maidde on dance moms so much

  11. Brynn hugging Kendall after her solo was so cute and sweet

  12. Last time I was this early, MacKenzie just wanted to stay at home and eat chips

  13. Don't know why Kendall didn't get a Nationals solo that year with solos like The Scream, D.O.A. and The Journey proving how much she had improved since Season 6.

  14. I'm not going to lie, when I saw this title I thought Kendall was coming back and talking about her experience on the show… but this is cool too, I guess

  15. i really like this solo. it's pretty and kendall danced so good

  16. This is my fave Kendall solo 🤭❤️

  17. tbh, kendall's technique has been below all the other girls since she joined the team, i'm so shocked to this day that abby kept her around and gave her this whole career despite all the talented girls that auditioned for her who would've been so much better for the team. this is just my opinion btw, u dont have to agree with me 🙂

  18. Why does everybody hate brynn?

  19. Those kids in the bright pink staring at kendal tho😂

  20. wait it says she won 1st place but i saw kalani backstage in her SAY SOMETHING SAY ANYTHING solo costume and that got a perfect score … im confused imma have to go look back at the episode !!

  21. “Our next solo goes to….Kendall!”
    Jill: ShUt uP 👁👅👁

  22. Awww I live this dance and brynn is so nice

  23. Kendall miss her !😭😭😭😭😍😍

  24. My little Kendall finally got a solo!

  25. The producers were wrong to give such a strong lyrical dancer like Kendall these messy, sassy jazz dances. She’s definitely better at lyrical.

  26. i cracked up when jill said “yaaay”

  27. The sad thing is nia fell on here front aerial

  28. “my little kendall finally got a solo”

  29. I love how Kendall got this solo but it would have been good for nia as well because she was there from the start

  30. oh I thought Kendall went back to aldc when I saw this was posted 5 hrs ago

  31. nobody:
    not a single soul:
    Jill: sHut uP!


  33. finally! a solo for my little kendall!

  34. Kalani has her “perfect score” costume on

  35. Kendal is so big😵😵

  36. Brynn is so cute UwU

  37. Penelope is so leggo

  38. Shut up 👍👆 yay

  39. Well my little kendall 😂😂

  40. So Lifetime you can post flashbacks from Season 7 but you can’t post Paris’ Unaired Solo no one is mad at you for posting flashbacks but lots of people like me wants to see some of the unaired dances you missed in the unaired dances episode like Paris’ Solo “Rock Bottom”

  41. The next solo goes to Kendall
    Jill: But my little Kendall… wait

  42. Tbh this dance would fit nia better cause she’s been in aldc the longest

  43. Kendall is the prettiest

  44. "ELLIANA'S LEG"😂
    I died

  45. Unpopular opinion: this was just OK.

    Sorry not sorry.

  46. Kendall is such a boring dancer

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