Cutting Chipboard with the Cricut Maker Knife Blade

Cutting Chipboard with the Cricut Maker Knife Blade

Hi everybody its Beth from Kingston
Crafts and today I’m gonna do a quick project using the new knife blade I’m so
excited. We’re gonna be using chipboard. Cricut has actually come out with this
heavy chipboard that works perfectly with the knife blade – you guys know there
are a thousand different thicknesses and types of chipboard out there so Cricut
came out with their own and that’s what I’m using today because that’s what they
recommend using with the knife blade. A couple other tools you’re gonna want – a
strong grip mat – I’ve got the 12 by 12 because I’m using a smaller item but I
highly recommend getting a 12 by 24 for if you do large pieces of wood or
leather. You’re also going to want some masking tape which I’ll show you what
you’re going to use that for in a minute and also the cricut brayer which is the
most amazing thing ever so let’s get started. I’m gonna peel the cover off my strong grip mat, I’m gonna lay the chipboard in the corner now the chipboard is 11 by 11 you don’t want to use anything wider than 11 inches and that’s because of these white star bars – sorry star
rollers over here because you don’t want them to leave any indentations so the
cricut chipboard is cut to 11 by 11. So I’m gonna take the brayer and actually
roll it on to – roll it just to give it a little extra adhesive because the force
of the blade is so strong that you want to make sure it’s nice and tight on
there and that’s also what you’re going to use the masking tape for. You’re going
to actually tape down the chipboard on all four sides just to give it that
extra layer of protection. All right and then you’re ready to cut
your project! So I’ve already created just a real simple design but I wanted
to show you how the knife blade does some real intricate curves. So I’ve just
got “hi” – it’s about nine inches across just like you’re gonna do it on paper or
iron-on you’re going to have your image on the screen, cut make it or click make
it, click continue if it’s where you want on the screen, select my maker and I’m gonna click browse all materials
and then I’m actually gonna type in chipboard so I don’t have to look for it.
So this is the heavy chipboard – it’s a pretty basic cut so I’m just gonna
select that one, click done, and it reminds you to move the star wheels all
the way to the right of the machine, reminds you you shouldn’t have material
more than 11 inches, that it’s secured to a strong grip mat using tape on all four
sides, we’ve done all those things and we are ready to go. So just like you would
with any of your other materials you insert it in, press the arrow button and
then click go. And see how it’s cutting right through
the tape you don’t have to worry about that at all. So that knife blade has to
do multiple passes because it’s working with thicker materials the great thing
about design space is it tells you exactly how many passes it has and how
much time you have remaining. So it’s cutting number two of eighteen
passes we have 16 minutes remaining which means I could go put in a load of
laundry, I could start working on another project, so it’s nice that it tells you
exactly how long it’s gonna take so this is sort of like a recipe where you have
10 minutes of actual prep time and then 30 minutes of cooking – this is very
similar to that we have 18, 16 minutes of cooking. So here’s another quick tip if
you’re – if I was doing something super intricate and this part was
popping up you can actually take some more tape – we’ll wait for come back
around – and just lay it right over it and that’ll help it not pop up. So say if it
was like the “i” if that was popping out or the tip of the “i” or if you were
doing a really intricate project you just tape right over it and not have to worry. And when it’s done you just pull it out – look at this gloriousness. This is a game-changer guys I could paint this, I could cut another one, I can peel these
right off, you could layer chipboard to make thicker signs, do custom names I
mean the possibilities are just endless. See this comes right off – peel it, paint it, stamp on it, color it, layer it, this is gonna be fantastic.

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