Create Creative Business Card In Photoshop

Create Creative Business Card In Photoshop

Change the color of background color #f8ffd0 Go to File>New. Set height 638px width 1088px Background Content : Background Color. Now create a vertical line and a horizontal use position the Guide Vertical lines: 50px, 1038px. Horizontal: 50px, 588p Create a new layer Sef Foreground color blue # 146e93. Activate the Brush Tool Right click on Layer 1 and choose Convert To Smart Object. Choose Filter ->Nois ->Add Noise Add Layer Style: Gradient Overlay on Layer1 Duplicate layer1 (Ctrl + J) Select Edit ->Transform ->Rotate 180 and change the position of the lower right corner to Activate the Horizontal Type Tool Enter color code #f8ffd0 Activate the Rectangle Tool and create a box behind the text

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  1. i am well impressed with your lighting or more likely gradient skills.. i'm gonna be up learning all your techniques .. thanks..

  2. Very Impressive! <3

  3. please give me download link brushes

  4. brush list please

  5. which photo shop r u using

  6. Omg you are awesome!!!
    I wish the tutorials were a bit slower though and talk your way through.

  7. check my business card in my channel!!!

  8. supop …
    i lyk it yrr


  10. thanks, question – first step file>new – is width 1068 or 1088?

  11. simple and sweet……..

  12. Sir can I get PSD File

  13. which photoshop is this?

  14. this video is very helpful. let be friend.welcome to my channel.thank

  15. hi bro bruschs download link

  16. Please dont play music in the background. It's better to explain what and how you are doing please stop playing music.

  17. Music is a no no !

  18. Hi,,what is the name that background music ??

  19. poor backround music!!!

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