“Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow is Good Business(TM)” Leadership Simulaiton – Trailer

“Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow is Good Business(TM)” Leadership Simulaiton – Trailer

(ALEAS® Adaptive Learning Solutions) (Extraordinary) (Extraordinary)
It was the most extraordinary time of my life … (Biggest challenge of your life) (Biggest challenge of your life)
The company wasn’t too large but my appointment (Biggest challenge of your life)
was certainly the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced … (High tension)
There was so much tension in the air (High tension)
you could cut it with a knife … (Heated conflicts)
Every working day was dominated by (Heated conflicts)
conflicts filled with bickering and rivalry … But I did notice …
… and the old man also knew … The chief executive staff was (8 very complex people)
made up of a team of eight people … You will be managing complex people here.
You have an important job to do. I need to talk to you right now
so please don’t blow me off. Are you dissatisfied with these products because you have
a painful personal link to them, namely your ex-wife? Actually, Ellen, it was my idea
so I’d really like to be involved! It’s not your area, Jen … You’re right, Ellen. It’s actually MY area! If I could only get them to understand the process of flow … (Flow is good business)
I know they could turn this company (Flow is good business)
into a really good business. All right, I’m going, but I can see you’re trying to make
light of the situation and don’t take my concern SERIOUSLY! So, what do you think of him? This trailer is NOT based on a true story … … because it IS a true story! Each day arrives and ends with a new task list. I GUARANTEE that every workday at the winery also involves
interruptions, meetings, conflicts, decisions … I thought you knew about his wife, Kate.
You should have let him go to her much earlier. Nobody cares about MY opinion,
this is going to be a disaster! The question is what approach are you taking. Because if you insist on continuing
with your marketing-driven approach we may be lucky enough to obtain
the instant, widespread recognition you so desire but it may not last! I am the new General Manager of Turul Winery,
a family-owned business with traditions and a reputation
steeped in a hundred and fifty year old history … I am the new General Manager of Turul Winery,
a family-owned business with traditions and a reputation
steeped in a one hundred and fifty year old history … What’s a … What’s going on here?
What’s this about? Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you! I was sharing my night harvest idea
with our new “GM”. Larry, come on, we have other priorities right now … Although my predecessor maintained
a stable financial basis … … the company was reeling from a change of character
which left them around in turmoil. It doesn’t make any sense to me … That’s right! I don’t trust Alex! Excuse me! Did I hear you correctly?
What are you scheming? I could say a lot of things about the people in this winery,
but they are all pretty sophisticated … I only had a very short time
to turn this time the situation around … I just had a breakthrough! Team! T-E-A-M! Oh, it stands for “Together Everybody Achieves More”! In case you’re wondering what I look like … … I look like YOU! Hi, I’m Joe Salieri … Because I AM YOU! … as you know I am the PR and Events Manager …
You know, I practically grew up at the winery … You are the General Manager of Turul Winery. You are the General Manager of Turul Winery. Ok, then see you at the meeting! It certainly didn’t feel like a game to me … It’s like being the main character in a film … The stakes are much higher
than you might imagine … The first totally realistic
interactive simulation ever released. And … it’s a serious management
training tool. Flow is good business Be in it. Soon.
(Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow is Good Business™ Leadership Simulation) (

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