Cricut Design Space: Print then Cut Basics

Cricut Design Space: Print then Cut Basics

Bring a world of color to your project with
the Print Then Cut feature. Use your own printer to print images from the Cricut image library
or your home computer, then watch them cut with high precision on your Cricut Explore
machine. In this video, we will explain the difference between standard images and enhanced
printable images, show you how to turn any image into a single layer printable image
using the Flatten tool, and then show you how to print the images on a printer and cut
the images using the Cricut Explore. There are two types of images available in
the Cricut Image Library: Standard Images and Enhanced Printable Images. We have already
inserted a standard image of a cupcake onto the design space. Standard images are designed
with solid colors and contain no patterns. In the Layers panel, the different layers
of the image are shown individually. Each layer has a scissor icon as the line type,
indicating each layer will cut. Now let’s add an enhanced printable image to the design
space. To do this, click Insert Images and then open the Filter tab. Under Type, check
the box next to the Printables option. This will narrow the images shown to only those
that are enhanced printable images. You can distinguish enhanced printable images from
standard images by the printer icon found on the bottom right corner of the image tile.
Search for a specific printable image by typing a term into the search field and clicking
on the magnifying glass. Select your printable image, then click Insert Images to add it
to your design space. You can move and size printable images just
like you would a standard image. Enhanced printable images are designed with decorative
colors and patterns. They show up in the Layers panel as a single image icon and have a printer
icon as the line type, indicating the image will be printed on your home printer, then
cut on the Cricut Explore machine. A standard image can easily be turned into a printable
image using the Flatten tool. Select the standard image and then click Flatten at the top
of the layers panel. You can see the standard image in the layers panel has be converted
into a single image icon and has a printer icon as the line type, indicating it will
Print Then Cut. Now, we’re ready to click Go. The printable
images appear in the Mat Preview with cut sensor marks placed around them. These sensor
marks will be scanned by your Cricut Explore machine to help it determine where to cut.
Click Print and Continue to begin the process. Your Print Preview will appear. Each computer
will vary slightly at this point, as it will reflect your computer’s print settings. Be
sure your printer is already loaded with white material; paper, printable vinyl, printable
fabric, etc. Click Print and the image with the cut sensor marks will print on your home
printer. Now place this material on your cutting mat as indicated in the Cut Preview. Load
your mat and watch as your machine cuts your image with precision. It’s like magic! It’s
that easy to go from inspiration to creation in just a few clicks.

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  1. Awesome how fun!!!   Provo Craft you've done it again.   YOU ROCK!!
    Love my Explore!!!!

    Joan Smith

  2. Going to love this new feature. Thankyou.

  3. Love the flatten feature!

  4. wow now I know how to print and cut. it is so simple yet a lot of fun

  5. can I print on A3 size ? And how?

  6. When will the max size for this feature be increased and what will it be increased to?

  7. just got my explore.  How can I cut a shape around an image with print then cut?  I don't want to cut out the image, I want a circle around it.

  8. Can you print then cut out photos of people?

  9. Great tutorial! Love how to the point it is and not small talk….! Thanks again.

  10. When will I be able to print then cut on 12×12 paper?

  11. I send to print and cut.. it will not print.. if i go in the regular document and print with out the cricut it print but if i go to the cricut print and cut it will not print

  12. Do you have to print then cut? I want to just cut a piece and use it but I don't know how to do that. This is what I'm trying to do. I want to cut Jimney Cricket out on a piece of vinyl and put on a car. No colors or frills, just his shape as 1 piece but it is trying to make me print. Can I do that?

  13. When I print and cut my color is off. is that due to the ink I use or my printer? I have an Epson stylus xp… something.

  14. very nice tutorial. short and sweet. very well dictated. thank you!

  15. what type printer do I need to use.  I have heard it has to be a laser printer, is that right?

  16. Just bought the Explore One. Wish you could print and cut from the same machine. Meaning print onto vinyl and cut all on the Cricut. You do that as a company and I'd buy several.

  17. My cricut no longer read the sensor marks!! HELP!

  18. are you saying that you have to put a non printable image first then insert the printable image? because when i push the insert images tab….there is no filter tab available so im not understanding this

  19. Hello I have a question please.. I am able to print only by Inkjet printers once I print will laser printer the Cricut can not read the marks? Is there a way to solve this problem. Thanks

  20. can i print all my images first and cut later or do i have to do one at a time..

  21. Question: I have cartridges that I guess I'd have to link. Would I be able to design an image from a cartridge, flatten it, then print and cut? Or are my old carts only good for cutting individual layers?

  22. How do I change my cricut from print to cut

  23. I'm very frustrated. I have an Explore Air and I'm trying to learn "Print and Cut." I can't find the Printables Option. I just purchased (I think) a label twice but after I type in the text I want, how do I proceed to print it out before I cut it? I have been on Chat with someone earlier today and asked for the steps to print a label (with my text) and then cut it out. But I can't proceed.

  24. how could I use this same method for heat press onto garments

  25. What do I do when I've picked a project from access, when in to customize it – so I can flatten it, and when I hit print, my printer selection comes up, I send it to the printer, and nothing happens. Including it not showing up in my que.

  26. EEP! Ive been going round and round and guess I must ask a SILLY question. It says print this out on your home printer then insert that onto the mat after it's printed. The problem is that design space brings up My home printer (Epson 7520) properties box but doesn't "see" anything shows 0 pages… my printer is stellar– never a problem one… so Im so confused why it wont see/print this from DS. HELP! :- (

  27. I need to be able to fit as many images as I can on print and cut in one sheet of paper. By rotating images I can fit a lot more then the cricut software allows me too still with in the guide lines. Can I tell the software to allow me. It seems to waste a lot of paper by not allowing me to do this. I can see different images being able to fit in one mat verses two or three please help thanks

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  30. I started a print then cut job, but my cricut stalled when I tried to load the printed image. So I shut if off and was going to send the image back to be cut, but when I do this, the cricut is wanting to print the image all over again. Is there a way to resume a "print then cut" job without having to reprint the image?

  31. My print to cut won't let me do anything bigger than like 5 inches on a standard 8.5 x 11 paper…. HELP!!!

  32. If I order a print file from ETSY, for example, a TROLLS figure…how do I get that ironed on to a shirt???

  33. What material do I use if I would like to use this feature and apply it to a garment like HTV

  34. Is there a way to print double sided then cut?

  35. Is it possible to get rid of the box that appears around the print image and just have it as a printable?

  36. I purchased a print to cut picture of Tinker Bell.  I printed it at my friends house and now I want to cut it on my cricut?  Is this possible?

  37. Can i do this on a regular printer

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  39. I'm lost I need help I'm a newbie

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  41. May i know what printer are you using?

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  43. Does cricut print ? Or do I have to have a printer to print then use cricut to cut ?

  44. Cricuts cost too much to not print, scan, and cut all in 1 machine.

  45. So the Cricut doesn't print then? I was given the impression from different reviews on Amazon that it would actually print something like a drawing I had done on my computer and then cut around it.

  46. Hi! I don't have a home printer. Can I in any way save the printable image with cricut Sensor marks, PDF or jpeg, then print somewhere else and than continue? Do I need to keep the process on while printing elsewhere or I can than open a project to just cut?

  47. so if it only prints about half way down, the rest goes to waste- or can i print on the rest of the paper again- then cut again

  48. My image is shown in color on the canvas but it keeps printing out in black and white, does anyone know what the problem might be?

  49. I never get cut sensor marks. I don't know why. It never prints them.

  50. this whole online only shit is bullshit.

  51. I have the explore air 2 , in your video you say I can print on paper, printer vinyl etc. But you do not say how to use these the video. After your video there was a second one about print and cut. I really thought it was a more info on what you just said. That one was about how to print and cut colored flowers. Where do I find the print and cut on paper?

  52. Hello, I have a cricket explorer and I can print and it has the big black box around the image, but when I cut it in the cricket, it only cuts around the black box, not the actual image. I have no idea what to do, HELP!

  53. Is hp 4520 a good printer for print n cut

  54. Do you need a laser printer to do print and cut using heat transfer vinyl. I have an HP Envy print and I am wondering if I can use that or do I need to get a laser printer so that I can use print and cut using heat transfer vinyl.

  55. can you print using a cricut tho

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