Creating a Custom Paper Size on HP LaserJet Printers | HP LaserJet | HP

Creating a Custom Paper Size on HP LaserJet Printers | HP LaserJet | HP

Open the document or photo you want to print. Click File, then click Print. Click the Printer drop-down menu, and select
your printer from the list. Click Properties, Preferences, or Printer Properties. Click the Paper/Quality tab. From the Paper size drop-down menu, select the paper size you loaded into the printer. If you loaded a custom paper size, click Custom. Click New. Enter a name for the new custom paper size. Specify the dimensions of the paper in the
height and width fields. Click Add. Click OK. Click OK again. Click Print to print the job. The document prints.

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  1. oh my god thank you

  2. Thank you, HP! I'm getting ready to send a project to my BRAND NEW HP LaserJet Pro M402n. Since it's going to be printed on a custom size paper, it was time to visit Tutorial Town. Problem solved – before it was even a problem!

  3. I have hp laser jet 1005 printer. I have to print a book in gateway papers. I must print mirror image on gateway paper. Please solve my problem.

  4. Sir I have colour laser printer .I have to print in a continuous roll to roll . What can I do sir .please help me

  5. Sir is it possible to print on a 10-20metre continuos paper
    The width is ok but for height
    Can we change it to in metre

  6. Unusable. I need to add a custom paper size to the driver settings, as it is not liested by default.

  7. which sofware was that.

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