Crochet Braids Encyclopedia: The ABC’s of Dealing with Crochet Hairstyles| Lia Lavon

Crochet Braids Encyclopedia: The ABC’s of Dealing with Crochet Hairstyles|  Lia Lavon

Hey Youtube fam! It’s ya girl Lia back again
with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is what I’m
gonna call the crochet hair encyclopedia. The ABCs, the tips and tricks, the
do’s and don’ts, the questions that I regularly get asked over the last three
years making crochet hair crochet braids content. Now today’s video I’m just
gonna list A through Z just pairing each letter of the alphabet with a
commonly asked question, a commonly asked phrase or wording that you guys ask all the time that I can answer when it comes to crochet hair. Now first let’s start
with A and A we’re gonna start with Afri Naptural. Now you guys may or may not
know what that means or what that brand is and it’s because I typically use the
phrasing Mane Concept. But I keep getting questions a lot of times like Lia I can
find Afri Naptural in my beauty supply store but I can’t find this Mane
Concept you speak of and it’s the same brand. Mane concept is the parent company of Afri Naptural. Sometimes the packaging may have Mane Concept.
Sometimes it may have Afri Naptural but overall I say Mane Concept because
it rolls off the tongue a little bit better than Afri Naptural. Now if you
go to their Instagram account it’s under the Mane Concept name. If you type
in Afri Naprtual on Instagram nothing will come up. Because again like I said
Mane Concept is a parent company. Afri Naptural is the kind of underscore brand.
B brush. I get a lot of questions about can I brush crochet hair. I don’t hear
you talk about that a lot Lia and that’s because for the most part you really
can’t. Unless the wave type of hair, ocean wave type of the hair. I would never
suggest brushing the hair because again it’s synthetic hair. It’s not your normal
hair. It’s not gonna hold that same curl. Once you brush it you’ve brushed it into
something different and there is no going back to what it was before. Now with this hair. This is the …. I’m not even gonna tell you what it is. If you’ve gotten this far in this
video you’ve already checked the description box and you already know what hair it is. You’re a strong follower of mine and if you’re not click that
subscribe button. But you know I always list
what here I have in in my videos down below right. You know that but with this
hair how am I gonna brush it? It’s not brushable. So can you brush your crochet
hair? Yes. If it’s more so a wave ocean wave, amazon wave, velvet wave. One of those wavy type structures. Yeah you can brush it and it’ll probably maintain the same
structure. You brush any other hair it’s not gonna maintain it and some hairs.
It’s just kind of impossible to brush and why would you really. C cost. Cost
effectiveness is what crochet hair should be. Now you shouldn’t be spending
the boocoos amount of money on crochet hair because 95% of the time it is
synthetic hair. You shouldn’t be spending you know bundles prices for this style.
Now for me it’s hard for me to justify 13 dollars a package if it’s not a
three times or two times pack of hair or anything really. I keep my hair’s
typically in the $4.99, $5.99 $6.99 range. $7.99 if we are starting to
verge over to the 2 times 3 times pack. But again crochet braids
should be cost effective. Now also going into the cost of styling. I get a lot of
questions how much should it cost me to get my hair done. I have never had my crochet
hair professionally done. I’ve never gone to a stylist. So I don’t know and the
thing about stylist is they can pick whatever price they want. Now if a
customer is gonna pay it that’s another question. But definitely do your research
in terms of looking at what their Styles look like. Does it look like it’s worth
$180? Does it look like it’s worth $200? Or does it look like it’s worth $40? You as a
consumer can choose and again they as a provider can set their prices the way
they want to. So again depends on how the quality of
their work is? How long it takes them to do it? Where they are located? If it’s a
Detroit if it’s a metropolitan area of course they’re gonna charge higher
because cost of living is higher and they need to make their coin. So again
cost-effectiveness should go hand in hand with crochet braids. Do your
research in the stylist that you choose. D don’t go extremely soft with your
crochet hair. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. I think there is a thought in our head that
we want our hair to be soft and that is a true thought. We want our own hair, the hair
that grows out of our scalp, we want our human hair that grows out of our scalp and the human hair we purchase to be soft. Now crochet hair
is a little bit different. The softer is not always the better with it. It’s more
prone to tangles. It’s more prone to being harder to knot. Slippage is a real
issue when you get into those soft texture hairs. So you’ve got to go into
crochet hair with the mindset that I gotta forget everything. Forget
all you knew about hair. You got to go for a more rigid texture hair and if you
guys notice I love a more rigid texture hair. The hair I have them right
now very much so a more rigid texture hair. That’s why it’s holding up
phenomenally. Now if you try a softer texture hair and it doesn’t perform the
same just have those expectations that it’s because it’s a softer texture hair
that it is performing a little bit weaker than your kind of rough texture
hair. The Kima line. The Harlem 125 line typically make some
rougher texture hairs that hold up a lot better than the more softer hairs.
That’s why you don’t see a lot of human hair being used for crochet hair. Not to say that there is no human hair for crochet hair just saying you don’t see
it that often because it’s harder to kind of maintain in the crochet hair
format. E-everybody it’s not for. It’s not for
everybody and that’s something you kind of have to go into this knowing. Now I
get a lot of people who find my videos and find the first one and
they’re like I’m ready to try crochet hair. You have convinced me and then they’re like Lia it’s not holding up
the same. I’m not really liking this. I’m not feeling this vibe. And it’s not for
everybody you know. You gotta kind of go into it already knowing it’s synthetic
hair. If you’re somebody who has an aversion to synthetic hair, doesn’t
like synthetic hair then you’re not gonna like crochet hair. You got to go
into it knowing that you might not have the versatility to put heat to it and
change it up. If you’re somebody who likes to switch it up day by day. You
want to crimp it, you want a flat iron, you want to curl it you’re not gonna be
able to do that. So it may not be for you. If you’re
somebody who’s not used to having their hair braided down. You want your hair out
you want your hair loose it’s not gonna be for you. So crochet hair, a great
protective style, isn’t for everybody. And that’s okay. You can’t make it be for
everybody. You can’t make everything for everybody. Maybe twist outs, braid outs, wigs, Senegal, box braids just regular braided styles
maybe more up your alley and that’s fine. Don’t make crochet braids work when it
ain’t for you. F-Freetress. One of the biggest brands
out there. Now I get questions all the time I want to get started. I know you
love a Mane Concept hair. I know that’s number one on your list but what can I
find kind of more so in stores that is gonna be phenomenal and it’s Freetress. I think Freetress is one of my number one brands if not the number one
brand. One because it’s so easy to find. I can walk into any beauty supply store
and find a Freetress hair. Might not have a plethora of different options but
near me I live in Charlotte North Carolina and we have a lot of beauty
supply stores here in Charlotte. I can find Freetress pretty much anywhere.
They have a lot of varieties. I say if you’re beginner out there you’re trying
to get your footing in the door Freetress bohemian braid, freetress water wave,
freetress beach curl , freetress deep twist. If you tried two out of four those
hairs and you didn’t like it then it goes back to E. Maybe crochet hair
braids ain’t for you. But I can pretty much guarantee that every single person
who’s trying to least one of those four hairs has liked it. If not me and you gotta
talk. Let me know why. Why if you’ve tried two out of the four hairs I mentioned why
didn’t they work for you. Because Freetress overall good in terms of where you
can find them. Good in terms of price. They are pretty affordable. Good in terms
of colors. They do amazing job with their colors. They do a good job with ombres,
their two tones, their solid colors. The quantities of their colors in
stores. They just do a good job overall. So Freetress, overall parent company of
them is Shake & Go, but I refer to them as Freetress in all my videos they are
a good company. G grow. Grow is something that your hair should do while in
crochet braids. You should not wear crochet braids and your hair shouldn’t
be growing if so then you have an issue and we got to think back to another
protective style that may be working for you. If you’re seeing that your hair is
being hindered more so in crochet styles than it is promoting growth and all that
crochet styles going back to E may not be your protective style. It’s not for
everybody. So the thing that people, I get a lot of questions. In my most recent vlog
people saw my hair was in a ponytail like my natural hair and they were like wow
how is your hair growing. How is your edges staying so laid. And I’m like why
are people so shocked that my hair is doing okay with crochet braids. I mean I
wouldn’t be doing this for three years and my hair not be prospering. So again
your hair needs to prosper a little bit. You guys know I dyed my hair recently. If
you guys notice my hair is coming back. The black is coming back in because my
hair is doing what it’s growing as it should be. H Hawaiian silky. Hawaiian
silky and I use Hawaiian Silky because that’s my beat detangler of choice for a
lot of my hairs but the overall principle is you need to have a detangler
of choice. And now Hawaiian silky I like it for some hairs. Some hairs don’t work
well with it. Some work better with mousse. Some work well with no products.
Some work well with water. This hair specifically I’ve not used anything but
water as my detangler but whatever the case may be you’re gonna have to use
something and you’re gonna have to detangle the hair. So find your product
of choice. Again doesn’t have to be Hawaiian silky. Some people have other
products. They have some dark and lovely products that work well. Cantu products.
Whatever your product is let me know down below. I’m gonna do a video soon
where I test out different detanglers. If you have a detangler that you like let
me know down below so I can test that out. I install. Imma be honest about 80% of
people out there could have a crochet hairstyle in with little to minimum
effort. Like all you gotta do is kind of know to cornrow. Maybe even know how to do a strong twist. Even braidless is an option but install
doesn’t have to be this whole rigmarole. I think there’s where people get caught
up with not wanting to try a crochet style or they get kind of confused. Like
I don’t I want to try it but I can’t because I don’t have anybody to install
the hair. You may can do it yourself. I mean thekeyisme does some amazing
braidless crochet styles. I highly suggest you check her out but I’m not
the strongest braider in the world either. You know my braids is very loose.
I’ve had this hair in for a while. I pull this up right now it’s bobby pin down
right now cuz again not the strongest braider but I’ve worn this hair for
several several weeks at this point. Again you don’t have to be the expert
level installer. Everybody got a cousin. You know you got a cousin right now who
can braid hair. All you gotta do is ask her to braid it down. You can do the
install. The install is the easiest part. Putting and crocheting the hair in is
the easiest part. I know the hang up is the braiding but we all got somebody. I
know at least eight people in my head right now who could probably do
something for me. Worst comes to worst. You know I got my mama. I got my grandma she knows how to do it. I got my cousin. I got my best friend. My best friend’s
cousin. Slide them a 20. They gonna be good. Order them a pizza. Whatever they
fee may be. If they start talking about $40 then you like you ain’t no professional
honey, let’s calm this down. But you know slide a pizza, a $20, slide ’em
something. Get them to braid the hair down. Maybe they can even install it. My
first ever install was a family friend who again charged me no more than 40 for
the whole style and she ain’t have a shop. But if she want to make a little
money on the side I know she could have a bomb crochet hair business. So the
install should be the least of the worries. J just cuz you can don’t mean
you should and what that means and what I’m referring to is just cuz you can
wear a hair for nine ten weeks don’t mean you should. It does not mean you should.
The great thing about crochet hair is that it will maintain itself. It’s
synthetically made in a factory to stay the same for weeks upon weeks upon weeks. There should be nothing that changes the overall composition of the curl. This
isn’t human hair the curls ain’t gonna drop. It should remain the same for weeks upon
weeks no matter how hot. No matter how cold it is. Some work better with water
some don’t. Of course if you watch my videos you
know which those are. But again I get so many people who say I wore this hair for
ten weeks. It’s good okay good good good but why. Like you gotta let your real
hair breathe. You’ve got to. That’s why growth going
back to G your hair should be growing and you should be taking breaks at least
expose your hair. If you’re not gonna wear your hair out you know for two
weeks at least give it a good week. Give it a few days of breathing. That’s what
your hair needs is a break. Being up under those braids it’s okay but doesn’t
mean that you should leave it. Just because crochet hair will last you
and last you and last you. 12 weeks you know however long 3-4 months just cuz it
can don’t mean you should keep it in that long. Again I’m a strong proponent of your natural hair growth, your natural hair progression, and releasing your hair at
times. Not wearing your hair over you know a
certain amount of weeks is a good thing. Me personally I don’t think I’d ever
wear a hair longer than seven weeks. Even if it could don’t mean you should. K
kids. Kids can wear crochet hair. Ya’ll be forgetting. I’ve been seeing a lot of
back-to-school photos you know them little memes where your kid goes to
school one way come home look in a whole different way cuz I don’t know what
happened. The playground happened. They don’t got no explanation for why they look
different but they looking different at the end of the day. You ain’t gotta worry
about that with crochet hair cause like I said it doesn’t change the
structure of the hair. Wouldn’t a little kid look cute with her little curls like this.
Guess what I’ve had this hair in for several weeks. I can’t even remember I’m
forgetting the date when I installed this hair. I think we’re at week four
right now of this hair being in my head. Looks the same way as it did week one.
Your kid is going to go to school and come home looking the same. And a lot of
the brands make a variety specifically for kids. I know Mane Concept, Afri
Naptural, does a very good job at making kids specific varieties of their hair. So
if you don’t want to put in kind of the adult version of it. Because I think
crochet hair is made kind of in the adult mind. It can be very much so for
those 12 and under with those 12 and under type of hairs. So
again kids don’t forget about crochet hair with your kids hair. Don’t get
caught up. I know braids is easy but sometimes they want a little curly. Like
ma I don’t wanna do braids I want to wear my hair curly and you know their hair
gonna act a fool if it’s really curled. Give ’em some crochet braids. L lazy lazy
girls best friend is crochet hair. Now I’m not lazy in the sense of I don’t
work hard cuz best believe baby I spent so much time working. Not just for my
YouTube but my actual job. If you’ve caught my most recent vlog a girl out here
be working. I be out here 9 to 5 even longer if you’ve watched my most recent
vlog. I’m spending days, 12 hours dedicated to my job. I’m spending time
editing my content, filming this content for you, finding time to squeeze out time
for my friends, squeezing out time for my family. Having
time to do everything. I don’t want to have to squeeze out any additional
time for my hair and that’s the thing about crochet hair. It is great for us
people who have so much going on that we want to be lazy
one department and we can be lazy in our hair but being lazy doesn’t mean we
looking a hot mess no no no lazy and cute can go together when is crochet
here now in typical life you can’t be lazy with your real hair and expect you
to look good no no no no but we’ll crochet here you can have that level of
laziness but at the same time look good when I wake up in the morning I think it
might not closed closed got to be your point
sometimes the makeup do sometimes it’s not both when it is a makeup day I want
to spend my moments on my makeup but I don’t also want to spend ten minutes on
my hair I don’t have to worry about that two minutes I’m out the door I’m gone my
edges all I did was lay my edges down put a bobby pin in today I’m here
filming for you guys what took the most time was my makeup film the foundation
review today the most time-consuming thing of the day M maintain them edges
going back to the mages people ask me how am i able to maintain my edges how
my edges going away and my question is always why does happening with people
that just like we’re not going to talk over to those people who are ripping
your edges to smithereens I know you might like them a new bill work there
weren’t they held up for a while but it should not be more so amazement
when you guys see that I have and just feel like I’m always confused when
people are like what are you doing and I’m like I’m not doing anything special
I don’t put special oils on my edges I’m not doing anything special the only
thing I do is I don’t worry tight I don’t break tight I don’t let anybody
who does my hair braids tight you’re not braided tight I haven’t had my hair done
by a professional braid or a braid or install in the last but 10 years they
used to braid super tight I said my mom is was in high school was in college my
sophomore year in college I needed some style to look good because I realized it
was taking a lot freshman year to look good and have a good hair so I said let
me do some micro braids that knows micro braids
never again never again hand brace since sophomore year of college that’s why you
guys won’t see me do a lot of braided sounds I think I’m jarred for a life
form braids but I might do some more braided cells keep watching this channel
to see more but again I’m great with a very light hand which at the end the day
no not here may not last 12 weeks 13 weeks it may not be the stiff its braids
but guess what my edges don’t have that pressure
on them my edges are breathing they’re out here living they’re out here
thriving out here don’t let people braid your hair down to infinity maintain them
edges keep hope alive for them edges in nighttime routine have one you have to
have one just because I say it here is a little maintenance just because I say
there’s not a lot involved into it doesn’t mean you could just KO at night
don’t mean you just lay it on down you can just say all right knocking it on
out at the bare minimum each hair requires a different level some hairs
require you to twist it up at night some hair just require a simple pineapple
this is a simple pineapple here if you watched my reviews make sure you’re
subscribed to my channel so you can watch my reviews I tell you each
specific hair in the review for each specific hater
what kind of maintenance it will require I get requests all the time to tell me
what you do nighttime in general and it’s like I can’t tell you in general
because each hair is kind of different but the night time routine in most cases
shouldn’t take you more than five minutes it should not be more than five
seven minutes if it’s a twist up type of a situation nighttime routine you put
that bonnet on don’t worry about nothing don’t go to sleep just kind of laid it
on down i’ma bind it where I’m about it whether
whether I’m single whether I’m in a relationship a committed relationship
they know I’m about it where I’m not trying to be cute for nobody when I’m
trying to be cute for is my day-to-day life I’m not trying to ruin myself that
night so that I wake up in the morning looking a hot mess oh no no I keep it
consistent so my hair can look consistent throughout the day
Oh be observant to smells I noticed a lot of people go nose blind when it
comes to their crochet styles the thing about crochet styles is it’s again made
in a factory just like your clothes are made out of our factory just like any
kind of textile is made in a factory meaning when your clothes soak up a
scent don’t they smell like that don’t you smell it you were around somebody
who smoked and it smells like smoke all of a sudden you’re like oh what’s going
on here the same thing goes for your hair your hair is still a textile it’s
not like your normal hair well your normal hair might not pick up and hold
on to sense your hair attracts sense I talked about this in one of my videos
where I tried fabric softener as I did or one of you guys out there suggested
me try fabric softener I tried it my hair smelt like a downy bounce sheets
all day I was walking around smelling like Febreze basically and my hair was
soaking it and people were coming up to me behind me and like girl do you smell
this dryer seat smell in the air know that y’all with me it’s me I use fabric
softener my hair is smelling like the fabric softener it’s taking in the
center at least not with a pleasant scent wasn’t a terrible sin it’s just
like I can smell fabric softener now if you’re a smoker I’m not a big fan of
smoking I’m very bad asthma so people who smoke I can’t really be in the
presence of a smoker and smokers usually don’t think they smell like smoke you’ve
ever been in a smokers car and they just got done smoking this to them it’s me
they even did a spray and they think it smells good and it doesn’t it’s like I
can’t be in this situation your probably knows lots of the scent
that if you’re a heavy smoker your hair smells like smoke I’ve been around so
many people who smoke and their hair smells like even if they’re away from
the situation they might have switched clothes their hair still smells like it
so be observant of smells you won’t smell it but others around you
are observing it so if you have to wash it whatever you have to do but no that’s
your hair the crochet here is soaking in every smell that you are around and it’s
holding on to that smell PU pineapple pineapple you’re very nice that’s the
hairs I love I love the hair what all that I do at night is pineapple go to
sleep they toned down that’s it and what I mean by pineapple is I pull the hair
to the top of my head and why it’s called pineapple Inc it’s because your
hair is supposed to look like a pineapple you look like a pineapple and
then I put a scrunchie around usually a big scrunchie not something that’s super
tight and then I’ll put my scarf on and I’ll go to sleep that’s all I do with
this here that’s all I’ve done wake up in the morning shake and then I’m out
the door that’s it for me I’m done with my style that is the pineapple method
now twisting up your hair at night that’s a little different you have to
separate the hair put it in the twist but the thing I’m looking for on this
panel with pineapple only here that’s low maintenance to me that lazy and it’s
extreme level that means I have to literally do
nothing so I strike for pineapple of O’Hare’s the twisters are trying but
they’re typically more medium maintenance in my opinion q quit leaving
such huge gaps in your crochet parties that is one of the most common themes I
get in my DM section is Lea what can I do now I went got my hair done this is
what it’s looking like is there any way I can kind of fix this once it’s done
it’s done once you have huge gaps in your hair
it’s hard to make it any better it’s hard to kind of make it look more
realistic the reason why my hair looks so realistic it’s because of my braid
pattern I will assert it right now my brakes aren’t Gabby they’re not far
distances in between it the further the distance the larger the gap in between
your hair the more unrealistic it’s gonna look my goal is to always make my
hair look realistic no it’s not my real hair it’s not growing out my skull but I
don’t need the streets to know it for some people that’s not a problem some
people they’re like it’s crocheting here the streets gonna know is crochet here
there’s large gaps in between my braids and that’s fine with me I’m not trying
to pass I’m not trying to fool anybody I’m trying to fool people
I’m trying to make people think this is my real hair and even if they’re up on
me I want them to not be able to tell this is cross-trained hair and the way
to do that is not keep a huge gap in between your braids so keep those braids
that close together they don’t necessarily have to be the smallest
braids but they need to be closer together if you want a realistic look or
research now if you follow me in your subscribe to my channel you’re already
on the right path in terms of research but research any hair that you want to
try again don’t just go awesome what I say I say watch at least two other
reviews in addition to my review if you have any questions about any hair but
again the internet is the internet now now we don’t have to blindly walk into
stores and try something randomly oh no no no we can watch reviews on things we
can know going into it how many packs we need to use we don’t need to go in there
willing million buy five packs to five texts not be enough for our style so
again research any style that you want to try before hand again don’t you go
off of my reviews because I’m one person who’s trying one hair
and coming up with my one opinion research and try other and see other
people’s opinion my favourite hairs are some people’s least favourite hairs my
least favourite hairs are some people’s favorites here so again it can vary from
person to person just hear them out research or take a chance
my mom is to take a chance that person with her crochet style she tries to
share all the time I’m like mine you didn’t listen to my review no I take a
chance take a chance or research you can be either person but I again I’m a
strong proponent of doing that research it’s lifting splitting the hair makes a
difference in that hair and what I mean is more recently and probably the last
two years of having my channel I’ve let you guys know in the video whether I
split the hair or not when I first started in YouTube I didn’t know that
was a big deal I didn’t know people wanted to know the split egde and then I
started getting so many comments as you split this hair how many times to do
split it does it require split inch and I’m like okay well let me start putting
it in a video now for the most part I don’t split a lot of my hairs unless
it’s too big to kind of go around the crochet needle but I know a lot of
stylists do split their hair a lot of styles flip their hair because it’s
easier for them to not when it is that thinner strand but again my reviews are
the way I install them now people who’s put in here five times sometimes come to
me and say hey my hair isn’t performing the way it did for you in your review
video and I’m like why didn’t split it when you split it you change the
parameters of the hair you change the hair completely there are people who
sent me pictures of them wearing a hair and I’m like oh what girl is that I’ve
never seen that before they’re like the main concept Waterfall cross tried it
because of you know like oh it didn’t look like that and it’s because you
split the hair now there’s nothing wrong with splitting the hair but if something
goes wrong with the hair and people come to me and say well what can I do
I didn’t split it so you change the dynamics of the hair you change it in a
way that it’s not the same way I installed it so my review video maybe no
land boy in terms of what I say works so some
hairs require you know splitters I split this hair this hair does not look like
the soft red hair as it comes in the package I definitely split it a couple
of times and did a different kind of look with it but some here I keep it as
it is in the package and I’ll let you know in that video again splitting or
not splitting nothing wrong with either option or
whatever you two to do just know though it may perform
differently for somebody else who did or did not split their hair teeth tangles
crochet hair will tangle at some points I’m letting you in right now some people
are like well I thought it was never gonna tangle watch it why do you think
that and all here is gonna tangle it may just take a longer or shorter time
carries for some here I on this channel and on the hunt for here is that don’t
tangle quickly I want my hair to kind of let me have some fun with it before it
starts to bring in those tangles but the thing about it is if the hair is
tangling and you’re having this detangle at four to five times a week that is not
you know the ideal method now having to detangle possibly one to two times a
week that’s kind of more so in line with what I would consider a kind of a low
medium maintenance type of the situation it’s high maintenance if you’re having
to detangle every single day that’s not the year and I’m on the search for on
this channel I don’t want to search for those hairs that maybe once a week maybe
when you’re watching your shows you sit down on your Sunday’s watching yeah Real
Housewives of Potomac snaps your power whatever your shows are you sitting down
Sunday night before the week starts and you’re just hanging on your hair that’s
what I like to do that’s my jam I’m having a detangle Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday Friday night that’s like here I’m gonna get on this camera
and going in on I don’t like those hairs so again all here is gonna tangle it
just depends on the hair what level is for detangle you unique the thing about
crochet here is that if you switch your hair out pretty regularly you couldn’t
have a unique style now I get a lot of questions Leah can you help me choose
between model model fresh blonde or may concept beach curl they’re not they’re
not the same they’re both unique curls like well you’re asking me to choose
between you know hair that’s more rigid I hear that’s more bouncy you’re asking
me to choose between two different curls that’s not how this thing works now the
thing about it is that crochet here can be unique to you some girls don’t look
great on me I’m not a Jamaican balanced face frame type of a person Jamaican
mouth isn’t my jammy Jam Jam there’s people who wear to make amounts all the
time that is their jamming that looks so good on them every time I see him I’m
like I wish I could my face frame my oval-shaped long face and
make it bounce don’t work well but the thing about hostei here is that you can
be uniquely your own person with crochet here v vinegar apple cider vinegar to be
exact now the thing about crochet here is that some people may experience some
kind of itching sensation they may actually be allergic to the film that
some people use on their crochet here some companies use a protective film on
their hair you may be allergic to it rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar
before you install it if you are one of those people who’s tried crossing in the
past and you’ve had some kind of sensitive scalp issues that are
aversions to it now if you’ve done that and you had no relief and you still have
that itching sensation or your scalp is itching going back to eat again cross a
hair isn’t unfortunately for everybody so your scalp may just not really like
synthetic hair your hair may be a human hair snob and that’s okay but again
don’t make it be something it’s not if you’ve tried apple cider vinegar once
it’s on your hair before installing it so before you put it in your hair rinse
the wood vinegar and it still doesn’t work
crochet here may not be for you w wash can you wash crochet here yeah some you
can some you can I let you know in the review video for each of the hairs that
I try if you can or you can’t so make sure you are subscribe to and watching
my content but I digress I get questions sometimes Leah I’m going to swim it in a
chlorine poll should I wash my ear afterwards and I’m like is this a joke
question where we asking a real question ask yourself this if I went swimming
with my real hair would I wash it after swimming in chlorine water would you
just let your hair sit with chlorine and it no you would wash it same thing goes
for crochet hair crochet hair didn’t make your real hair disappear
your real hair is still abundant here your real here is still it’s braided up
under here like this right here coming out is my real hair I still care about
it no matter what so I think people think Oh my real hair is gone nothing to
deal with is braided up under it no it’s still getting the elements of the
Corrine from the swimming pool it’s still getting the salt water from the
ocean no matter where your swimming at it’s still getting the same
element if you were watch your real hair in that situation then yes wash your
crochet hair now going into it if you know you’re getting into a swim
situation make sure you check out my best crochet here for swimming video
I’ll link it up above but you should go into the situation knowing whether or
not the hair is gonna be waterproof not every hair and waterproof not every hair
is gonna hold up well in water situations again that video was helpful
to help find the hairs that will X X was hard for me but I’m gonna go with
expressions pre looped crochet hair the reason I go with that hair is actually
first here that I ever installed on my own I was so proud of myself but I
wanted to try a pre loops hair for my first ever install and I think a lot of
times people get caught up in pre looped hair I have so many questions or so many
responses from you guys like Lia you gotta try more pre looped here why don’t
you try that many pre looped hairs on your channel I’ve tried probably like 3
to 4 on this channel and that’s just because there’s not that many varieties
of it and if you are limited to yourself to only try and prepare you’re really
taking out a large variety of hairs open yourself up pre looped hair is a good
option especially if you’re just starting out but if you are really
wanting to try other styles you really want to venture out don’t just go with
the pre loop hair Y crocheted here again another one I fudge the letters on book
one crochet here and if the clean answer is why not I mean I’m giving you 25 tips
first rate here is what it is I saw in a group that I’m a part of a crocheted
hair group that posed a question why don’t you ever see a celebrity in
crochet hair and there’s a little face where it’s thinking and I’m like I don’t
know why probably because there are millionaires and they have millions of
money and if they wanted to even buy a person’s whole hair off of their head
and literally shave it off they can do it because they have thousands of
dollars just because I’ve never seen a crochet here in a celebrity doesn’t mean
that I don’t feel fly in my crochet here I feel like I’m starting even harder to
some people who have wigs on some people who spend the thousands and thousands of
dollars on the bundles and all that I still feel like I’m giving a look right
now and I’m proud of my look so why crochet here why don’t you see a
celebrity it does not matter to me because I know
who looks good in crochet and that’s weaker in Z Zuri I think all in on Zuri
Zuri they have the one pack is enough and you may be questioning yourself is
one packet enough I’m here to tell you if you see observing one pack is enough
hair one pack isn’t needed enough now is it a good hair
we’ve been yet to see you know I’ve been burned by the jury before but again
we’re on the hunt to see you throw re hairs over all our good options now that
is in my a twosie I’m crochet hair now if you enjoyed this video make sure you
give me a big thumbs up even if you didn’t make sure you give it a big
thumbs up if you have any questions about crochet hair make sure you leave
them now below I might do another video I’m always here to answer all y’all’s
crochet care related questions make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so you
don’t miss any other good content make sure you’re following me on instagram at
Leo LaVon 89 and I will see you in my next video thank you so much for
watching you

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