Dance Moms: Dance Party – The New ALDC Reacts to “Dance Moms” Moments! (Part 2) | Lifetime

Dance Moms: Dance Party – The New ALDC Reacts to “Dance Moms” Moments! (Part 2) | Lifetime

get is what you see. I won’t pretend
I’m what you need. There’s no in-between. This is take or leave. ABBY LEE MILLER: Let’s
get to the pyramid. [GASPING]
– Oh, I know what this is! Next, we have– This is when she
kicks Jojo out. Yep.
ABBY LEE MILLER: Jojo! And her mom said she
deserved something. Yeah, you never
deserve anything– You were fifth
in the competition. [INAUDIBLE] you earn it! ABBY LEE MILLER: You were
fifth on the pyramid. Sometimes, you act
like a five-year-old. (MIMICKING) And you
act like a five-year-old. ABBY LEE MILLER: Maybe
five is your lucky number– (MIMICKING) Lucky number. ABBY LEE MILLER: –or
not so lucky number. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Well, if you’re so good, you
don’t really need to be a part of the Abby Lee Dance Company. She used that
line so much this– Mhm. –season. Oof. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] ABBY LEE MILLER: [INAUDIBLE]. Can you put her
picture back up? She deserves to
be on the pyramid. She was in the group dance. (DEEP VOICE) She
deserves nothing! ALL: (MIMICKING) She
deserves nothing! Don’t have an
attitude that you are– (MIMICKING) That
you are entitled to. –entitled in this world.
You are not! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] You deserve nothing– ALL: (MIMICKING) Nothing.
– –else. ABBY LEE MILLER: You earn it.
can’t stand here and cry. I want no no, no, no, no– (MIMICKING) No, no,
no, no [INAUDIBLE].. –crying children.
None. Well, if you yell
at me, I’m gonna cry. ALL: (MIMICKING) Well, if you
yell at me, I’m going to cry. ABBY LEE MILLER: Get out.
– (MIMICKING) Get out. OK.
ABBY LEE MILLER: Let’s go. [INAUDIBLE]. ABBY LEE MILLER: Go. Let’s go. We’re going home right now. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Kenzie. Mm, mood. This is a great
opportunity for Jojo. She’s like all drama. And I want her
to be on the team. I feel like that’s the
one difference this season. And I want her to go back
to Pittsburgh with Abby. Like, the old
seasons, the girls– [INAUDIBLE] sorry. –just kind of took it
and didn’t say anything. [INAUDIBLE]. But I feel like we
don’t really take it. Yeah, we just– And like, we like–
we state the facts. Because you’re a bigger
person than she is. She’s like, you suck. And we’d be like, well,
then why am I here? On top of the pyramid– We don’t say that
directly to her, but. –we have [INAUDIBLE]. I– I have said that before. I’ve said– I’ve said stuff back. I haven’t. Me and Gia are the two, like,
really, like, I would say, vocal.
– Vocal. – And it’s like–
– You’re back. When Miss Abby, like,
says stuff about our moms and about us–
– Yes. ABBY LEE MILLER: Why? –we don’t really
take it, we– And I’m sorry that I
didn’t watch [INAUDIBLE].. –like, we say what’s true. That’s taking the high road. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] All [INAUDIBLE]. I’m glad. I’m glad that Jojo came back
because look where she is now. – Yeah.
– Yeah. And Jojo’s actually never
been quiet, which, I mean, can be a bad thing. But it can also be a good thing. Because sometimes, you
can’t always just take it. You can’t bottle that
energy up all the time. – Yeah.
– Yes. It kind of is, like, inspiring
that she had the courage to, like, say something back. Mhm. Yeah. ANNOUNCER: Abby
Lee, this is Maddie. [CHEERING] SARAH: Oh, no. I’m scared. ANNOUNCER: Here we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] She was really– she
started off really good. And I was like, yes, kill it. And then– she was really good. That was good. She was only, like, nine, right? That looks so slippery. I know. I would have literally slipped. HANNAH: She did really good. Yeah. Her face. WOMAN: (SINGING) My strong man. She goes– Wait, watch. Watch. It’s coming. WOMAN: My strong man. Chloe looks so sad. – Oh, here we go.
– Here we go. Oh, no. Ah! (SADLY) Oh. You could tell she went to
go for a diving front walkover. She went like this
instead of going– She started– she went, like,
and out and didn’t go down. Yeah. That’s what Abby always
yells at us for– When I saw this
gentleman carrying– Diving. –my daughter off, my
heart sunk to my stomach. MADDIE: I fell on my hip. What hip? You fell on your hip? (SOBBINGLY) Yes. Aw. I’ve never been– I’ve never had an injury. I have. I know that feeling. She said, Miss Abby’s
going to be mad at me. ABBY LEE MILLER: I’m not going
to be mad at you, sweetie. But you started to dive. And then, in the middle,
you second-guessed yourself and you went for
the aerial walkover. But you did a front toss. Aw, she’s so cute.
ABBY LEE MILLER: Any blood? No. No, not even a bruise. ABBY LEE MILLER: OK. See, if you had a big
butt and you landed on it, it wouldn’t hurt! Like me. Dancers fall, and
dancers get hurt. This may have been
Maddie’s first fall, but it certainly
won’t be her last. [INAUDIBLE]. Miss Abby, OK,
let me get the door. – Gianna’s long hair.
– [INAUDIBLE]. What is Jo wearing? Right now. That looks like a group dance. If that happened
to anybody, she would just lay us on her wheelchair. And then she’d have us roll in.
– Yep, just run over us. Or she’d just be
like, suck it up. I don’t care. She’d be like,
get up and walk. I’m just saying, to leave
abruptly like that, it’s not very professional or reliable. And we left– we didn’t
even really leave. We were just in
your parking lot. And you have given us– No, you left. These moms always accuse me of
using their daughters as pawns in this game of competition. But you know what?
– Her eyeshadow. They should have
had their daughters– Bumpit. –in the studio while
they were out in the– The bumpit. The bumpit. –waging a war against me. I can’t get over the– ABBY LEE MILLER: [INAUDIBLE]
can go by herself up front. –hot pink lipstick
and the purple eyeshadow. Abby, you know what? When I sent her by herself last
season, you drove me to no end. Remember that one
time when she walked in with, like, that one curler? And I was not only
finished but done, well done. I think she’s
immature, and I think she needs to grow up a little bit. You didn’t walk in her
shoes when she couldn’t walk, and she was in a wheelchair. Ugh, are we are on
this feet thing again? Oh, I always forgot
Nia was in a wheelchair and she couldn’t walk. We are, because that
means she [INAUDIBLE].. Didn’t she, like, hurt
her foot or something? – No, she, like–
– [INAUDIBLE] use a crutch. – She had something, like–
– She was in a wheelchair? – What?
– She was in the hospital. There was something
wrong with her, and she couldn’t walk
for a really long time. [INAUDIBLE]
wheelchair for a while. Oh.
Wait, what? It’s real. I’m about this far
from pulling the duet. – I didn’t know that.
– Mhm. No. She needs to do the
duet [INAUDIBLE].. HANNAH: Really?
What happened? I feel like Paige was
always the quiet one. Because your mouth
is ugly, woman. You are a monstrosity of evil. Ooh. You want to talk
about ugliness. – Ooh, Ursula.
– You’re done. You’re done. No duet. Whatever. I’m a monstrosity of evil? – Yes, you are.
– I’ll show you evil. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I need to talk to
Abby and convince her to let these girls dance.
– I don’t think [INAUDIBLE]. It’s never
because of the kids. It’s because of their moms. It’s always because
of their moms. She always takes everything
out that’s from the moms. And she says that’s
how she teaches moms to keep their
mouths shut and let their kids talk for themselves.
ABBY LEE MILLER: OK. All right, we’re all set.
Duet’s pulled. Oh. GIANINA: That’s the
Kendall is on shortly. She took the duet
away from Paige and Nia. She pulled the duet. Do we really have
to pull the duet? It’s done. It’s already finished. But can’t I do it? No. Your mother was rude to me. I’m sorry. It’s done. I pulled it. Over. I am not going to be– I feel like Nia
always got every dance that she did pulled. Especially with Kendall. SARAH: Or she always was put
in the dance at last second. Or she– or she got,
like, as moms like to say, the short end of the stick. ABBY LEE MILLER: Tell
her to keep it up, and you’ll be suspended.
– Aw. That’s so sad. Abby, I am asking you in a
very professional, motherly way to give Nia back that solo. No. She has earned it, Abby. Right, and you screwed it up. I did not screw it up. – Yes, you did.
– Paige would like to dance. – (SCOFFING) Yes, you did.
– (MIMICKING) Yes, you did. Yes, you did. ABBY LEE MILLER: I
understand, Paige. Sorry. You’re a victim of
the circumstances. That’s so sad. ABBY LEE MILLER: You’re
not doing the duet. But you are evil. That’s why I called you evil. OK. Come on! Ooh. That’s so sad. That would be, like, terrible. That was really sad. I know the feeling of
getting a dance pulled. I know how it feels to
be pulled out of a dance, but I got put back in, so. I know. I know how it feels to have a
dance pulled because of my mom. KRISTIE RAY: OK, moms. Put down your cocktails. I just want to let know Asia– This is the one
with the [INAUDIBLE].. –will be
officially done with– I’m sad that they didn’t
show them [INAUDIBLE].. –being a competitive
dancer on a team. As of this week. – I’m sad.
– Oh, good for her! She was, like, eight, and
she’s done with competitions. So what is she
going to be doing? But she has so many more jobs. KRISTIE RAY: She’s
just not going to– True.
PRESSLEY: Crazy. Yeah. The opportunities
she has, she’s just not going to
be with the team or competing as a
competitive dancer. Asia’s been offered amazing
opportunities back in LA. And then she went on her own
show, called “Raising Asia.” And I would be dumb
not to take them. And I think her days here
at ALDC are finished. I’m shocked that Asia
and Krystal are leaving. Like, Ann.
Ann’s always crying. Melissa’s always crying. But what I’m more
shocked about– OK, Chloe’s mom, Christi,
had the most iconic interviews. –is that Leslie thinks
that by Kristie leaving, that opens the door for [INAUDIBLE].
BRADY: Whoa, whoa, whoa. HANNAH: Whoa, whoa. That’s literally
going to be my mom. In interviews, I’m like,
Mom, why would you say that? And why does your
face look like that? And she’s like, whoa, whoa! And I’m like– No, no! Can we just sit
straight and talk? Kristie has been drinking
all day, and Leslie has [INAUDIBLE] all night. My mom’s interviews are– I think we all think
our moms interviews are really interesting. GIANINA: Yeah, and my mom’s,
like, not the greatest at pickup lines. My mom says so many,
like, weird phrases. She needs to just shut
up and be grateful– And I’m like, no
one’s going to get that. –for what Abby does
her and her daughter. BRADY: [INAUDIBLE], actually.
– Sorry. [INAUDIBLE] Sometimes, my mom
says something that I don’t even know what it means.
– [INAUDIBLE] stand here. Why are you holding a glass? SARAH: So I’m not expecting
anyone else to know. I’m not!
I’m talking to my friend! – Then, you’re yelling at her.
– Shush! – You had too much to drink.
– Oh. BRADY: It turned from, like, a–
– Like, look! – Bitch!
– Oh. SARAH: Oh!
– Watch. Watch. Leslie’s about to go, like– She’s beating
her with the doll. Stop!
Stop! Stop!
– Look. Ready?
Watch. – Stop.
– She starts hitting him– – Oh, she starts hitting him.
– –with her purse. Look.
Ready? Oh, my god. She threw her purse. BRADY: She threw that purse,
like, five million feet away. PRESSLEY: Kristie’s
out of control. ANNOUNCER: –scoring
advanced mini soloist. That’s Maddie from
Abby Lee Dance Company! Give a big round of
applause [INAUDIBLE] love. Undefeated! Aren’t you happy? No.
ANNOUNCER: Congratulations. You gotta take
that big wacky bow. I can’t even look at Melissa. It’s always all about her
daughter and no one else. I mean, I think it’s kind of
unfair that she got two solos. Good job, honey. Because, normally,
when you have two, you have a better chance.
– Yeah. I don’t care what
Kristie thinks. She would do anything
for her daughter to win. GIANINA: And they can
beat you at their solo and still think you won.
– Exactly. I don’t do anything
for my daughter to win. My daughter wins on her own. Because then, the
first time, it’s kind of like you get
it out of the way and all your nerves are
gone for the second one. Do you want to talk
about all the things that need to be talked about? Not here, not now.
This is the weekend. Because you won’t
talk about it. No one has ever– SARAH: Wait, I want to listen.
– And you won’t talk about it. I won’t ever
talk to you again. You are not paying me.
You are not paying me. Abby, I’m not talking
about it because you won’t talk about it! You’re making my
daughter cry, so shut up! No, look at Maddie in
the front with [INAUDIBLE].. [INAUDIBLE]. My daughter beat your
daughter this year! [GASPING] [INAUDIBLE]
[BLEEP] to get here! – Oh!
– Oh. BRADY: Language!
– Look at [INAUDIBLE] hair. – Oh, no.
– Get out of here now. Excuse your French.
Her hair’s so– – Let’s go!
– Bitch. – Let’s go!
– Ooh. You think your kids feel bad. But it doesn’t matter. They’re– [INTERPOSING VOICES]
ALL: Aw! [INAUDIBLE] was so little. They’re really
close to, like, no! Take it away in a minute. Like– [CLAPPING] A little too close to her. My daughter has
beat your daughter. Any time! My daughter is
a better dancer. She has better hair. Like, I don’t care. Too close for comfort. A little too
close for comfort. – You don’t care.
– Too close for comfort. [CLAPPING] Stupid.

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