Creating A Ski Gear Business – #SmallBizProud | Capital One

Creating A Ski Gear Business – #SmallBizProud | Capital One

– Before the actual date
of the business starting, there was a lot that built up
to get to that point. I guess the long story short
is that we were living this lifestyle where we were super serious
about skiing, in terms of, like, stylistic
and performance basis, but also combining it
with a culture that kind of sends you
around the world chasing storms
and really good mountains. It was kind of
in the early 2000s, we– you know, I was basically
spending dual seasons in South America and then either
in North America or Europe, and my friends and I
noticed that just amongst the current
manufacturers there wasn’t a brand really
that sort of hit the equipment that we really
wanted to be riding on, and secondly,
from a cultural standpoint, really reflected the lifestyle of kind of this sort of,
like, vagabond, you know, powder-chasing
yet really performance-driven, kind of skier. And it’s certainly– yeah, it’s, like, all-consuming
lifestyle for sure, you know. It just becomes your–
you know, what you live around, and so the genesis for DPS
was really built up in, like, trying to build
a brand that– and a company that
identified culturally with– you know, with just
an all-encompassing kind of cultivation
of the art of skiing, and then mated that
with equipment that was worthy
of that same passion. It’s an inanimate object that has a spiritual connection
to you, and so it’s something that,
you know, we presume that
we would ourselves and that our customer would too,
it’s just–it would– you know, just invest in. I actually started
making skis in 2003, and learned a lot
of lessons there. We had a manufacturing partner
that couldn’t– you know, the technology
on the carbon side wasn’t– wasn’t quite mature, so that company ended up folding
in delivery issues, and DPS started in 2005. So through the two years
of our initial failure, I learned, I’d say, quite a bit about
the business side of things. In terms of starting
on a second go, you obviously learn from the– you know, it’s cliche,
but you learn from mistakes, and then you realize
that there’s real merit in kind of the things
that were working, and that you have enough faith
in them that you say, you know, “If I can just right the wrongs,
we really have something– have something good here.” And then it sort of just– from there it’s been a really
evolving process, you know, on the business side. It’s–I guess my MBA
is this company, you know. One of my favorite parts
of the job is just, you know, being able to go through
that brain puzzle of tinkering with
new ideas and sort of expanding the mind to realize new, you know, possibilities
on the physical plane that ultimately, like, make you
happy when you’re skiing.

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  1. sometimes the inanimate objects connect us .. but always the common spirit connects us .. I ride my dps boards and I feel like I'm one of the brothers Drake ..

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