Creating Policies & Procedures in Your Business

Creating Policies & Procedures in Your Business

We look at systems in terms of the four phases, very basic, policy. Policy is a simple or it can be simple as we’ll always do this, we’ll never do that. Can somebody give me a quick example of the policy in your business? I beg your pardon.. can you say again. Ok we’ll respond within so many hours days or whatever.. We’ll always, if you can fit always into there and still make sense I’m looking at the policy. Ok, policy could be as simple as, if you’re in sales you need a mobile phone. You always need a mobile phone. Ok.. what’s a never one? We’ll never do that. can anyone gives us an example. Put your hand up so we can.. yup.. ok in our business we’ll never etc. Can you see how it works? It can be as simple as that. We know that policy can be great big heavy thing with legislation And all the other things that come into them. But most policy that effect the way that we operate our businessin day to day basis.. Are as simple as saying guys we don’t do that. We’ll never do that. Ok if we got a policy that says we’ll always, let’s pick one.. We’ll always pay the creditors within the agreed terms. Good policy? Yup..what are some of the things that could go wrong if you play it blindly? Yes don’t worry John pay everyone today, pay all of bills, yes but there’s no cash left I’ve even got and you’re not getting paid either. And we paid some bills that didn’t have to be paid for in weeks in front, etc, etc.. So just having a policy is not enough We need a process that says here’s what we do. And we look at the bills, we go through, we check what cash flow got enough and the next etc, etc. We take these steps in the process and then we pay the right people and guess what we pay ourselves as well. So that keeps everyone happy. So that’s the process, the steps that guide us through implementing the policy. So policy is the top thing like a big mobile we’re building here so there’s policy at the top and the strings hanging down. There are process that hang off that policy. Hanging off those steps in the process or some of those steps might be some procedure. Procedure is simply well how do I do that. So every time you imagine somebody saying, yes John but you’re telling me to do this in step three How do I do that? The how do I did is answered by procedure. So wanna have a procedure that says yup ok to do that open up your mail a bit quick So whatever it is, go in there, click on this, print on that sheet.. ok.. so it’s simple as that. These all the things we’re trying to do. How could you done that? We’re done that with a back pack. The same thing but it does really working out what the best way to get the people to do. We got all policy, process, procedure, all dealt with, they’re straight words, what about props? There are little thing that in effect props together, props are the checklists, the forms.. The standards letters, the sample letters, the yellow line on the floor in the factory Mind your head, watch you steps, stack the empty craps here please! All those little things, that makes the other bit works better. Policy, process, procedure, stack the empty craps here. How much is that save us per week? What used to happen before, I just spent twenty minutes, just telling the guys don’t pick up all the empty craps And stack them up in that the bag so that can take him away. You’ve seen some sorts of things. But now we got a sign that they stack the empty craps here. What happens.. so it saves time. Ok we focus very, very clearly.. there’s only first to bring up the process. Anyway process is the big word there right… Few little thing don’t translate, but process is the big way we start. Why process the big way we start? Why do we start with the props, not the policy.. what process does involved.. it is the doing bid.. It’s the big we do. That the big we say hey do this, follow this process. So we focus very clearly on that.. none of these methods at all unless we communicate that effectively you can have all the process and systems and everything else in the world you like if you but if it’s not communicated.. If you don’t manage through the other parts of that, you don’t manage and communicate effectively what your system is It’s rubbish.. it is nothing. It looks bright in the trophy shelf, it looks terrible when people trying to do it.

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  1. Need the full video to this one. i can use this for a training course. Is there one available I can download? This would be a perfect video for training my clients as we are literally about to start setting standards in their distribution center.

  2. Very good teaching.

  3. I have never heard of you guys before, but this was so helpful. Thank you

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