Cross-Dressing Priest Arrested For Dealing Meth

Cross-Dressing Priest Arrested For Dealing Meth

monsignor cannonball and hasn’t
interesting personal life can afford competent now this is the uh… the roman catholic
diocese of property for connecticut’s leader but a perfectly normal guy there of the intended he got up to some pretty
interesting shenanigans uh… so he was arrested unfortunately
because of trying to sell math two police officers multiple times now i should mention also that people
once that sex shop uh… the name of which is land of oz
and dorothy’s place and even after they they found out
that’s the sound of the people in this section of peaceful stood behind well
but once they came out that he was selling that the police officers and
using the dissection up to launder the money eventually at that point you lose
your position clears monsignor map that’s pretty awesome it’s a case about
this guy i think breaking that’s uh… character at some point that work pretty
well so this was a catholic now so if you like to know this is that
chapter there still a cool with that the capital not just capital the priest one
geserum a hazardous chemical he’s a man seen it yet here’s what’s your made man
in that catholic church does he really hasn’t any other ups to to get over you
what i have yet under here you have a history of personal problems dating back
to two thousand leveraging in july two thousand eleven he had a sabbatical to
stupid seal with his personal profit uh… people were saying that he was
that he was caught using insects acts of god looking man well sometimes just as a
woman i dot abroad that if you’re a bit better
personal life b_n_l_ once you get into methanol a re
money that’s actually probably supplied undercover aren’t looking is that the
problem that there are really apparently thought it was worth noting that you
have any ticket televising it because i have a free space so went the reason i included on this on the
right now is we we like to see what he usually point out the hypocrisy of
religious figures but this guy just everything ticked off every category
back but it sounds like he did like the headline is a man who lives of some
crazy liberal was filled out a a yes iran is a quote from this permission are
yeltsin there’s an evil invading our world and it has come to our church this was a work of evil and i’m praying
for the monsoonal so that’s how they deliver it so i remember when i saw a
group catholic and then the priest in arkin father
holland and while he’s called the kids home happy and smiling and because he
was always turned red meat cock although i don’t know i think you know kids have been an idea and he was really happy handguns have so
when it came out that he finally get caught uh… this and they sent a letter out to
the person is saying that please pray for him gap in these surfers more than
eight the trees and my mother my mom broke would you like to reiterate she
says depreciate our prayers more than anybody
there consummate the devils coming after them out cold wind can dislike so there’s nothing
they can ever do that spent as that may seriously is notices the
difference between science and religion of north in science and that’s the
question and then you try to find evidence and religion you determine the
outcome firms yes and then post-holiday are going to have train justify
everything that you can it’s like testified at this vessel and
either stops are different this investment interests ahead crack up
from the processing massive dealings sexuality monsignor
n_f_l_ working in our spirituality this ok defense and special effects off
without a doubt

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  1. Please! Stop with this "prayer" noise already! It's just jive! Jeez!

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Vince Gilligan will come out after this and tell us he was the inspiration for the show. He had to change two things though, one: replace the crazy religious believer with a rational man, a science man, then use an actual laundry place to laundry your money, a car wash. Also Jesse was touch by a priest when he was little, it's pretty obvious.

  3. Lmao if I was religious I'd pray at his church

  4. Seriously hope th writers on braking bad are taking notes

  5. Are you sure he's a real priest? or did he escape from bryercliffe?

  6. These people don't understand Catholicism, they shouldn't be criticizing it.

  7. anti-religious, superficial, judgmental, plain out looked like fools. what the priest did was wrong, and he should be judged on what he did, and sent to jail. but categorizing all religious persons to be hyocritical? shame on you three. and then that little bit at the end about science and religion? what is wrong with you? can we not live together without the sarcastic remarks or anything? btw im not christian or anything im Muslim. peace

  8. Connecticut is getting pretty fucked up now.


  10. He outa get his holy ass kicked, twice then stoned!

  11. ahahhaahahha he would live in bridgeport CT, its such a shit hole

  12. Best video title ever

  13. The ending was the best: "Oh, God!"

  14. yep,there's been cases ( in New York) where the Rabbi has passed on herpes through the process,pretty sure a child died.

  15. There is no way that woman would have that job if she wasn't pretty!

  16. "atheist" did/do not kill for the "idea" of atheism. Unlike religious individuals who were to follow Deuteronomy or Leviticus where it mandates the death and murder of certain individuals for various reasons, and ironically enough one being atheism 2 Chronicles 15:12-13

  17. well hey since underage thing was looked down by the vatican may as well go for the drugs lol

  18. Most religions are divisive and closed. They foster division, an us against them mentality not a lets all live together in peace one. The goal of most religions is to keep control of those that accept that religion and for those that don't, get them to convert to that religion of at least get them to live by what that religion deems acceptable and is some cases to combat those that are non-believers. This type of mentality includes the islamic religion.

  19. Really? They don't? Hmm I don't remember being taught in my catholic schooling that a cross dressing, sex shop owning, drug peddling priest was a part of catholic faith. Then again the stuff I was taught in catholic school was equally ridiculous so who knows.

  20. But not all of them endorsed atheism, and historically there haven't been nearly as many communist states as there have been religious states that oppress freedom of expression. My point was that if you're going to demonize atheists based on the few atheist dictators in the world, I can demonize religion based on the many religious tyrants that have existed through history and today.

  21. The title of this story sounds like a some crazy metal band: "Cross dressing-meth dealing priests from HELL!"

  22. Naughty, naughty. lmao This is like a subplot from a mediocre and obscene comedy film.

  23. this is nothing , priest's and nuns do way worse stuff on the internet.

  24. Must be Ted Haggards cousin.

  25. No "anti-racists" say a 100% Black area needs more diversity.

    No "anti-racists" say a 100% Asian area needs more diversity.

    No "anti-racists" say a 100% Muslim area needs more diversity.

    They say ALL & ONLY White area need to be more diverse, and that White areas only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no White people left in them.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  26. lol Look at the troll.

  27. More Cara. She's cool.

  28. And they say the Catholic Church isn't liberal. Lol.

  29. who is this woman?

  30. Take the bigotry you robbed off that racist video elsewhere please, we expect quality trolls here

  31. no they bite off the foreskin!simply because a 2000 odd year old tablet tells them to…they have got away with it in courts as it's under a religious guise and not seen as wrong,funny because if i went around doing under no religion i'm sure i would be labelled a pervert and put in prison and rightly so.

  32. Dore is hilarious!!

  33. She isn't close-minded, she has a close-minded view of religion. Every time she's on this show or common room she makes these general statements that seemingly come from news stories she's heard and her experience as a catholic.

  34. Gee a deviant priest, what a big surprise!!

  35. that girl needs to take out that lip ring

  36. The funniest tag ever!

  37. this doesn't surprise me anymore.

  38. enjoying this a little to much maybe?

  39. What do you expect to happen when you don't let a man go near a woman in his entire life, and you leave him around a bunch of kids? "A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife" – 1 Timothy 3:2

  40. Cara Santa Maria, oh lovely name.

  41. lol… this guy is fucked…

  42. I love this channel for having a difference in opinion. But I am a man of faith and every time this show does a story on religion… you bash it like every person who believes in God is dumb or horrible. Examine this… how many shows have shown religion in a positive light? This show has a blind spot of bias news towards religion. Im not opposed to bashing religious people when their wrong. But this show never shows religious people in a positive light.

  43. SMH, come on man, really??? What is the world coming too????

  44. That vow of celebecy works out so well. No disfucntion there. The first standard of not eating for god didnt work so well

  45. If you create a rule that is insane and has no basis in the reality of what human nature dictates. Their is no logic in appeasing god by not having sex.Just one more of the billion and one odditys of religion

  46. Heisenberg is the one who knocks!

    This is the one who prays… on children!

  47. If not for the meth, you know they'd just transfer him. You know it's true.

  48. Hail Satan. Smoke Meth!

  49. What I find disturbing is that I'm not surprised…at all.
    This is basically the norm now with preachers:P

  50. What I was referring to was their snide remarks about how the faithful of that parish wished to pray for their fallen priest.

  51. Yea well it deserves to be made fun of. They can make excuses for anything it seems. Why do you think they "don't understand Catholicism"? The one guys sounds like he comes from that back ground. I come from the back ground. I know about it all to well. I always have a remark to make about catholicism and christianity in general. Ridiculous remarks about praying for some "fallen priest" deserves ridicule.

  52. shhhhhhh, let the grown ups talk.

  53. You don't know if Jesus ever had sex,

  54. There is three months of his life in the bible, at most 6 months of his 33 years. Not enough to boldly state he never had sex, he never said he was a virgin, he could have shot a load in some sheep herders daughter a few times, he could also have been married,

  55. That is exactly what people are trying to portray. They think priests are on the front lines battling evil satan and are under constant attack from evil. When one of them succumbs to the evil it isn't really their fault so they need our prayers to help them. It's all bs. The idiots did something wrong, if it is against the law, arrest and put them in jail. There should be no special treatment or reverence there. Btw, praying doesn't do a damn thing anyway.

  56. I was using hyperbole to make a point of how there seem to pop up cases like these very often nowadays:P

  57. All I am saying is that a lot things are ascribed to Jesus without any proof, he never commented on his sexuality or his beliefs on sex, so we don't know what he did or did not do, all is subject to what one wants to believe about Jesus, I don't know if he had sex I don't know if he was married, I am more interested in his words and not the cult like structure that has been built around him.

  58. Jesus taught many things, his only mention of sex was in reference to divorce in the case of adultery. We know very little of this man Jesus, which is not his real name.

  59. You are right he mentioned those also, but how do we know that these are things that he overcame, it seems like he would be wiser if he taught from experience, instead of being born perfect. also in hebrew his name is Yashua, IESOUS, is Greek, but his name is Yashua.

  60. The only change it has is psychological. That's all. It's all in someones head. Other than that it has no benefit and is a effective as just random change.

  61. And I didn't say any of that. I am talking about the poor fools praying for him. Listen to some of the devout talk about such things they seem to not blame the priest but they blame the devil or evil for getting to these poor priests. They seem to let them off the hook easier. That is one of the reasons priest get away with sexual abuse of children. Some of the faithful making excuses for them. I don't misunderstand anything.

  62. I didn't say most people that commit crimes.I was talking about priests like the one in the story. Until relatively recently they had an aura that they couldn't do an wrong and when they did, they weren't responsible(and I am talking about the christian faith here main since this is the one I have the most experience with).Even when priests where know to be doing wrong it was always hush hush and no one talked about it.Instead people would pray for them to find their way back to the "right" path

  63. It doesn't come from just a personal distaste for religion, it comes from what I know and have seen personally. It comes from the information that has come up in the last 5-10ys about scandals in not only the catholic church but others world wide. The major religions have been on a looked on with great awe in the past that priests weren't held accountable. Thankfully that is changing. Bw actually my personal distaste comes from growing up with religion and a rational analysis of it

  64. You are right, there is no mention, do you suppose that those parts were taken out? What better than to have the entire life or a perfect being written down. There is no mention of Jesus stating that he lived a perfect life, There are many missing years of his life, wouldn't it be awesome if HE was the protocol son?

  65. Correct…Luke 18:19 "Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good–except God alone. Jesus himself stated that he did not want to be called good. Many people say he was perfect, but his own words state that he did not want to be referred to as good. I think we both can agree that Jesus (Yashua) has touched the lives of many….even though we see him in a different light….he is still a light.

  66. I am not saying they think they are innocent. They believe that it is not their fault because of evil forces (the devil) made them do it. Basically its making excuses for the priests actions.

  67. And I am sure many of them do actually. I also thing that they believe that priests are on the front lines of a war between good and evil so they make special allowances for them. I have seen this thinking at work personally and as exampled in the world as a whole. Many faithful hold a special reverence for priests and because of that many turn a blind eye toward what priest may do wrong.

  68. I'd almost prefer that actually. Less people of blind religious faith would be a nice turn. To be fair, it isn't only catholics that are like this. It can be applied to most major religions.

  69. No most atheists tend to go with proof and evidence for things while theists tend to go with the myths and fantasies of their holy books.

  70. That is definitely laughable. Now you want to say most atheists are communists. I think you will find most are definitely not communist but you keep that foolish belief if you want.

    Most atheists come to it from the point of view from being former theists who questioned those beliefs and a critical and reasoned study of things. There is nothing "rational" about any religions beliefs which is why theists can never prove anything about there beliefs.

  71. So those in the UK are communist then? While I know the US isn't the whole world, this video is dealing with the US so I am centering on the US and christianity for the most part.

  72. Most start to question their faith in the teens which get them to research and look for answers. Are you saying that teens are incapable of making decisions that are rational, and reasonable? While I do agree that many won't really reach the truth of it for some time after they start questioning, there are some that really do come to it with reason and logic. For me, I started questioning in my teens but didn't really come to atheism until well into my 20s. It took years to get past the faith

  73. Without science, philosophy is only mind exercises. We would know nothing for a fact with just philosophy. We would just have ideas about things. No concrete proof. It would all just be supposition and nothing more. "Proving" any god with just philosophy is meaningless. It is no more reasonable to believe in such a being if the only "proof" are in the human mind. God has supposedly interacted with us in some ways so it is not unreasonable to think some proof should exist if this is true.

  74. If brought up as an atheist, maybe they are "going with the flow" but that still makes them less likely to reject the foundations of science and reason.
    "most religious folks know that viewpoint is wrong anyway"
    I wouldn't say that at all. I come from an area that is in no way fundamentalist yet most don't reject fundamentalism. They tend to agree with a lot of it.

    Who says people stop at a high school level of research? They START there and continue from there. It isn't the stopping point.

  75. Why do u keep going back to fundamentalism?Not all atheists that get away from faith in gods come from a fundamentalist back ground.They are all over the board. Some come from fundamentalism,some from no basis in any religion,etc.It isn't all for emotional reasons people leave faith behind.I was in no way brought up in a fundamental environment. I didn't turn away from god beliefs because of emotion. Most atheists I talk to didn't either. It comes from a critical reasoned examination of evidence

  76. What you are missing is that those that are raised with atheism tend to be pushed to question things and search for answers to those questions. They are not pushed to believe in one thing or another but to inform themselves on subjects form their ideas on that (granted this isn't every atheist, I have run into the type of fool you are talking about also). For religion though, they are more likely to close off avenues of questioning that don't conform to their faith belief.

  77. No one is saying they are supposed to be robots. Emotion does play into things when debating (for me at least). I base my atheism on logic, reason and evidence of what can be proven to be true. When talking to people on the other side of the argument that is were emotions might come it.I may debate emphatically, but the arguments behind the emotion are based on evidence.The arguments I usually see from theists are based more on just feelings and beliefs.The believe in their heart that god exists

  78. Ok if that is what ur runnning into for atheists then I can see where you're getting that view from. I can't say as I have run into an atheist that became one because a prayer wasn't answered or a priest hurt their feelings or they would angry over a bible story. I don't know if you are just a lucky one to run into those types or u that is your interpretation of those u talk to. One thing u seem to equate is that if someone claims to be intellectual then they shouldn't interject emotion into it

  79. I guess I have a hard time saying any atheist is a fundamentalist since there is no set of doctrine or core beliefs that they will hold to unwaveringly. The only thing atheist will hold to is the rejection of the claim that any gods exist based on a lack of evidence for such a being. It has nothing to do with anything else. Given that it is hard to claim they are fundies.

  80. It seems as though u paint with a very broad stroke when it comes to definitions of fundamentalist. It seems that just about every atheist would fit into your definition is some way or if u mean someone that has all the characteristics you mention, then I would have to say I don't believe there are many that are all that. Most have some of what u say though that doesn't make them a fundie by any definition I found on the term.Seems as though the only thing we are going to agree on is disagreeing

  81. They aren't trying to shame Christians. I should know I am one, in the videos they are pointing out the idiots in this country. And every problem in our world.

  82. Roman catholic freak. Most messed up fairy tale on the planet. enough said

  83. I have a friend who thought about becoming a monk because of the health insurance even though he's an atheist, but he was concerned that almost all of them seemed to be gay.

  84. truth hurts, doesn't it?

  85. You're a JOOOOOOKE! lol
    Sso exposing these priests who rapes, owns a sexshop ( I don't object to that), and sells drugs (again, I don't object), maxes-out their credit cards on porn ( that's fine, it's the hypocrisy really), is HATE SPEEECH? lol We hate idiot Christians (like you?), as much as we hate idiot Muslims, Hindu, or any idiot religious zealots out there. Being OFFENDED doesn't make you right. If you are here to watch this video to get offended, glad Im here to help you with that!

  86. well, you're really good at hiding you sarcasm. I have seen the same comments from idiots.

  87. Tyt are a buncha idiots

  88. The Armenian Genocide was carried out by the "Young Turk" government of the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1916 (with subsidiaries to 1922-23). One and a half million Armenians were killed, out of a total of two and a half million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

  89. The fuckers on this show should be shot. They are ignorant, hate-filled, and shallow.

  90. The 'guy' on the left without doubt was shopper of the month at that shop.

  91. Dood..he bought a CAPE! Lol

  92. yep, good old connecticut ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 


  94. The only truth to this report is that Kevin Wallen was a FORMER priest who got caught selling meth (to friends & one cop)& yes, the Church & many of the parishioners forgave him, because that's what REAL Christians do. I was there so I know the truth. No-one was injured, raped, robbed or killed by his actions. I was arrested because I lived next-door & bought meth to share with my friends. I was an addict. None of you will ever know the true circumstances of WHY this all happened to begin with but I'll be happy to share my story with anyone who cares to know. We both did our time & now it's the Past. There's plenty of other criminals out there who've done far worse things & are out walking the streets

  95. This has to be satire …

  96. They should throw these kinds of priests out period. They are an embarrassment to the church. If they want to repent than they can repent from the outside. By keeping them on it just gives the disbelievers fodder to attack the church.

  97. Im not suprised realy
    Im Irish and the way things are here in Ireland with religion now the country is coated in evil
    Thats why homeless,unemployment ,and all the badness is upon us
    Religion is gone and because of priests people respond to their bad behaviour and we have turned our backs on them and religion
    Ive lost my faith

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