Creating Your Game Plan for 2017

Creating Your Game Plan for 2017

welcome to network marketing pro my name is eric worre II and this time of year is one of my favorite times of year and let me tell you why it’s very introspective for me I think life has its rhythms and one of the rhythms of my life is at the end of every year I look back at the previous year and then I also plan forward for the next 18 months or so so I look back in you know the last 12 months what have I accomplished how have I grown I look at the positives would you know what are the lessons that I’ve learned what are the things that I might want to make sure I don’t repeat what are the what’s the good what’s the challenging what were the weak spots what were the strong spots not to beat myself up but to just kind of look and be reflective on what’s happened in the last 12 months and also be brutally honest with myself you know was I efficient was i contributing was I growing was I did I lose focus did I get distracted different parts of the year what are the rhythms in my life because what I’ve noticed is the patterns that over the years tend to repeat you know somebody some people will have a pattern of losing all of January because they’re just going to post New Year’s funk before they get going or some people will you know when the summer comes they lose two months because they buy into the fact that people aren’t interested in opportunity in the summer for some crazy reason or when the kids get back to school or something they lose they lose some time they’re in the in the fall season or coming into this holiday season some people lose some effectiveness there so the triggers that knock people off track the triggers that that cause people not to be efficient take a look at those so as you’re reflecting them I’m going to give you some suggestions here and the first one is to reflect take some time now and reflect what’s the the achievements of the preview here what are the lessons of the previous year what are the patterns of the previous year what did you learn in the previous year take a take inventory of your existing group what is your leadership in on your team look like how many customers do you have what’s the strength of the team that you do have is it duplicating is it not duplicating are are the people in your group attending of your company events or are they not attending your company events are they raving fans of your product or are they not raving fans of your product be honest when you’re looking at all of these things to reflect and to take inventory this is taking inventory personally taking inventory on your team and really be honest as you look at this because being honest and looking for the patterns is going to help you create a better game plan isn’t it so this is a time for me that I that I spend reflecting stage one to kind of look back in our busy season I just take take a day and just look back and evaluate take inventory on your life in your business and then the thing that excites me is I look forward and I start to map out the next 18 months or so of my life I mean we talked about this in the title of the show is how to map out the next 12 months that’s fine I like to go a little bit more I like to go 2017 and another six months okay the you know the twelve calendar months and another six just to kind of stretch a bit and then we’ll adjust a year from now but during this year what are your objectives what do you want to accomplish personally let’s start there personally how do you want to grow what are your personal goals your what are your skill goals your emotional management goals your leadership goals as far as what you want to become okay and then second take a look at your team you know what how many raving fans do you want to have it by the end of the year on your on your product how many people do you want to have a tenure company can mention how much duplication how many people with all the different ranks do you want to see promoted out within your organization over the course of this year yeah the personal development goals of your team communication platforms and goals and recognition and everything else what take a look and when when I do this my future plan is about this thick typed it’s usually about 40 pages or so and it includes everything and today more than ever what you find with top leaders will you’ll find with successful people is their forward-thinking their future thinking and that that future starts to pull them towards those objectives so I set my goals pretty high and I’ve set my calendar far in advance I’m planning I still have some spontaneity room for spontaneity but more and more as the the the demands on my time are growing exponentially I have to plan and and what I’ve done this for gosh 25 years to look back and look forward look back take inventory be honest and look forward and map it out so I want you to think about short term mid term long term goals for you personally and for your team you know what’s your what are your your next 18 months look like when it comes to how many books are you going to read how many classes you can attend well how many skills you’re going to learn what are the skills that you want to learn how many people you’re going to have a tender events how many people you’re going to have on those at the different customer levels how many people are going to be moving through the ranks how many people are you going to personally recruit what systems need to be put into place what culture needs to be built inside of your organization write it all down map it all out and start to attract it to you once you get it on paper the act of doing that will really move you in a direction now this isn’t something that you’re going to do in an hour not if you’re a serious business person this is like a business plan for your life if you’re a serious business person this is going to take you’ll start in a day but and you’ll go back and you’ll tweak and you’ll add and you’ll tweak for me it’s something that takes a week or two weeks to be able to really lock down now understand it’s still written on paper it’s not chiseled in stone as soon as it’s done I start adapting I start adding to it I start editing it I start working on it but I have a working document I have a business plan for my life and my business and that business plan itself provides tremendous peace of mind I have a calm as I enter the year not a stress I have a calm because I know that I’ve mapped my life out so we’re going to focus on 2017 but we’ll stretch it a little bit farther just for the exercise of looking a little bit deeper into your future and then a year from today where I’ll adjust and do it again okay so will you take that challenge my challenge to you is do your take your inventory look back and then map out your next 18 months look forward if you’ll do that and if you’re honest and if you’re visionary you can create the best year of your personal and professional life you can expand your network marketing empire exponentially in the next 18 months if you don’t think that you can’t change your life that you can change your life in the next 18 months I promise you you can 18 months you can literally change your family history for forever 18 months can change everything if you will go through this exercise and begin okay so in this holiday season do that encourage the people on your team to do the same thing and I’m looking forward to hearing not only now but a year from now that’s what excites me a year from now how many of you have had a breakthrough so happy Holidays to all of you I love you all very much and ladies gentlemen my wish for you and your team and your family is that you decide to become a network marketing professional that you help other people do the same thing that you decide to go pro because it is a stone-cold fact that we do have a better way now let’s go tell the world everybody have an amazing day have a fantastic week and I’ll see you next time take care bye bye hey my name is eric worre E and if you’re involved in the network marketing profession i want to invite you to come to the network marketing pro youtube channel every week we put out content on how you can become a network marketing professional we have tips ideas strategies interviews with million-dollar earners in the profession interviews with global icons like Tony Robbins or Sir Richard Branson lots of different things that we provide they’re absolutely free do yourself a favor click on the lake subscribe to the youtube channel tell your friends to do the same and I can’t wait to see you there

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  8. Thank you Eric! ❤️ will start on this today! I love when you said when you have a plan, you remain calm ❤️

  9. love you, Eric. you are inspiring

  10. I used to plan like that 15 years ago, when I was at university. I did it for maybe 5 years but ended up stopping because I didn't see or feel I was accomplishing with it and there was a lot of pressure on myself related to my uni, raising my daughter, growing my NM business and my university achievement

  11. I'm 22 and pregnant, due in March. I've been researching Network marketing for the past 7 months and I plan to suck it up and just go for it starting in January. I have 6 months to get my finances together so I want to give it 100% while I still have some time on my hands and hopefully I won't have to go back to a 9-5 job.


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  14. Started following you as of today… Fell in love instantly..;-) I really have to thank you for your guidance and advice for growth…not only for network marketing.. Focus on my growth gives me a greater drive to change my dysfunctional habits..for instance.. Thnx again..

  15. Thank you so much…!! For everything, all the teaching <3 El network marketing realmente es el negocio del Siglo XXI y con tu ayuda a sido mucho mejor. Saludos desde Venezuela

  16. Great tips from a great guy. I'm pretty sure ill take my MLM and my team to the next level!

  17. Tonight I attended an online training challenge for 9 of us  to achieve Presidents level and a R 14 000 000.00 bonus in 12 months from today. A bit scary but exhilarating at the same time. First assignment to produce a Game Plan by this time net week.

  18. MLM is a gold mine, it's d answer to the present economic crisis, it's the solution to future uncertainty. it's a global resources yet untapped by billions of people In the order. I have keyed into it, I may not be there yet BUT ! I an definitely going to the TOP!!!

  19. I just saw this.
    And I'm 16 and our organization in the business are teenagers.
    Thank you (upline) Eric. I am going to do this.

  20. Love your book and all your content Eric. I’ve applied it to my business and it has made a difference. For all you fellow NWM friends out there…. keep going strong and wishing you all much success!

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