Create a Business Plan! // The Real Estate Blitz!

Create a Business Plan! // The Real Estate Blitz!

Hey everybody! What’s going on? KSAKris here – The Real Estate Blitz! And today I want to talk about something literally
I mentioned it three times in three different conversations with different people that called
me today and it’s about a business plan. It blows my mind how many people literally
don’t create a business plan but have certain expectations of success. And it’s funny because one of the guys argued
with me until I made a specific point and I’m going to talk about all this real quick,
and I would ask you before we get going “Have you created a business plan.” If you haven’t I need to ask you “Why haven’t
you created a business plan?” It’s a new year, you should have looked at
creating a business plan for your business. So as a lot of you know I have a military
background, I was in the marine corps for a lot of years. Now could you imagine if a general or just
any army of any sort decided that they were gonna go to war, had no plan. “Okay we don’t know where we’re gonna land,
we don’t know how to advance, we don’t know who we’re fighting but we’re gonna show up
and we’re just gonna whip it on and we’re just gonna win.” That’s in my opinion, that’s what you’re doing
if you don’t have a business plan – you’re just showing up to battle and you have no
idea what the hell you’re doing. You don’t know what you should be bringing,
what kind of support you should have, medical, you don’t know food, you’ve put no thought
behind how to win the war that you’re waging which the war that we’re waging is to win
listings to win buyers and to generate an income through helping people buy or sell
homes. That’s what we’re doing. We’re gonna look to do that by outspending,
out marketing, outmaneuvering and out working everybody that is our competition in the market
that we want to own. Right? That’s a truth. But how are you gonna do that without a business
plan. So “Oh well Kris you know I’m just showing
up and I’m grinding every day you know I’m making calls and this and the other.” Great, okay by making calls how many hours
of calls are you doing? How many days a week are you doing those calls? What should that generate? Do you know how many deals you generate or
how many calls you’re making every day or how many hours you’re working in order to
generate those deals? Do you know how much that overhead is costing
you? Like have you written out anything? No you haven’t. Okay then how are you supposed to figure out
what’s working and what’s not working? How are you supposed to create what’s going
to happen three months from now, six months from now, a year from now? “Well I’m just gonna work really hard and
make a bunch of money and if I do then I can build a team.” Maybe right now if you know you want to build
a team in eight months you should start researching and learning what it takes to build a team
now. That should be part of your business plan. If you know you’re gonna hire a marketing
manager or an assistant in two months, maybe you should draw out their statement of work
and realize these are the things they’re gonna take off of my plate so it’ll free me up to
do this other thing that’s producing me income. I mentioned this in previous videos and here’s
my truth. 95% of my time needs to be focused on generating
an income. My number 1 task every day, I sit down and
write out “Okay, who can I hire to do tasks for me that will free me up to create more
income.” So one of those like I’m getting ready to
do is I’m looking to hire a full time marketing manager, somebody that’s going to deal with
all of my social media, deal with my websites, do my video, do my video editing that’s going
to deal with my templates, deal with my digital pre-listing packages, deal with like all of
it. I’m going to hire an assistant and their full-time
job as seller’s assistant is to do my client happiness calls each week, to write out my
plan of actions and milestones, show the clients what has been done this week for their home
to get it sold, to put the properties on the MLS, to schedule photos and video, to take
the inbound calls for all of the showing appointments, to schedule open houses, do follow-ups blah
blah blah. All these things that take up time in our
day, that we should be focused on what creates money. Now for me, I don’t know about you but what
creates money for me is prospecting okay? Outside of prospecting it’s educating myself
or role-playing or creating and sometimes networking so I can become a better version
of myself so the more opportunities I get to sit down for a listing, I’m going to convert
more people. So I spend a lot of my time listing, a lot
of my time reading and the rest of my time prospecting, so here’s my basic schedule that
I have right now because I told you I’m doing something special right? I’m showing up and I’m prospecting for 3 hours
every morning – from 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock on prospecting. From 11 o’clock to 2 o’clock, that’s my admin
time, that’s for projects, that’s for stuff. From 2 o’clock until 6,7,8 o’clock that’s
my time for appointments. If I don’t have an appointment guess what
I’m doing? I’m prospecting again. Now there’s a lot of different variations
of prospecting that you could be doing. You have to figure that out for yourself but
that’s part of your business plan. How much money do you have? Well you know, how much do you want to have? “Well I want … if I had $10,000 a month
I’d kill it.” Okay how many deals does that look like? How many deals do you need to do in order
to get to $10,000 a month consistently every month? What is it going to take to do that many deals
every month while you’re spending less energy or time doing those deals. That’s the whole point of a business plan. Now there’s a lot of great places we can learn
about business plans. One of the best ones? Google! Just jump on Google and type in a business
plan! But there’s also different coaching programs
that give em out for free. Tom Ferry program has a pretty decent business
plan. It’s very real estate-ish which isn’t bad
but it does give you some perspective on what created money for you last year? What generated capital income for you last
year? Maybe you should focus your energy on those
things because of course if you’ve heard of the 8020 rule you know they say 20% of your
actual efforts is what produces 80% of your profit. Well the goal is once you figure out what
that 20% is, try to find a way to make that 80% of your time is doing that money generation. Me personally it’s 95 of my time right? So do a business plan. Don’t go into freaking battle and “I’m just
gonna do stuff! Yes!” Don’t do that. Sit down and put some serious thought, this
is your business. This is your livelihood. This is what takes care of your family, this
is what creates a lifestyle. Take some time! Sit down and write it out! Go month by month and figure out where you
want to be. Build your goals into your business plan and
then like I told you I did previous videos on this. So my yearly breaks down to my monthly, I
take my monthly and I create my weekly and then every day these are the tasks I’m going
to do today to accomplish what needs to be done this week so that way every week I could
say if I accomplish these things, I’ll accomplish everything I need to accomplish this month. Alright that’s all I got today! Appreciate ya! Do a business plan! KSAKris here – Real Estate Blitz! Do me a favour! Check me out on YouTube! Check me out on Facebook! Just type in “The Real Estate Blitz” or you
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is so I can help as many people as I possibly can nationwide. That’s all I got today! Appreciate ya and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!

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  1. I did my business plan and it has allowed me to visualize what needs to be done. And I did it based on advice that you gave me. Thanks buddy! Have an epic day!

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