Dana Brooke gets rejected for a date: WWE Network Pick of the Week, Nov. 15, 2019

Dana Brooke gets rejected for a date: WWE Network Pick of the Week, Nov. 15, 2019

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  1. I will
    Date dana brooke
    I feel sad for sexy dana brooke

  2. I would take her out

  3. Dana can't get a break, jobber in wwe and love life… If only she had asked me out…

  4. Dana & Mojo would be a good couple

  5. I miss the old mojo

  6. Wow Dana got rejected by that guy in his car.That he drove off fast.Might be Married.That is to funny…I agree with Mojo.But I wouldn't rejected her. She is beautiful woman…😍😍😍💜💜💜💖💖💖😅😅😅👏👏👏

  7. It really do be like that sometimes.

  8. Dude I would have said yes to her and than she could have given me pointers on working out and getting healthy

  9. Dana brooke i want to go on a hot date with u

  10. Dana has the hottest body ever

  11. As someone who grew up in rough neighborhood I can say this. I would be a tad bit skeptical as to why someone who looked like that, would ask me out on a date. The fact that mojo was there didn’t help either.

  12. That's Dana Brooke? Seriously?!

  13. What an idiot, who would say no to Dana Brooke? 😍😍

  14. Dana Brooke future Raw Women's Champion or Smackdown Women's Champion.

  15. I’ll go on a date with you Dana

  16. Who would reject this beautiful girl? If she asked me out on a date id say yes in 1 second

  17. Haha😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  18. Are we supposed to be surprised ?

  19. This isn't Dana! What happened to her face?!

  20. Since no girl will go on a date with me 😥, u can go out with me if u like to 😃.

  21. I date of you Dana

  22. I love how Mojo literally just dies laughing

  23. Wwe pls give Dana Brooke a title opportunity she been dirty on wwe for years ghad

  24. Is it me or is she even more beautiful than the last time we seen her?

  25. Call me+923014869803

  26. Call me +92301486903

  27. Hello my haters and lovers

  28. mojo’s reaction was priceless

  29. I knew you will become successful

  30. Man she is a beautiful strong woman

  31. Hmmm… those big booooobies

  32. He probably wasn’t straight..

  33. I mean he beat her to the punch if he said yes then he would be the one looking stupid in the end.

  34. The audacity to reject her. Why I never…

  35. she tries so hard but wwe refuses to use her

  36. Take me to dinner? Yes please.

  37. Little by little she's looking like Stephanie McMahon


  39. I would take her out to dinner

  40. I matched with her on tinder

  41. "Ehhhh….whatever. I'm dating an NBA player anyway".

  42. Mojo lmao! 🤣🤣🤣

  43. I want a hug from Dana so bad.

  44. id go to dinner with Dana Brooke. shes cute

  45. Turn Mojo face already.🤣

  46. Date with me Dana… date with me!!! 😍

  47. Tell us about Undertaker

  48. Klar ist die das aber ich würde mit der ausgehen auf jeden Fall

  49. Die ist doch hübsch


  51. Mojo’s reaction lmao

  52. Plot twist :
    the man is actually Becky Lynch .

  53. You know he was gay lol no worries dana I take you out 😉😉😊☺️

  54. Mojo's reaction is everything lol 😂😂


  56. Nobody gonna mention the Bob Ross shirt?

  57. Where is the seabelt?????

  58. She got really fit!!!!

  59. Who the hell is that girl in the thumbnail???

  60. Dang who would deny Dana Brooke? If I was single, I wouldn't.

  61. This was just straight up cringe 💀

  62. She lost some weight.

  63. I fn would jumped into that Dinner right away 😂

  64. I love you Dana Brooke 😍😘💕❤️

  65. I Don't like plastic.

  66. Please sit on my face Dana.

  67. I need Dana to feed me for dinner tonight.

  68. He’s probably into men with the way he pulled off

  69. I'd go to dinner with you, Dana.😉😘

  70. I actually think Mojo has some potential.

  71. Why does she look so different?

  72. Hot mmmuuuuaaaahhhh🌹😘❤️

  73. Who would reject her smh

  74. Clickbait title is clickbait.

  75. I miss Charlotte and Dana as partners, They're my future Women's tag champions

  76. She is Beautiful…

  77. The man is smart. She looked like a prostitute to be honest sitting in the car. He probally thought it was a set up 😂.

  78. Random driver: No

  79. I would have said the same thing

  80. To be fair, wouldn’t it be weird to you if a random blonde asked you to dinner with a jacked guy in the car

  81. She is a hoe how can she get rejected?

  82. Dear Dana Brooke, would you like to go out for tacos?

  83. Shes so very gorgeous how can he say NO he must not like ladys

  84. Miss Brooks you're so gorgeous in every gorgeous way

  85. What the fu did she do looks nothing like the beautiful Dana Brooke I once knew! 😔😔😔😔

  86. Shoot she can take me to dinner anytime 😏😊

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